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CBD Success Stories: Raising the Bar

Verlota Author
Published: October 31, 2019
Categories: Active

CBD has been around for decades, and even before this particular cannabinoid took the spotlight people have relied on cannabis & hemp for many of their ailments.  Why do people turn to Cannabidiol for so many of their injuries and illnesses? Well, it is so versatile that it can help to reduce the frequency & severity of symptoms across many spectrums.  There are several other factors that lead people to try CBD, such as costs of medications, adverse reactions, negative side effects, or perhaps it has something to do with the general popularity of “natural health & wellness products” that has made a resurgence in the past few decades.  There are so many CBD success stories, and many CBD positive stories of overcoming physical and mental health challenges.  

Cannabidiol isn’t just for sick or injured people though – it makes for a fantastic health & fitness supplement.  A growing number of athletes, fitness professionals, sportspeople and active individuals are turning to the natural benefits of plant-based, hemp CBD.  CBD is great for supporting muscles, mental focus and helps the body in recovering from strenuous physical exertion.  Fitness professionals are a perfect example of CBD positive stories, they rely on CBD to assist them with muscles spasms, soreness, swelling and even support for muscle development, while athletes of high performance sports have begun including CBD in their daily regiments for alertness, energy and taking the edge off after physical activity. Many CBD success stories regarding anxiety among athletes recount how it helped them overcome performance anxiety or the stress of maintaining a high-level of training.

You might be intrigued by the idea of trying CBD for yourself, but maybe you’re unsure of it because it’s a relatively new thing on the market.  Even with all the buzz about CBD oil weight loss success stories in the media, it can be tough to trust in a more natural remedy because the medical community is not fully behind it.  Research needs to be conducted, numbers need to be crunched, and review of the data needs to be done by medical professionals before Cannabidiol will be largely accepted by the medical community.  There are a lot of CBD oil success stories, CBD weight loss stories, and CBD stories of overcoming mental health conditions but there is still a great need for supporting research.  Cannabidiol can have positive influences on our health, but it takes time for new kinds of health products to take root with the general public.

That being said, there are many CBD stories of personal and professional success, so instead of waiting for a medical journal to tell you what is already known by millions of people across the globe, let’s look at some examples of how CBD has helped people live happier, healthier with the power of hemp.  These CBD oil weight loss success stories will be summarized from personal accounts and are not meant to be taken as official advice, but nonetheless we can learn a lot from the CBD stories of others in our search for health & happiness.


Natural Effects: What does CBD do?

CBD has been shown to benefit humans and animals in a variety of different ways, but there’s almost too many to cover in this one article.  The most popular uses for CBD is also the ones receiving the most media attention, so we will focus on the main benefits of CBD: pain & inflammation, stress & anxiety, and mental focus & energy.

It’s an unfortunate part of reality, but the fact is many people live with swollen joints, sore muscles and chronic pain.  Not only can these symptoms affect their quality of life, but combating pain & inflammation is a constant battle for people.  Chronic pain and inflammation impacts both young and old, hale and unwell, active and injured people of all kinds.  Arthritis, torn muscles or ligaments, broken bones or more serious nerve-related conditions like MS all require strong doses of medications, or a lot of therapy to manage their symptoms.  Most CBD success stories surround pain, inflammation and recovery from injuries, so it’s only natural than many people are first introduced to Cannabidiol when soreness or injuries strike.


CBD Oil Weight Loss Success Stories

With all the positive attention CBD has received in the past few years, CBD has also been approved by WADA (World Anti Doping Agency).  This has opened the door for professional athletes – particularly Olympic competitors – to include Cannabidiol derived from hemp in their training programs.  Similarly to people who suffer from chronic pain and rely on frequent pain medications, athletes and sports professionals have to be ultra-aware of what they put into their bodies.  Not only do they have to avoid potentially harmful effects, they are under strict regulation for performance enhancers or banned substances.  CBD from hemp is not only effective enough to help athletes achieve their goals, but it is a natural, plant-based remedy with no known side effects.  As we mentioned, more research is needed to definitively prove what CBD can do for our bodies, but the public opinion on its efficacy is predominantly positive.

Many professional athletes, from UFC fighters to NHL hockey players and professional football players of the NFL are publicly endorsing CBD for pain.  Performing at the highest levels of sports, such as these athletes do on a regular basis, can lead to severe injuries or chronic pain issues.  With CBD at their disposal, athletes are able to treat symptoms of serious conditions like muscle tears, tendon damage, inflammation in the joints and even the effects of concussions.  CBD oil & depression success stories are becoming more common, but as always more studies need to precede any collective efforts to make CBD from hemp a natural alternative treatment for anxiety or depression.

CBD has become the first choice for many Americans because it helps the body to heal, instead of just reducing symptoms.  Cannabidiol eases pain by affecting pain receptors from reaching the brain, and it reduces inflammation through a variety of anti-inflammatory properties associated with our ECS (Endocannabinoid Systems).  If someone with arthritis were to take CBD, these cannabinoid molecules interact with your ECS and negate the response to their body’s pain, providing relief and relaxation.  When you are pain-free, your body can devote its resources to healing the actual problem and not focus on negating the symptoms.  Inflammation is another example of your body’s response to infection, injury or stressors. Inflammation leads to pain and can hamper the body’s ability to heal itself, so if you reduce the swelling you can focus on getting better.


CBD Oil For Anxiety: Success Stories

For some, Stress & Anxiety are the cause for their injuries or poor health, but for others these can be all-consuming symptoms of pushing themselves too hard or from the pressure to perform at a certain level.  Stress-related injuries are all-too-common, with the drive for a competitive edge pushing people to overdue it at the gym, on the field or in their pursuit of personal fitness. The anxiety one can feel when trying to stay fit is a combination of social, psychological and physical – the need for acceptance and attention from others, the drive to be at their best no matter the costs, and the commitment to personal excellence can lead to injury, illness and long-term disorders.

Stress isn’t unique to health & fitness, it’s unfortunately a part of everyday life, but it doesn’t mean that it can’t be dealt with just because it’s inescapable.  CBD is widely used as an anti-stressor, anxiety reducer and relied on to ease nervousness in a number of situations making CBD oil for anxiety a success story with many athletes.  This isn’t just true for people, but also their pets – CBD success stories with anxiety have become an absolute must-have for many dog & cat owners.  Whether you are a naturally nervous person, work a very fast-paced and stressful job, or you have been diagnosed with a debilitating anxiety disorder, Cannabidiol can help.  CBD doesn’t differentiate between a stressful day, an anxious person, or a spell of depression – it calms the mind, relaxes the body and helps millions of people and animals to get through each day.

We mentioned the social pressures to perform at your best, but what about our own internal, competitive drive to BE the best?  More often than not, we are at fault for our own injuries and our own stress; we push ourselves too hard, we try something new because we thought it might help us get ahead.  We’re only human, and our human bodies can only take so much.  Many people rely on their mental strength as the driving force to achieve their fitness goals, but what can you do when you “pull a brain muscle” and fall victim to anxiety or stress? Simple, you take CBD oil for anxiety success stories.

Not only does CBD have no psychoactive effects like THC does, but it can quell feelings of anxiety and help you relax.  CBD success stores for anxiety calms both nerves and nervousness, which is why it is so popular for athletes.  Feelings of anxiousness before a big game, or realizing the weight on your shoulder when you’re representing your country at international competitions can overcome even the steeliest of nerves.  Before you even get to the point of performing, intense training and the stress we put on our bodies to maintain fitness can create an environment of extreme stress.

Reduced stress and less anxiety also means better rest and improved recovery, which in turn enhances your ability to be at your best.  Proper sleep has been an elusive thing for many athletes over the years, but recent studies have shown that rest and quality sleep are crucial to physical and mental fitness.  Many sports franchises even hire sleep specialist for their players in the wake of these findings, and this is resulting in more CBD success stories for anxiety and athletes.  So, when you need to cut down on the anxiety before an important event, reverse the depression after a tough loss, and improve your restfulness so you can get back to your best, rely on Cannabidiol.


CBD Success: CBD Stories For More Energy

There’s never enough time in a day, nor is there ever enough energy for all the things you have to accomplish.  One thing there’s definitely too much of? Tiredness.  Fatigue, mental fog, exhaustion, they’re always knocking at our door.  Even when we have a day off or reduced workload, lack of sleep can cause us to always have that nagging feeling of being off.  When it comes to athletes or fitness pros, having enough energy is as difficult to maintain as staving off fatigue can be overwhelming.  Some of us rely on coffee, others tea, and many more people are turning away from the typical boosters and relying on their diet for sustained energy.  This is definitely an important shift in how we deal with fatigue, but diet is often not enough in the long-game.  CBD is actually an excellent way to combat the signs of fatigue, and while it doesn’t actually provide energy it does assist your body with cutting down on the detractors, like pain, anxiety or underlying conditions.  CBD oil success stories are often tied to making people feel better so they can be at their best.

How does CBD help with energy? Simple, by eliminating all the things that eat up your time, cause stress, and hinder your body’s ability to keep itself moving (like pain or inflammation).  Cannabidiol has often been relied on for a mental focus boost, such as when fatigue or lack of sleep catch up with you.  CBD success helps to reduce inflammation and also eases tightly wound muscles, either from cramping or from stress, that enables our bodies to feel more relaxed and effectively eases our brains from the burdens of stress.  When you feel relaxed, calm and focused you can truly commit your energy to what matters: pursuing personal and professional excellence.

Studies have shown that athletes who take CBD the night before a major event, or intense training session/workout, that they’re more responsive to changes in fitness level (i.e. an increased ability to respond to rises in intensity, whether in a competitive setting or in the pursuit of beating their own personal best).  CBD’s effects on these findings are twofold: i) Cannabidiol is a profoundly powerful sleep aid, assisting people in falling asleep faster in addition to sleeping deeper, and more consistently; and ii) CBD helps the brain to cut through “mental fog” and enhances a person’s focus, something that is particularly beneficial for high-performance sports or professional fitness. Making CBD such a success with low energy and fatigue. 


We’ve talked about what CBD can do for you, and how it is helping athletes and active people stay at their best, but what about some more specific on who is taking CBD for success?  That’s also easy to answer: everyone!  Cannabidiol is so versatile that people of all lifestyles are taking it for such a variety of reasons that CBD really doesn’t need to be limited to one particular group.  Whether you’re naturally inclined or not, CBD can be introduced into almost any daily routine, for almost any reason: workaholics (stress), elderly (pain & inflammation), students (sleep, energy & focus), active lifestyles (combination of all the benefits).  A growing number of CBD success stories focus on anxiety, but CBD oil success stories are mostly concerned with providing a balanced approach to healing their physical, mental and even spiritual ailments.

HEMP Powered: Who is Taking CBD?

That being said,  fitness-conscious people and professional athletes are demographics that rely significantly on CBD, for maintaining good health but also to perform at their best.  Athletes & professionals are also much more willing to invest the time, money and energy in their pursuit of excellence than your average person, so for them any life-improving supplements like CBD are a no-brainer.  We looked at how CBD can be a positive impact for athletes, but who specifically is using CBD today? It’s important to understand the landscape, both in terms of the politics and the societal influences surrounding CBD success. So, let’s analyse the who, the where, and the how in order to better appreciate the what & the why.

Who is the prototypical CBD consumer in America today?  There’s a lot of different people who rely on CBD for a number of reasons, but we’re going to focus on the high-octane, physical and mental workloads of athletes and why they’re one of the fastest growing proponents for Cannabidiol.  We’ve said it a few times already but we’ll emphasize it again: Athletes are under a lot of pressure to stay at a certain level of fitness, and to perform at a particular level.  This kind of constant pressure to be at their best can take physical, mental and emotional tolls on even the strongest of individuals.  Athletes are important members of society because they epitomize so many positive values: hard work, dedication, passion, love, teamwork, perseverance, and so much more.  For many of us, our favorite athletes are some of the greatest role models, and in their commitment to personal and professional excellence we can see our own pursuits for a self-improvement.

Many athletes understand their places in the public eye, and most of them appreciate the privilege this can be but also understand the gravity of how they conduct themselves – on and off the “field”.  Although most athletes are help up in high regards, and deservedly so, there are others who can get lost in their own quest for achievement.  Unfortunately, doping, steroids, and “cheaters” exist in every sport, and these kinds of athletes get caught up in their goal of being the best they can, no matter the costs.  All athletes have this powerful drive to be at the top of their game, but like most things in life, balance is key to success.

CBD Oil Success Stories For Athletes

To maintain a healthy balance of self-improvement and public achievement, a growing number of athletes are turning to CBD to support their fitness and supplement their health, with none of the risks associated with certain substances.  CBD can promote muscle growth, reduce the effects of injuries or illnesses, and sharpens one’s mental focus.  Marathon runners are relying on hemp-derived CBD to cut down on their muscle spasms and swelling, allowing them to stay in the race. Professional hockey players are using CBD to help them get to sleep, when it can be tough to get consistent rest on the road or back-to-back game nights.  Olympic wrestlers, weight lifters and “Strong Men” competitors are turning to Cannabidiol to support their over-worked muscles and joints, easing the effects of pain and supporting muscle elasticity after pushing the limits of their bodies.

Contact sports professionals, like Rugby, Football or Mixed Martial Arts, are under constant threat of serious injury – specifically to the brain.  Concussions are a very dangerous, very common problem in the world of contact sports, not to mention the broken bones, torn ligaments and nagging injuries from a lifetime of fighting (sometimes literally) to be a champion.  CBD has become a necessity for a lot of these kinds of athletes that risk head trauma on a consistent basis, because Cannabidiol is safe to take in large volumes, very frequently.  CBD has supported these individuals with their insomnia related to concussions, eases their stress, anxiety and can even help to balance mood swings associated with depression.  On top of these positive effects, hemp CBD reduces pain from migraines, often being the difference between a day lost of headaches or the ability to get back to training hard for their next match.

Not just professional athletes invest themselves in CBD, because amateurs and enthusiasts alike are incorporating CBD into their sports or fitness routines.  Fitness advocates and sportspeople don’t have the expertise of specialized physicians, physiotherapists or nutritionists that professional athletes do, so the importance of a natural, effective remedy like CBD cannot be overstated. CBD stories are just that – stories – and they can’t benefit you unless you’re willing to give it a try for yourself.  Join the ranks of millions of people who have discovered the benefits of hemp-derived CBD, and write your own CBD oil success story today.


If you’re a professional athlete, you have probably already heard a lot of talk about the benefits of CBD for athletes, but it’s not just a tool for those at the top of the charts to utilize.  Cannabidiol derived from hemp is a lifetime supplement, and everyday natural remedy that can benefits many different people: from the frail & infirm to the fit & extremely active.  A lot of us look up to professional athletes as exemplars of who we want to be, or what we want to achieve, or even how we want to live. Health & fitness are unique and individual, but when it comes to CBD we can all share in the benefits of this plant-based, natural remedy and supplement.

Motus Active CBD Power Drops

Hemp CBD oil is a very diverse product: it can be taken under the tongue to be absorbed sublingually; it can be applied topically and rubbed onto sore or inflamed areas; and it can be added to food and drink to digested.  Hemp CBD oil is a fantastic product for athletes because it is so versatile – it can be taken for an energy boost, to enhance mental focus, to improve sleep the night before a big performance, to soothe aching muscles or to reduce swelling/inflammation.  CBD oil is also popular because it usually contains beneficial omegas-3-6-9.  Hemp seed oil is a common carrier for CBD, and it naturally has a lot of synergistic effects with cannabidiol being from the same plant. 

Why choose CBD Oil? That’s easy: there’s so many ways it can be effective for your health & fitness, it’s more difficult to think of ways that it can’t be beneficial.  CBD Oil is often the first product type that newbies try, and for many of those first-timers it remains the product of choice for as long as they rely on CBD.  Taking Cannabidiol under the tongue, adding it to food or drinks, rubbing it onto your skin, even putting it in cosmetic products like skin creams or shampoos, you name it and there’s probably a way to include CBD Oil.  For these reasons, CBD Oil provides some of the best bang-for-your-buck, and it’s also one of the easiest products to control your dose with (a few drops, a few vials, etc). Hemp CBD Oil comes in many concentrations, but again we recommend starting at the low end (avg. 250 mg – 2000 mg per 30 ml bottle) and beginning on a slow dose (suggested use, per manufacturer).

Topicals containing hemp-derived CBD have a broad spectrum of delivery methods: creams, gels, sprays, oils and roll-on applicators.  Many athletes turn to the soothing relief of a CBD topical when pain or swelling strikes, or if they are injured and they want to avoid inflammation.  Roll-on applicators are a great method of easing sore muscles, as the roller distributes CBD relief to the affected area it also massages the muscles.  How quickly Cannabidiol is absorbed into the skin and how long relief lasts for are very individual, but generally speaking topicals are fast acting.

Motus Active Power Freeze CBD Roll On

Why try CBD Topicals? When you need relief quickly, to a very specific area suffering from pain, inflammation or spasms, a couple passes with a CBD Roll-on and you’ll be thankful for this on-demand remedy.  Hemp CBD Topicals are fast acting, short lasting, but focused on satisfying your speedy recovery needs.  A lot of fitness professionals and athletes have CBD Roll-on Applicators in their bags, for when muscle cramps, spasms, soreness or swelling strike.  Professionals and amateurs alike can’t afford to lose time or progress to nagging injuries that happen all the time; they also can’t rely on pain medications so frequently, because of the long-term health risks of over-use.  Cannabidiol topicals are hard working, efficient, and can go a long way in helping you reach your fitness goals, no matter what those are.

Motus Active Total Body Blend CBD Capsules

CBD capsules are literally like having the health boosting powers of CBD in the palm of your hand. Hemp CBD Capsules have to be digested, so the effects of the encapsulated CBD usually take a bit longer to take hold.  Nonetheless, the duration and potency of CBD ingested in this way are usually the longest/strongest.  Many athletes take CBD as an energy-boosting pre-workout, or to calm their nerves/muscles as a post-workout, but there’s always the popular method of taking it as a daily supplement too.  Whatever your needs, CBD capsules are a convenient way to enhance your health.

Why take CBD Capsules? Why not? Many of us take a handful of vitamins or supplements everyday, what’s a few more caps? When you add CBD to your daily routine, you might not need so many other health & fitness supplements because Cannabidiol is so multi-faceted.  CBD can help your body heal, supports your brain function, increases energy and enhances your ability to get in shape and stay fit.  Hemp CBD Capsules are also very affordable, easy to take with you on the go, and they come in a variety of potency options (500 mg – 2000 mg per 30-90 capsules).

Written By

George Philips

George is a Boston based health writer with over 10 years experience. He has worked for various news outlets and online publications throughout North America. Over the last few years George has focused on the evolving health industry of cannabinoids.

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