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CBD Oral Spray

Verlota CBD Oral Spray

Verlota’s hemp CBD Oral Spray is a great alternative to the traditional CBD tincture drops, but with a targeted delivery of fast-acting results. Why should you try Verlota’s CBD Oral Spray? This popular product is proven to reduce how much of the valuable phytocannabinoid extracts are lost through digestion.  The increased bio-availability makes for faster activation so you can get the pain-relief, reduced inflammation, mental calm or boosted energy when you need it.  Rethink your health with Verlota’s CBD Oral Spray, and get on with your day!

Each pump of the Oral Spray applicator offers pre-measured, pure hemp-derived CBD. This kind of application is perfect for those who are unfamiliar with CBD, or for those who need a CBD product that suits their active, on-demand lifestyle. Oral Sprays are a favorite of avid hikers, dedicated cyclists, fitness fanatics and busy entrepreneurs alike. With five unique formulations in our selection, it’s easy to customize your CBD Oral Spray to suit your individual needs. Choose between Balance, Energy, Immunity, Calm and Sleep hemp-derived CBD Oral Sprays, and start feeling the benefits of our whole health approach. All Verlota CBD Oral sprays are proudly made in the USA, crafted in a cGMP and FDA registered facility, lab tested for quality and are GMO-Free.

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