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Has your quest for good health & wellbeing hit a snag? Have you stalled in your pursuit of personal or professional excellence because of an injury or illness? It’s time to achieve the balance you need to be at your best: it’s time to rethink your health with Verlota.  Everything we do at Verlota.com is aimed at helping you achieve your ideal health.  You can improve your body, mind and spirit by committing to our 5 Health Elements: Balance, Energy, Immunity, Calm & Sleep.  You will feel better, faster, stronger and more rested when you include our high-quality products in your daily routine.  Rethink your health, rejuvenate your mind & body, and be at your best with Verlota.

verlota 5 elements health



Balance is fundamental to your long-term health & happiness, but finding balance is also a challenging part of your everyday life. Having the right balance ensures a sustainable quality of life, a strong body, and a positive mind. Balanced nutrition, fitness and wellbeing is what you need to manage everything life throws your way; from careers, life at home, the ups-and-downs of health and everything in between.



Your lifesource, the fuel to your fire, the juice that keeps you moving: Energy is all around us, but it’s the energy within that matters most to your health & fitness. The world is full of different wavelengths of energy that we rely on, both in good times and especially when the going gets tough. What you put into your body and how you channel those energies will determine your health, happiness and quality of life.



Making sure your immune system is healthy and ready for what life throws your way is more important than ever; from fighting off the common cold to dealing with more serious viruses.  Your immune system is the first line of defense when keeping our body healthy – your shield against the unknown or the intrusive. A boosted immunity is one of the pillars for success in maintaining a strong and healthy lifestyle.



Remaining calm and grounded can be difficult at times, especially when times of uncertainty cause us to feel on-edge. To be relaxed and find your inner calm can help to reduce the strain on your mental, physical and spiritual health. The key to achieving true calm is to find the right combination that unlocks your mind & body from the hold of stress, fatigue and anxiety.



Whether it’s a good night’s sleep after a hard day’s work, or a midday nap that restores your energy, sleep is critical to your daily wellbeing and your long-term health.  Your body requires long periods of sleep in order to restore and rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones, but the importance of sleep isn’t just about resting.  Optimal rest is all about recharging, but it is also a pivotal part of restoring balance to your mental, physical and emotional state of being. 


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CBDA vs CBD: Benefits and Differences

CBDA vs CBD: Benefits and Differences

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How CBD Can Improve Your Daily Routine

How CBD Can Improve Your Daily Routine

We all have unique challenges in our daily lives, and the routines we establish to help us tackle our day-to-day can range in effectiveness. What you might not know is that CBD can be incorporated into your daily routine in many positive ways. Thanks to our awesome Verlota readers, we’ve got some customer-direct tidbits of CBD tips & tricks for you to improve your daily routine.

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Quality Matters

At Verlota it’s our mission to provide the highest quality natural health products possible. Each one of health products is laboratory tested to ensure we are providing a safe and effective product that will help you in your quest for better health.

Proudly made in the USA, each one of our products is put through a rigorous process in our FDA-registered facility, ensuring that all the standards for Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) are met. Adhering to these steps guarantees that all Verlota natural health products are safe, consistent and effective for you.  Take the next step in your journey towards renewed health & wellness: Rethink your health with Verlota.com.


verlota sleep cbd capules

Sleep Relief

“I’ve had issues with sleeping for years, I used to take sleeping pills prescribed by my doctor but the side effects became too much to handle. Looking for something more naturally sourced I came across Verlota while searching online. Their local ingredients and the added bonus of CBD made me excited to try them out. One month later I’ve been able to get a solid nights rest without the groggy side effects of my old prescription pills.”

verloat energy CBD Capsules

More Energy Through The Day

“Working fulltime with 4 kids pretty much sucked the energy right out of me, I needed 3-4 cups of coffee just to make it through the day. All that caffeine was making me feel unhealthy and I knew I needed to try something more natural with the same kick. A friend of mine let me try her Verlota energy capsules and I’ve never looked back since. I don’t know what I’d do without these amazing capsules. Highly recommend for anyone who needs to get through their hectic day without over doing it with the caffeine.”

verlota calm CBD Tincture 1000mg

Goodbye Stress!

“I always had a hard time managing my stress and anxiety but never wanted to take anti-anxiety medications. After some research I decided to try Verlota Calm Drops to see if it could help keep my nerves at bay. It has been two months and I can say my stress has been reduced significantly since starting to take it. The combination of CBD and their natural ingredients makes me feel super comfortable with what I’m taking. Goodbye stress! Thanks Verlota!

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