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In a lot of ways, Salt Lake City is one of the most American places there is. Founded by people looking for a better life and somehow finding a way to scrape up an existence, this area went from being a virtual wasteland to a major city.

Although the Salt Lake Valley was known as being inhospitable at first, it’s actually a gorgeous area if you don’t have to worry about farming for your own food. Now that Salt Lake City is a modern metropolis, it’s a lot easier to enjoy the stunning landscape in nearby areas.

It’s probably because of all this natural beauty nearby that the people who live in Salt Lake City stay very active and, in turn, quite healthy. In fact, the state of Utah is considered one of the healthiest states in the entire union.

As we delve deeper into a discussion on Salt Lake City, we will see how this idea of being healthy in staying healthy and hard work and discipline really pays off. For many in the area, CBD has become more popular in recent years due to these and other qualities. As we move forward, let’s keep in mind why CBD has become so popular in the area and where can you buy CBD oil in Salt Lake City?

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The Healthy People of Salt Lake City

Before we get into why the people of Salt Lake City are so healthy, we need to address the elephant in the room. Since the city has such a large population of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), a sizable number of people avoid certain substances, such as tobacco and alcohol, for religious reasons. As a result, you will find lower levels of diseases related to those and other substances.

For instance, the entire state of Utah ranks dead last in cancer rates In the United States. While many types of cancers have genetic or other factors, a large portion of common cancers do have a lifestyle component, particularly lung cancer. If 68% of the entire state his band from using tobacco and alcohol (in addition to others who avoid these substances for other reasons), it would make sense that overall cancer rates would drop as a result.

But above and beyond prohibitions of certain substances, the people here are just overall healthy. In fact, the people here are generally very physical, as low obesity rates show. Our general obesity rates are well below the national average, but obesity amongst children and teens is the lowest in the nation. This is a great sign for the future of the people of Salt Lake City.

Just like with alcohol and tobacco use, obesity is a factor in a long list of health disorders, ranging from strokes to heart attacks to even many cancers, such as colorectal cancer. Send so many people take care of their bodies here, it’s also no surprise that the average Life span is also higher here than in most other states.

Ironically, The CDC also reports another favorable statistic in the area that would seem to be at odds where the lifestyle of the people of Salt Lake City. Here are some of the lowest rates of accidents in the country. The reason this is so surprising is that in areas where people are more active, we would expect to see more accidental injury or death. However, while people here are very active and enjoy their life, they appear to still take care of it.

This idea of cherishing an improving life on a regular basis is most likely the reason why CBD in Salt Lake City has become a more common sight in recent years. We find that CBD users start when looking for ways to become healthier in general. But for those who are unaware, what exactly is CBD?

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

To understand what CBD is, you must first understand where it comes from. CBD (short for Cannabidiol) is a compound found within the cannabis plant. Cannabis is generally split into two categories: hemp and marijuana.

The reason this distinction is so important is that hemp is legal in all 50 states, whereas marijuana is illegal federally but permitted in certain states under certain conditions. Here in Utah, we have some of the toughest marijuana laws considering that it is legal for medicinal purposes. So, understanding how CBD is manufactured is essential in our state.

You can rest a short that most, if not all, CBD products on the market today are extracted from hemp and not marijuana. The main reason for this is because hemp contains virtually no THC, the compound that gives marijuana its psychoactive effects. While THC appears to have therapeutic properties on its own, for this discussion, we will be focusing on just CBD, which makes up 40% of the dry weight of the cannabis plant.

Humans have been using cannabis for about as long as there have been humans. The reason for this is because it has a strong effect on the body compared to other plants, as its compounds mimic those created by the body zone endocannabinoid system.

If you’ve never heard of the endocannabinoid system, that’s because it was discovered fairly recently and is only now being investigated and researched. Since we are not nearly as familiar with this system as others, like the digestive or circulatory systems, our understanding of how it works changes from year to year. However, it appears to have a supportive effect on other systems throughout the body.

What’s so exciting about CBD these days is how it’s the new frontier in supplement health. Universities worldwide have just recently started to dive deep into the possibilities of what CBD can do and, as a result, even we’re surprised with what they’re finding.

CBD is known for being able to help people relax and give them a sense of well being. However, it appears to be able to do so much more, from helping to balance hormones to reducing inflammation in blood vessels. It seems that there’s nothing this humble little compound can’t have a hand in! 

But since we’re focusing on Salt Lake City, let’s get into some specific uses that you and your neighbors might find the most attractive.


Support for an Active Lifestyle

We live in a very active community. From school children to seniors, people here don’t like to sit still. While this is obviously a very healthy trait, it does come with the downside of the body accumulating microtears to soft tissue and microfractures to the bones.

Our bodies are naturally designed to be able to handle these regular micro-injuries, but only when it’s in a relaxed state. Many of us have hectic lifestyles that don’t allow us the luxury of relaxation even after we Clock out for the day. CBD allows both your mind and body to be in a naturally relaxed state that allows for this healing to take place.


Natural Pain Relief

For many of us, pain is just a part of life. Whether you did something specific to cause the specific pain or are just succumbing to the ravages of old age, pain is a constant companion for many reading this right now.

While most of us can manage our pain to some extent, others need to medicate just to get through the day. While better living through chemistry works for many, others look for more natural, less addictive forms of pain relief. CBD is a wonderful anti-inflammatory agent. It also works alongside the nervous system to reduce pain, both generalized and localized.


Building up immunity

— In the best of times, our bodies are continually being bombarded with various bacteria, viruses and other nasty little critters. But in recent times, having a healthy immune system has become more important than ever. On the other hand, having too strong of an immune system can also cause problems with disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis.

Going along with the theme of bringing harmony to the body, CBD appears to help balance the immune system to be strong enough to take on anything that might want to harm while apparently reducing autoimmune responses. In fact, recent studies have shown great promise in CBD helping COVID-19 patients.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Salt Lake City

Despite being a famously healthy area, we still have our health challenges here in Salt Lake City. The first one we’re going to mention is actually quite strange considering that obesity, tobacco and alcohol use, and physical activity don’t appear to be problems here. For some reason, we have some of the highest mortality due to heart disease in the country.

So, how is it possible that we still have this problem despite not having major risk factors? There are a variety of theories out there that may explain this. For many people, heart disease is a genetic factor and they need to take extra special care of their health to avoid it. For others, they feel that being in shape and avoiding certain bad habits give them a license to eat foods that they know they shouldn’t.

Another issue that we seem to have more than our fair share of is Alzheimer’s disease. Again, this is something that can be considered a genetic issue but is also one that is more common with an older population. Since the average life expectancy in Utah is higher than the national average, it would make sense that this higher population of older people would also raise the total number of Alzheimer’s patients.

Remarkably, CBD is able to help with both of these issues. First of all, recent studies have shown that CBD use is linked to lower cholesterol levels, which can play a large role in heart disease mortality. The less cholesterol flowing in your veins, the less plaque that can build up and therefore reducing conditions such as atherosclerosis.

Additionally, CBD appears to reduce the amount of inflammation in the brain common to Alzheimer’s patients. It can also help to calm the emotional effects there are often associated with the disease, such as anxiety and distress. While CBD is certainly no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, it does also appeared to play a role in prevention.

How to Use CBD

So, maybe after looking over some of the benefits of CBD, you’ve decided that it’s right for you. If you find that’s the case in your situation, you’ll need to figure out how to actually use it. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from based on what you feel comfortable with and your specific goals.

By far, the most popular way to use CBD is in the form of CBD oil. Essentially, this is just CBD extract mixed with some sort of carrier that is generally put under the tongue if you want to use it directly in the mouth or can be mixed with edible products and even creams or lotions.

if that isn’t your style, there are also plenty of premade CBD products you can use. For example, if you’re looking for something to have a direct impact on a particular part of the body, you may want to consider external products such as CBD lotions, CBD creams and CBD gels. But if you want more of a generalized effect, consider internal products such as CBD gummies or CBD capsules.


Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store, Salt lake city!

At the end of the day, if you don’t use the best products, you won’t get the best results. That’s why we created Verlota — so that our customers wouldn’t have to worry about the quality of CBD they used. Our goal is to help our customers rethink their health. That’s why we take a holistic approach to every product that we craft based on one of five elements of human health: Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm and Balance.

While we have developed a loyal base of customers over the years, we understand that some might be hesitant to use CBD and are unsure if the investment is worth it. That’s why we offer a money-back guarantee so that if your life does not improve after using our products, we refund the entire day of your purchase.

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But we don’t think that will happen because we are sure to use only the best American grown CBD extracts that are lab tested to be THC free. We want to make sure to give you everything you want and nothing you don’t.

So what do you say? Are you ready to put aside the old, unhealthy you and make a change for the best? If so, visit us at Verlota.com, your online CBD store in Salt Lake City!

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