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Are you new to CBD and not sure where to start? Let us guide you and find the best products to suit your needs.

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Miami is one of the great gateways of our country. It’s really from this city that the US connects to Latin America. In fact, Miami has always been a place where various cultures meet. Whether you see the various neighborhoods of Cubans, Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and pretty much any other Spanish-speaking origin or areas of native New Yorkers, this city is a major melting pot.

Beyond the various ethnicities represented here, Miami is also known it is one of the major party hubs of the country. With some of the hottest beaches in the world open during the day and some of the most vibrant nightclubs open at night, there’s really no excuse to be bored here!

But Miami isn’t just all fun in the sun (or moonlight). There are also some significant universities here with solid sports credentials behind them. You can also tell by the fancy cars in the streets that people here know how to take care of business as well. All around, Miami is a pretty happening place to be.

People here care about their health and their future. That’s probably why it’s so common to see people use CBD in Miami. While there are plenty of beautiful people here, they know that youth isn’t something that sticks around forever, So, they’re known for taking care of their bodies — often with CBD! But what exactly can it do for you and where can you buy quality CBD oil in Miami?

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The Healthy People of Miami

Without a doubt, one of the most important factors when it comes to deciding whether an area is healthy or not is to look at the obesity rates. Obesity is one of the number one preventable factors in someone’s health. Although easier said than done, staying thin is a massive investment for your health and long term.

That being said, Miami is a very fit city. In fact, its obesity rate of 21% is far lower than the national average of 34%. Staying within this limit helps the residents here avoid a whole laundry list of medical conditions from diabetes to certain types of cancers.

One of the reasons for this incredible statistic might just be the layout of the city itself. Almost 70% of the population is within walking distance of a park of some sort — including a beach! We all know that going to the gym is a good option for staying in shape, but the truth is that the best sort of exercise is the kind that you enjoy and will do on a regular basis. Multiple studies have shown that access to recreational areas such as parks and beaches are much more effective at keeping someone in shape than having to go to a gym.

Another factor to consider is walkability in general. The walkability index score of this city is 13.8 compared to the national average of 6.1. What this means is that people are able to walk to work, to the store or wherever else they may want to go. Again, when movement is a part of everyday life, exercise is much more common.

But even more than all this, more and more of these healthy people have been using CBD in Miami. But what exactly does that do for them and how could it make you healthy?

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

We can’t really discuss what CBD does without discussing what CBD is. This is especially important considering the legal status of marijuana (and cannabis in general) within the state of Florida. That is to say, medical use of marijuana is legal while any sort of recreational use is still considered a crime.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. This is a compound found in all cannabis plants, making up to 40% of their dry weight. The good news about CBD is that almost all of it on the market today is extracted from hemp and not from marijuana. This is a benefit because not only is it legal in all 50 states but it does not contain any notable amounts of THC.

The reason people have been using cannabis for all of recorded history is because of how effective it can be within our bodies. The reason for this is because of a newly discovered system called the endocannabinoid system. Cannabis compounds almost perfectly mimic what your endocannabinoid system makes on a daily basis.

Since cannabis has been in legal limbo for so long, research into these plants and how they affect our bodies specifically are really in their infancy. However, it appears as though the endocannabinoid system plays a role in the regulation of other systems throughout the body, particularly the nervous system and the immune system. However, there are studies showing effects all throughout the different systems of your body.

Even if you just heard about CBD in passing, you’re probably aware that it can help to make you calm and give you a feeling of general well being. But it does so much more than that! Recent studies are showing that it plays a major role in regulating inflammation throughout the body and can even help prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Of course, if that’s the case, just about anyone would benefit from using CBD. But why would somebody specifically want to use CBD in Miami?


Support for an Active Lifestyle

Miami is obviously known for beautiful bodies on the beach. But in order to make those bodies so beautiful, lots of hard work needs to be put in either pounding the pavement or in the gyms. This stress on the body — over time — can cause both micro-injuries as well as long-term injuries in the joints, muscles and bones.

Thankfully, your body is designed to address these issues. However, it needs to be in a relaxed to do so. Also, inflammation is an issue when it comes to these sorts of injuries. CBD can help in both these regards by keeping inflammation at reasonable levels as well as helping your body to relax enough to be able to do the needed repairs.


Get and Stay Asleep

This is an issue that affects just about everybody these days. It’s common knowledge that we are getting much less rest at night than our forefathers did. While our bodies are designed to need about eight hours of sleep, the average American barely gets six.

CBD is wonderful at getting your body to be in a relaxed state for a long period of time. It has an extremely strong effect on your nervous system, helping to reset neurotransmitters in receptors do a natural state that helps bring your body into equilibrium. In doing so, it also helps your body realign its circadian rhythms to get you on a schedule that works.


Keep Your Immune System Strong

Recent events have shown us just how quickly we can go from being a normal society to one under lockdown for pandemics. Even without such massive diseases going around, we still need to protect ourselves from flus, colds as well as a whole host of other infections.

CBD is an option that could really work in your favor. It appears to help your immune cells recognize threats quicker, and therefore, get infections over before they get out of hand. As an added benefit, it also appears to be able to help you not attack your own cells, avoiding issues such as psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis or other autoimmune disorders.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Miami

One of the downsides of being a fun place to visit and party is that crime is often involved as well. Cities similar to Miami face much of the issues with crime as they do, much of which is drug related. Of course, CBD probably isn’t going to be able to help with that. However, many of the underlying issues may be able to get a little help from it.

Crime rates here are three times out of the national average. A large portion of that is directly related to the drug trade. Even though a lot of drugs that are dealt with here in Miami are from other countries and sent throughout the rest of this country, there are large numbers of drug users within the city.

Some people start using drugs for recreational purposes, while others use them as a coping mechanism. Many people who have legitimate mental health issues turned to illicit drugs, or to abusing legal drugs, as a way of self medication. Of course, we probably don’t have to tell you about all the nasty side effects that come with this sort of use.

For those finding themselves feeling down and overly anxious about life, they may find that CBD helps them to take the edge off without having to turn to other, more dangerous options. However, it’s always best to check with a medical professional before starting any sort of regimen for mental health.

Another area that CBD can help with involves getting off of drugs once a person comes to their senses. For anyone who has had any sort of addiction, they can tell you that even trying to quit coffee can be a challenge — let alone cocaine or heroin. However, promising studies (such as one at the University College of London) show that CBD can help relieve withdrawal symptoms and even change the way the user viewed their drug use in the past. This is shown to help even with the psychological aspect of addiction.

How to Use CBD

You can’t start to use a product like CBD without knowing how. Luckily, there are all kinds of forms of CBD available depending on what you feel comfortable with and what your end goals are.

The quickest and easiest way to do use CBD is in the form of CBD oil. Essentially, you’re just putting a dropper full of CBD mixed with a carrier under your tongue. An added benefit is that you can also add it to food products or even personal care products that you already have.

CBD capsules or CBD gummies, as ingestible forms of CBD, or another great option.  These forms are generally taken by people who want more systemic effects of CBD, such as for stress relief or overall inflammation issues.

The last category of CBD products are topicals. A topical product is best if you want to treat a specific area of your body or if you want to have benefits to your hair or skin. These can include products such as CBD salve, CBD lotion, CBD cream or CBD gel.


Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store in Miami!

Now that we know how to use these products, the next question is which product should you be using. The number one issue with CBD these days revolves around quality. As more and more companies are getting into the game, a lack of regulation is really rearing its ugly head as products with questionable production become more and more available.

At Verlota, we wanted to give you a better option for CBD than some shady gas station. We began with the goal of giving Americans a dependable source of CBD products. Since we like to experiment with what we offer, we want our customers to feel free to experiment without questioning quality. That is because we use only organic, American grown hemp extract that is lab tested to be less than .03% THC. 

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Verlota CBD Sleep Capsules

We also go above and beyond just offering good generic CBD products. We’d crafted our products to address one of five elements of human health: Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm and Balance. The goal is not to help you to merely be healthy — we want to be a catalyst in helping you rethink health in general.

If you’re from Miami, then you probably know what being healthy is all about. If you want to join the thousands of your neighbors who’ve taken the next step in their health, then visit us at Verlota.com, your online CBD store in Miami!

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