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Are you new to CBD and not sure where to start? Let us guide you and find the best products to suit your needs.

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The state of Texas is as big a booming as the stereotypical Texan. But when it comes to the commercial side of this mega state, Dallas leads the pack. Ten Fortune 500 companies are within the city proper, with another 23 in the surrounded area. Companies like AT&T and ExxonMobil and American Airlines all call Dallas home.

Dallas is a titan in the world of business and, as a result, has its hands in other pots, famously its sports teams. Just about every major league sport has a team in the city, from the Mavericks (NBA), Stars (NHL), FC Dallas (Soccer) and, of course, the Dallas Cowboys.

As a city, Dallas, Texas is exceptionally diverse, growing by leaps and bounds in terms of the number of residents as well as the type of residents. Time tested Texas barbeque joints can be found alongside Banh Mi sandwich restaurants — and we love it!

Of course, in this bastion of diversity, change and progress comes a product that has taken much of the rest of the country by storm: CBD oil and other CBD products. Perhaps not even so much as an idea in the minds of the Dallasites just a few short years ago, CBD has become a force to be reckoned with, with sales rising with each year.

All this begs the questions of what exactly is CBD, why are the residents of Dallas so in love with it and where can you buy CBD oil in Dallas?

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The Heathy People of Dallas

Overall, the state of Texas is in bad shape — and we mean that literally. Out of the 50 states, Texas is tied for the number 10 spot for most obese in the country with Oklahoma, at around 39% of residents being considered above overweight.

However, the city of Dallas seems to buck the trend a bit, with a score of about 29%. A lot of this might have something to do with how prosperous a city it is. This has the benefit of giving residents wide access to nutritious and healthy foods versus being an overly active city.

While other parts of Texas have a strong outdoor culture, like Plano or Austin, Dallas is what you would consider a modern city with physical exercise being delegated to gyms, yoga studio and the like. In other words, if you look for opportunities for exercise, there are plenty. However, if you want something more passive, you may have to just settle on walking down the street.

But that’s what is so special about all the people who do take care of themselves in Dallas! These are not people who stay healthy because they were born and raised on a ranch and have to work hard to survive. People in Dallas are self-motivated, which is one reason they do so well in the business and sports world.

This disciplined drive might just be a primary reason for such popularity in locals using CBD. After all, these products are something that need to be searched out and researched before they can be used. And of course, there are so many options to choose from.

You have the standard CBD oil that can be used with just about everything. Then you have CBD edibles (such as the common CBD gummies) that can be enjoyed just like any other snack. Lastly, there are external products that you can be purchased in various forms, like CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD salves and CBD roll-ons.

But how does this CBD work and is it just a trend or a solution?

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

When we say “CBD,” we are referring to a substance called cannabidiol, a compound that makes up about 40% of the cannabis plant’s dry weight. When you hear that, you might be thinking about another compound — THC. While the two are found in the same plant, the effects are very different for each other. Due to both legal issues as well as purity standards, good quality CBD products contain little to no THC. In fact, most reputable manufactures, like us, only use extracts from hemp plants versus marijuana plants, since hemp contains almost no THC but still has the same amount of CBD.

CBD has become so popular as it mimics compounds that your body already naturally produces. These compounds play a significant role in maintaining balance throughout your body, allowing your body to return to its normal homeostasis.

But what are some of the effects that would be of particular interest here in Dallas?


Staying Productive and Alert

As Dallas becomes more and more a commercial paradise, the workforce finds itself with more office work than ever before. We don’t know about you, but sitting in front of a computer for hours on end can be extremely difficult, and keeping focus becomes impossible after a while. One of CBD’s effects is to help keep focus, bringing you back to the job at hand.   

Keeping the Adipose at Bay

Even though Dallas is doing better than the rest of the state when it comes to their waistline, that does not mean that the battle is won by any means. Especially when considering how sedentary modern life has become, not actively fighting weight gain can be a dangerous game.

The good news is that studies (some from the University of Texas itself) have shown that CBD oil and related products can help in the battle of weight control. There are two distinct ways in which it does this. To begin with, CBD works in restoring a natural balance in multiple body systems, naturally working to suppress appetite.

Second, it may be able to change the type of fat already in your body. Studies have shown CBD’s ability to change white fat into brown fat, a form that’s much more useful and easier to shed.

Help with Mental Balance

Like with any modern, growing city, stress can play a role with the local residents. Neighborhoods change, construction is everywhere and don’t even start on the traffic! These factors can easily lead to mental fatigue in addition to stress and anxiety. These traits are fine in moderation but can become an issue if not addressed over time,

Thankfully, CBD is famous as being one of the best things you can use to calm your nerves, giving you an overall feeling of relaxation and well-being.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Dallas

As great of a place as Dallas is, that’s not to say that it does not have its challenges.

Any resident of the city of Dallas understands that the climate is often…less than ideal. During our summer, in particular, you have a city that is extremely hot and humid. This makes perfect conditions for the trees and other plants that release their pollen, creating a perfect storm of conditions to make an allergy sufferer’s nightmare.

Yes, Dallas is considered one of the worse cities in the county for seasonal allergies. While some might look at this as being nothing more than an inconvenience, allergies can often be severe enough to ruin your day and sometimes even send you to the hospital. To make things worse, these can exacerbate the symptoms of other illnesses, such as the flu and now Covid-19.

CBD helps with allergies in a few different ways. However, the most tangible benefit you can get is with inflammation. Imagine you get congested and end up getting sinusitis or red, itchy eyes — these are all caused by the inflammation that comes as a nasty side effect of your body overreacting to harmless stimulus.

While there is not any strong evidence to support that CBD can help with the root cause of the allergy itself, a reduction in inflammation can give you a break from the symptoms.

Moving on to another subject important in Dallas (and Texas as a whole), CBD can be used to combat obesity in other ways than previously mentioned. Sadly, Dallas has challenges with weight control in a state that has challenges with weight control.

We have already covered the changes in the fat within the body. However, CBD can also make healthier habits just that much more accessible in helping with insulin resistance. Problems in this area may be a primary reason you are always hungry or are on your way to being a diabetic.

Also, since CBD helps you feel better overall, you will be more likely to get out here and be more active. Who wants to run on the treadmill if their back or knees feel like they are about to give out? Not us!

Verlota Buy CBD Oil In Dallas Texas

How to Use CBD

Before going out and purchasing anything, be sure to understand why you are using it, where you are using it and what you hope to get as an outcome. This is the first step in your recovery.

For the sake of discussion, what if you have knee pain from an old football injury? Well, you probably should be using some sort of external product, such as a cream, lotion or roll-on.

Maybe you find yourself being a lot more stressed than you used to. In that case, an internal product, such as gummies or capsules, would be the way to go.

Of course, you do not have to go out and purchase all new products. If you use CBD oil, you can add that to any cream or lotion you currently enjoy or even to a smoothy or baked good! While it changes the smell or flavor of what it is being added to, most people don’t mind the difference. You can also get scented or flavored CBD oil if you are concerned about that, as well.

Additionally, there are other factors to remember when you start using CBD. Remember that you should understand how CBD affects you before operating heavy machinery or driving.

Also, do not give up if you notice that you are not getting the desired effects right away. Some people find that they may need a few applications before the changes are notable, while others feel it right away. Differences such as genetics, body weight and other factors can make experimenting and patience necessary.

Make Verlota Your Online CBD Store Dallas!

Hopefully, we have piqued your interest in CBD and given you some basic information to get you started along your journey. Of course, the next logical step in this journey is to know to get CBD oil in Dallas — as well as any other CBD products.

We are sure that you have probably seen local outlets for CBD products pop up over the years, so it is safe to say that access to these products, in general, is not a problem. But just like with anything, if you settle for gas station coffee, you get what you pay for. Considering you can buy CBD products at some gas stations, we do not even need to use a metaphor!

Buy CBD Oil Dallas Texas Historic West End

If you want the best quality in a CBD product, you obviously have to go to a place that has the best quality products. We at Verlota have been both crafting and selling our CBD products for years, leaving a trail of happy customers along the way. We have built our reputation on providing exactly what our customers need at prices that are more reasonable than they expect. And with a Verlota+ membership, you even get free shipping and other benefits for being a loyal customer.

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Verlota Sleep Capsules

We approach our products by targeting one of five vital areas of human health: Balance, Energy, Immunity, Calm and Sleep. Our naturally-sourced products are made of pure American grown hemp extract to give you the best product with no risk of THC contamination.

Dallas, if you want some help getting healthier or maintaining a healthy lifestyle overall, we hope that you consider using CBD oil or other products. And if you want to get started on the right foot, make sure not to sell your results short by using inferior products. So, use the best — use Verlota brand CBD products.

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