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Arizona is a perfect example of the dichotomy that exists in our country as a whole. This largely successful state was founded after a series of tragic failures. It’s known for both expansive deserts as well as world-class ski resorts. Although having a harsh geography, many people from throughout the country come here to retire.

It could be said that a lot of these differences and contradictions really give the state of Arizona its unique character. In fact, it would seem that this unique character is what draws so many people to the state in the first place. While it’s true that a lot of people were born and raised in the state, a large portion is coming from other parts of the country to make this their new home.

Arizona is changing as a result of these new transplants. This is true whether we’re talking about people coming from Other parts of the country or even other parts of the world. But one thing that unifies the people here is their shared desire for a better life.

This can take the form of spending more time at the gym, eating healthier or even looking for supplements that can give them their desired results. One of the most common types of supplements used here recently is that of CBD. Have you ever wondered what CBD actually does and where you can buy CBD oil in Arizona?

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The Healthy People of California

One thing that’s quite noticeable about Arizona is how low the obesity rate is compared to much of the rest of the country. This is probably due in large part to the availability of physical activity in the area. We can think of some of the most beautiful landscapes and our entire nation being in this state, including the famous Grand Canyon.

Study after study has shown that the more one is able to be physically active doing something they enjoy, the more likely they are to stick to a fitness routine of some sort. The idea of nearly going to a gym or yoga studio three to four times a week is enough to make a lot of people quit before they get too far. But much of the physical activity done here is for recreation.

Many of the diseases where Arizona ranks best are directly or indirectly connected to obesity and physical activity. These include some terrifying names like heart disease, stroke and even cancer rates in general, as Arizona ranks in the top ten percent of state for occurrences of these illnesses. Many people aren’t aware of this, but certain cancers (such as colorectal cancer) appear to have inactivity as a risk factor.

Another factor that needs to be considered is the type of population that call the state home —namely, older retirees. This is important to understand because the overall health of the state needs to be seen with that in mind. As a whole, older people are statistically less healthy than their younger counterparts. So, when we see numbers that are better than the rest of the country, remember that many of the exceptionally healthy people are also senior citizens.

Regardless of their age or where they come from, it’s evident that people here in Arizona are trying their best to keep themselves healthy. Of course, one of those major ways of doing that is by using CBD here in Arizona. But what exactly does that do?

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

A lot of people are concerned about the idea of CBD in general because they think that it might have something to do with marijuana. While it’s true that CBD is found in large amounts in marijuana plants, that’s true of all cannabis plants, with almost all CBD on the market coming from hemp. This allows you to not only be sure that the product is 100% legal but that it doesn’t contain any THC, the psychoactive chemical found in marijuana plants.

CBD is a way of saying cannabinol and has a direct interaction with your body’s endocannabinoid system. Most of us have never heard of an endocannabinoid system and for a good reason. Research into this part of our bodies is really just getting started and scientists are trying to get a handle of what exactly it does and how it can benefit us.

From what we’ve seen so far, the endocannabinoid system is a series of receptors found all throughout your body’s tissue and organs. Once an endocannabinoid compound reacts with one of those receptors, a particular effect takes place on that part of the body. These can range from inflammation control to reduction of certain diseases, such as diabetes.

Your endocannabinoid system gets its name due to a remarkable similarity between the chemicals that your body naturally produces to what we find in cannabis plants. This strong similarity between our bodies in these plants is one of the reasons why people have been using cannabis for various reasons for thousands upon thousands of years. CBD appears to be the most promising when it comes to a compound found in cannabis plants that has strong therapeutic effects without many if any adverse side effects.

Of course, you might be wondering what specific benefits people who live here could enjoy?


Dealing with the Sun

We’re sure that it’s no secret to anyone here that we have lots and lots of sun. While some of us have the melanin to handle it to a certain extent, others are not so fortunate. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are both significant factors that have to be dealt with in most of the state.

CBD contains a G-protein that bonds with a receptor in the body called TRPV-1. Basically, this means that it can help to control both body temperature and inflammation, two of the major factors that become an issue with heat exhaustion and eventually heat stroke.


Dealing with Stress in a Healthy Way

While your body is designed to both create and handle stress on a certain level, long-term stress can cause major damage to both your mental and physical health. While you are the one who can ultimately bring stress under control, we often need help to take the edge off.

While some look to unhealthy ways to reduce stress like drugs or alcohol, CBD is an alternative that does the job and helps you avoid any negative consequences. Instead of going through your body and changing all of its chemistry ad hoc, it helps by reducing the activity between synapses and your nervous system. Over firing is one of the primary reasons why people can feel stressed out and CBD can play a large role in reducing that to a minimum.


Help with Your Aching Back

Whether it be due to an active lifestyle or just the ravages of old age, pain can often be a way of life. This can take the form of articular pain such as arthritis or soft tissue pain like you would feeling your muscles or tendons. Just like with stress, inflammation has a role within the body, but too much can lead to unnecessary pain and suffering.

This is probably one of CBD’s greatest hits. The endocannabinoid receptors of CB1 and CB2 (in addition to others) are activated when CBD is consumed or absorbed. One is the CBD is received by these receptors, information is lowered to a more reasonable level. This is not a quick reaction like you would find with a steroid or NSAID, but it’s certainly a welcome relief without many of the negative side effects of these other medications, such as stomach issues or even an increased risk of a heart attack.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Arizona

Like anywhere else, the state of Arizona is not perfect when it comes to the health of its residents. Considering how many people live here, it should come as no surprise that you can find just about any kind of medical condition represented in the population.

However, there are some standout areas that should be addressed. For one, do you remember how we mentioned the low obesity rate? While a 25% obesity rate is certainly commendable considering that the rest of the country stands at around 34%, it should be noted that this number has doubled in the past 15 years. This means that even though current rates are below average, this could easily change sometime in the next decade.

Part of the reason for this is higher obesity rates among young people, but this appears to only be in step with national averages. The major change seems to happen more with young adults who may not have had risk factors previously.

We get it: keeping a healthy weight can be difficult and losing weight can be even more daunting. We can say that with great confidence because if staying in shape or losing weight where is easy, we wouldn’t have such a large population of people who are either obese or overweight.

Thankfully, CBD is able to help in this regard. One of the main reasons why a lot of people are overweight is because they eat too much. This is often caused by hormonal disbalance is within the body and in the gut that makes the person feel hungrier than they actually are. Imbalances in leptin are one of the major causes of obesity. CBD can help bring leptin and other digestive hormones into balance, helping to give you a more regular appetite.

But what about the fat already in the body? There are two distinct types of fat that you’ll typically find within the human body: why and brown. White fat is the type of fat we traditionally think of the inside of a body. In contrast, brown fat is a form that is more useful to various functions throughout your body in addition to being easier to burn. CBD has shown in studies to be able to convert a portion of your current white fat into the more manageable to handle brown.

How to Use CBD 

The first step in your journey to using CBD for better health is understanding how to use it. The most common form of CBD is that of CBD oil. This is just CBD extract mixed with a carrier of some sort and can either be used directly under the tongue or can be combined with edible or personal products.

If you’re looking for another form of internal CBD that may not be quite as basic as CBD oil, you may want to consider CBD gummies or CBD capsules. Both of these are easy to take forms of CBD and can be used for stress relief, overall inflammation or any other type of systemic issue that you want help with.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that will either help your skin, hair, or specific area of your body, you probably want to consider an external CBD product. These are most commonly seen in the forms of CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD salves, CBD gels.

Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store!

Of all the options you have up there, whether they be physical store locations or online CBD stores, you want to make sure that you’re using a product that will give you real results. Too many people are out there making subpar CBD products since this market has become so popular in recent years.

Verlota was designed to stand out from the crowd. Not only are our products made with American grown, organic hemp extract, we also go the extra step of making products that help you with a specific area of health instead of just using a generic CBD extract. We have classified most of our products to assist you with Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm or Balance.

Don’t just be a spectator when it comes to your health — be the star! CBD can be just what you need to get your health back on track, which is why we invite you to order your CBD online in Arizona at Verlota.com today!

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