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America might be home of the free, but Atlanta is home of the Braves!

Alright, bad dad jokes aside, Atlanta is probably one of the most active places in the entire country. As already mentioned, this is a big sports town with just about every major league sport being represented. In large part, the reason for so many teams is that this is both a vibrant and prosperous city that enjoys life to the full.

Atlanta has always been a crossroads. In fact, the city really came into being because it was a hub for trains back in the day. Even now, not only is it an extremely popular hub for airplanes and other forms of transport, but it’s also a cultural exchange.

You might say that Atlanta is the capital of the South in some ways. Here you can find people who could have come from all parts of the area to search for a better life or for better opportunities. As a result, you have this amazing exchange of cuisines from neighboring states, from some of the best Nashville chicken to North Carolina barbecue.

Of course, Atlanta certainly has a culture of its own but it has built it by combining the best of others. Whether this includes other cultures from the country or now cultures from all parts of the world, Atlanta has developed its own unique way of life and cuisine that can only really be found here!

This idea of taking the best from other cultures in combining them into its own unique entity is what makes the city of Atlanta such a monument in this country. So, it would make sense that people would feel comfortable combining ideas from other places to make their life even better, which is why it’s so popular to see CBD in Atlanta. But what’s the big deal with this CBD anyway and where can you buy CBD oil in Atlanta?

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The Healthy People of Atlanta

In general, the people of Atlanta are very healthy. A large reason for this is because of making good decisions that affect the health of the people and their families. For instance, rates of smoking and tobacco use in general are well below the national average. We’re sure we don’t have to get into all of the risks associated with tobacco use. Also, the physical activity of the average adult in the city is much higher than what we see across the country which, like avoiding smoking, is associated with a whole laundry list of health benefits.

Additionally, access to care is quite high in the city as well. In fact, there are almost twice as many health care practitioners per capita in Atlanta than the rest of this country. While it might seem obvious, having the ability to seek out medical attention when you need it — or even before you need it — is a major part of staying healthy. All too often, we see people holding off routine or preventative medical care because of not having the circumstances or resources. Seeing your doctor on a regular basis and having a good relationship with them does a world of good in the long term.

Even with mental health, the city thrives. For whatever reason, people tend to stay healthy emotionally in Atlanta. Now, in some places people don’t report conditions such as depression or anxiety but act out in other ways, such as suicide or other forms of self-harm. Even with these statistics, Atlanta ranks well below the national average.

It always makes us feel good when we see large groups of people who care about their health and well-being. Again, this is most likely one of the major reasons why it’s very likely you’ll see people use CBD in Atlanta. So, let’s try to figure out why that’s the case.

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

Before we delve too deeply into what CBD does, let’s take a moment to talk about what CBD is. CBD is a compound found in the cannabis plant that makes up about 40% of its dry weight. While it is found in marijuana, hemp is typically used for CBD extraction since it is both legal nationwide as well as containing little to no THC.

The full name of CBD is Cannabidiol, so you can probably tell why we stick to three letters.  Essentially, this compound imitates natural compounds that your own body produces. All of us have what is called an endocannabinoid system in our bodies that act as a regulator to other body systems.

Unfortunately, we don’t know all that much about the endocannabinoid system since research is in its infancy. However, it has become the subject of intense interest to universities and labs around the world since it appears that CBD has tremendous potential for therapeutic properties. If you know anything about CBD, you probably know that it helps to relax the body and mind. But every day it seems like we’re finding new uses such as regulating hormones and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

The more you look into it, the more it seems obvious that just about everybody can benefit from CBD. But since we’re here talking about the city of Atlanta, what benefits would be most useful to the people who live here?


Keep Up with an Active Lifestyle

As we mentioned earlier, people in Atlanta tend to be very active. But as beneficial as that is to the body, the price tag is accumulating microtears and microfractures throughout the body. Your body is designed to repair itself on a regular basis, but it has to be in a relaxed state to do so.

CBD is great for not only for relaxing the mind but also for relaxing the body. When you aren’t as tense as you might normally be, your body can get to work doing what it was designed to do.


Helps to Get You to Sleep

Sleep is a luxury many of us cannot afford, or at the very least one that we cannot attain. More and more of us are having problems falling and staying asleep than ever before. Did you know that the average American gets about 6 hours of sleep? That doesn’t sound too bad until you realize that just two generations back, we were getting about 9.

There are dozens of reasons why someone may have problems falling and staying asleep. Thankfully, CBD works for just about every one of them! Whether it be because of stress that you’ve been encountering at work that day, your body being too tense to get comfortable or even your circadian rhythm is being out of whack, CBD appears to be helpful in just about every case.


Building up Immunity

Now more than ever, every one of us is thinking about having a strong immune system. While most of us have experienced flu season or things of that sort, we are now experiencing pandemics that we’ve never seen in our entire life. The last thing we would want is to be caught with a compromised immune system these days.

CBD works with your immune system in a two fold way. The first thing that it does is to help your own immune system build itself up and to recognize threats quicker. On the other hand, it also plays a role in helping your body become too aggressive and start attacking itself. That’s why CBD is showing promising results with autoimmune disorders such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Atlanta

One of the biggest black eyes for the city of Atlanta is the high crime rate. Of course, we’re not going to make some crazy claim like CBD is going to lower crime rates in your neighborhood, but we need to think about the type of crime that we see in the city.

The vast majority of crime is drug related here. While there are certainly plenty of nuances into why drugs would be an issue in certain communities, the basis of the matter is that if there were no customers, there would be no vendors. Addiction is a major issue in this city and one that fuels the violence that typically accompanies low level drug dealing.

Addiction is one of the most difficult and painful things to overcome. Thankfully, in recent years addiction has been treated like the disease that it is and not just a lack of character. Anybody who’s ever tried to overcome addiction on any level (even caffeine addiction!) can tell you how difficult it can be.

A fascinating study that came out of The University College of London a few years ago showed how CBD can be beneficial when treating withdrawal symptoms in patients trying to break addiction. Certain drugs, such as opioids, have extremely painful and difficult withdrawal and are often the reason why people feel it’s better just to stay addicted then too go through the trouble of breaking the habit. This particular study also appeared to show that CBD can change how the patient remembered the drug in the first place, playing a large role in the psychological aspect of addiction.

Another issue is that many struggle with here deals with poverty. Although there are plenty of resources available if you have insurance, many people in the community are not insured and are basically on their own when it comes to their health care. If you find yourself in that situation, hopefully, you can eat well, get enough exercise, and have access to supplements like CBD that help maintain your health in general. If you are generally healthy, the likelihood of needing expensive treatments in the future is much lower.

How to Use CBD

So, perhaps you’ve decided that CBD might be just the thing you’re looking for! But before you can do anything, your next step should be figuring out how you’re going to actually use CBD.

By far, the easiest way of using it is in the form of CBD oil. You simply take a dropperful of the CBD (which is mixed with the carrier of some sort), put it under your tongue and you’re good to go! It’s fast, it’s simple and very effective.

If you’re the sort of person that prefers to use a product instead of simply putting the CBD oil in your mouth or you have a particular area that you want to use CBD on, then a premade product might be your best bet.

External products include CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD salves, CBD gels, in addition to other forms. If you prefer to take CBD internally but don’t want to use oil, consider CBD gummies and CBD capsules. It’s as simple as that!

Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store in Atlanta!

Now that you know how to use CBD, the question is, where are you going to get it from? You’ve no doubt noticed in recent years how it seems like you can get CBD on every corner — even at gas stations!

Just like with any product when it becomes more popular and widely available, you have to pay special attention to make sure that what you’re getting is actually good quality. This is especially true for CBD because since it’s not federally regulated, anybody could put anything in a bag and tell you it’s CBD.

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Verlota was brought into existence for that very reason. We wanted to create a brand where our customers knew that no matter what product they got, it would be the best quality on the market. In addition to just selling CBD and calling it a day, we stand out by specifically formulating our products to benefit one of the five basic elements of human health: Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm and Balance. These products, of course, include CBD but are supplemented by vitamins or other natural products to improve your overall health in these categories.

Have you made the decision to make your health a priority? If so, visit us at Verlota.com, your online CBD store in Atlanta!

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