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If you were to call a city “weird,” you would probably have a fight on your hand from the residents…unless, of course, that city was Portland, Oregon, who not only accept their weirdness, their unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird.”

But when we use the word weird, it means that the city’s culture is exceptionally unique, with people who express themselves without being pressured to conform to the “normal.” This idea of it being ok to be different is a reason why so many people have flocked to the city in recent years, feeling like they were being shackled back in their hometowns.

Other than its reputation for being different, the city itself has other reasons why residents are so happy. For thing, the climate is hard to beat. Due to its location, Portland is known for both mild winters and mild summers, making it an ideal place not just for people, but for roses as well — hence the name “The Rose City.”

While Portlanders take care of themselves by conventional means, they are no stranger to taking supplements that have been researched and proven effective.  This is the exact reason why CBD oil and other CBD products in Portland have become such a common sight in recent years.

In this article, we will be uncovering why CBD is common these days and where is the best place to purchase CBD oil in Portland.

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The Healthy People of Portland

If you want to stay healthy, stay active! This is exactly why the people of Portland keep themselves off the bad list of CDC statistics. In fact, the entire state of Oregon is one of the top-ranked states for some important health issues, like heart disease and cancer, which are often linked to the amount of physical activity and other lifestyle choices.

Another reason people here stay so healthy is because of how green they are. In fact, Popular Science called Portland the Greenest City in America and Grist magazine named it the second greenest city in the world. Not only is that great for the earth, but that means that the air is cleaner and the water has less contamination — a good deal for everyone!

One thing is for sure: Portlanders don’t take their health for granted and are very proactive in keeping it that way. Based on this, it makes perfect sense that they would want to find the best products to do that — like CBD!

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (commonly called CBD) is a compound that makes up around 40% of the dry weight of all cannabis plants. Even though the distinction isn’t as important here in the state of Oregon, CBD is not considered a marijuana product since it contains little to no THC (less than .03%, to be exact). We say it doesn’t matter much in this state because recreational marijuana has been legal in the state for the better part of a decade, whereas it still remains illegal federally and in most states.

CBD works with a little-known part of your body known as the endocannabinoid system. This system doesn’t have a specific purpose like your respiratory or circulatory systems, as it plays a role in the overall balance of the rest of your body. In all honesty, we don’t have a firm understanding of everything it does, which is why the new studies that come out regularly are so exciting! Just when we think we know ourselves, something new comes out. We know that since the compounds it creates are remarkably similar to what is found in cannabis plants, CBD can have a positive effect inside us.

But enough about the general benefits — why would I want to get CBD in Portland?


Anxieties of a New City

Although a lot of people were born and raised here, Portland has a high percentage of transplants from other parts of the country. Moving to a new city can be challenging since you’ll need to start over with new surroundings and new people.

This is one of the most well-researched areas of CBD as a whole, with over a hundred studies showing the positive effects on anxiety and other related conditions, such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and possibly even Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. If you find yourself suffering from mild to moderate anxiety, CBD might be a great alternative to certain medications that are known for nasty side effects.


General Pain Relief

For one of many reasons, we may be finding ourselves more prone to aches and pains, either from an active lifestyle or other issues like bad posture and age. One of the most common causes of pain in the body is inflammation.

What’s so fascinating about how CBD helps with inflammation is that it can be caused by one of the various factors of other systemic issues, which is why some medications work with some types but not with others. On the other hand, CBD fights inflammation in multiple ways, meaning that it can have an effect on tennis elbow and GI discomfort at the same time.


Keep Yourself Warm During Those Winter Months

Have you ever wondered why certain people seem to handle the cold better than others? One of the main reasons appears to be a higher amount of brown fat in the body.

All of us have some brown fat, but mostly white fat. Studies have shown that CBD has been shown to help the body convert a larger percentage of our white fat into brown than usual.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Portland

While Portland is a beautiful place to live, not all residents have a roof over their head and a place to call home. In fact, homelessness had become a significant issue in the city over the past decade. Even though the city is dedicating more resources to this problem, it still continues.

Obviously, a major cause can be economics. Still, mental health issues and drug addiction often go hand in hand with homelessness. Of course, it wouldn’t be realistic to claim that CBD will cure someone of a mental issue that causes them to live on the street, as the research doesn’t exist at the moment. However, it may be able to play a role in helping a minor issue grow into something much larger.

All too often, when someone starts to feel stressed by life, they self-medicate with something that can cause more harm than good, such as illegal drugs or even misusing prescription medication. This can backfire as addiction can occur immediately in some cases, with all the problems that follow.

CBD can help here in two ways. First, it can help you deal with stress from the beginning. We often only need little help to get us over the hump in overcoming stress and anxiety. Since CBD is nonaddictive and rarely has any side effects, you may find it to be your best option.

Studies have also shown that CBD can play a role in the withdrawal symptoms you may have as you’re trying to quit. Regardless of what type of drug somebody takes, these symptoms can be painful if not downright dangerous. After all, if quitting was easy, there wouldn’t be so many people that were addicted!

While we don’t understand the exact mechanism of how CBD helps with addiction at this time, there was a very promising study done at the University College of London showing how CBD can help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this study was how it worked both with physical and psychological addiction symptoms.

This is an exciting time for the CBD industry as a whole, as there is a tremendous amount of research being done every day. Even though we don’t understand how CBD works much of the time, more and more concrete evidence shows all the potential of this incredible substance.   

How to Use CBD

Great! So you’re sold on CBD and think that there’s a good chance they can help you. Now what? The first thing you need to do is to figure out how to take it.

If you’re a no-frills kind of person, you probably would be more drawn to CBD oil since you can just put a few drops in your mouth and be done. Another great benefit of using CBD oil is that you can add it to other products you already own, such as creams or lotions. You can even use it in your cooking!

Of course, there’s no shortage of premade CBD products. These products can be put in one of two categories. The first category would be external products and include CBD lotions, CBD creams, and CBD roll-ons. The second type of CBD product are internal, such as CBD capsules or CBD edibles (such as the common CBD gummies or other candies).

When choosing what form of CBD to use, the general rule is to use whatever is most comfortable for you. Also, try to take a form that’s most appropriate for the particular issue you want help with.

So, let’s say you are practicing at the roller derby all afternoon and now your back is killing you. In that case, it might be best to use an external product such as a roll-on.

But, maybe the stress of said roller derby has been incredibly strong today and you need to relax. Gummies or a capsule might be your best bet.

Regardless of how you take CBD, just remember that everybody works differently. While some people might immediately feel positive effects, others might need to use multiple dosages over a period of days to feel the same way. We bring this up because we don’t want you to immediately give up on CBD’s great potential just because you haven’t felt relief after a single gummy.

However, just like with any other kind of product, making sure you purchase the best will ensure the best results. Whatever form of CBD you use, it won’t work for you if it’s not made with care and the best ingredients.

Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store Portland!

At Verlota, we want you to forget the way you thought about health in the past. We don’t want you to think about taking a particular pill for a particular problem, such as an aspirin for a headache. Our main philosophy at Verlota is to rethink health by rethinking what it means to be healthy.

That’s why all of our products, while they can help with certain problems, are designed to take a holistic approach to your health. Maybe a particular imbalance is not only the reason you have a backache but also the reason you’re always hungry. If you look at your health in the big picture, we are confident that you will see much greater results.

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Verlota Sleep Capsules

But those results will only come if you use the best quality products. We are confident in our products because we use exclusively naturally sourced, Americangrown CBD in our products. We are sure to use only hemp-extracted compounds since this creates a cleaner product with no notable trace of THC. Because we value your safety and want you to know exactly what is in your CBD product, we ensure that all of our CBD products contain less than .03% THC as required by federal law. We want to make sure you get everything you want and nothing you don’t want when purchasing a Verlota brand product.

As the cherry on top, our Verlota+ members are eligible for free shipping on their orders in addition to other benefits and bonuses for being a loyal customer.

While the hipsters might be content to keep Portland weird, at Verlota, we prefer to keep Portland healthy. Why not see how our CBD products can make your life just a little bit better. Whether you’re hoping to fix mistakes from the past or maintain your health well into the future, we are here 24 hours. Visit us at Verlota.com, your online CBD store in Portland, to find the CBD products that will work best for you and your family.

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