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Oklahoma City is a place of extremes. For example, we are known for our wild past as cowboys, yet we are known today as The Big Friendly. Its economy is rooted in the past with petroleum, yet recently has been moving forward with clean energy.

When we say that Oklahoma City has always been known as an energy town, that’s no understatement. In fact, our City Hall literally sits on an oil well! Throughout our history, our citizens have always thought about ways to grow and expand. Not only has this Benefited the city itself, we also have played a large role in the expansion of the country as a whole.

This idea of community and progress has been a staple of Oklahoma City for as long as anyone can remember. That’s the reason we have been responsible for any triumphs and have weathered many dark days. Regardless of what happens, we always know that something better waits for us on the horizon.

Looking for ways to improve ourselves is probably one of the main reasons why CBD has become so popular here in Oklahoma City. As we discuss why this might be the case here, we will focus on why CBD has become so popular and where you can buy CBD oil in Oklahoma City.

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The Heathy People of Oklahoma City

Unfortunately, the state of Oklahoma is one of the unhealthiest in the union, generally ranking in the bottom quarter of many health statistics. Thankfully, Oklahoma City ranks higher in just about every statistic than the rest of the state.

Compared to the rest of the state, our people tend to have a little bit more self-control as many statistics such as binge drinking and smoking are notably less prevalent in Oklahoma City. Smoking and binge drinking are two activities that lead to a whole host of issues, including liver diseases, lung diseases and cancers.

Additionally, we also seemed to care for infants and pregnant women better here than in the rest of the state. Stats such as low birth weight and infant mortality are sharply lower in our city versus the rest of the state.

Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. That’s why so many people from Oklahoma City have looked at options to improve their health. One of the best options on the market these days to do so is with CBD. While you probably have seen plenty of people use it, perhaps you’ve wondered what exactly it is and why people use CBD in Oklahoma City.

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

CBD is a shortened version of the word Cannabidiol, a compound found in cannabis plants. It’s so prevalent that it actually makes up 40% of the entire plant. Before we go any further, we should probably note the difference between cannabis and marijuana. Marijuana is a type of cannabis, as is hemp.

While marijuana is illegal in the state of Oklahoma, hemp and extracts from hemp are legal in all 50 states. In fact, most, if not all, CBD products contain less than .03% THC, which is the compound in marijuana that makes you feel high. At that level, you would not receive any of the effects common to marijuana and you would most likely not have any in your system for a drug test.

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years. It has had such a potent effect on us because it mimics the compounds found in our endocannabinoid system. If you’ve never heard of that system before, you’re in good company because scientists are really just starting to understand it themselves.

Unlike the circulatory system or the digestive system, the endocannabinoid system doesn’t appear to have a specific function on its own. Instead, it appears to play a supporting role with the other systems in your body. It’s because of this lack of knowledge that we’re finding out just exactly what CBD can do for you. Universities worldwide have been starting major studies in recent years to confirm what we already know and discover new uses for CBD.

CBD’s most common and famous benefits include relaxation and giving a sense of calm to the body. However, we’re finding all sorts of new benefits, ranging from helping with back pain to diabetes management. It seems that every time we search for CBD studies, a further use that we never thought of is announced by scientists.

Of course, CBD can really be helpful for just about anybody either too help to attain better health or assistance in maintaining current levels of health. But since we’re talking about Oklahoma City, what are some of the benefits of CBD that would be most helpful here?


Win the Battle of the Bulge

Even though we mentioned that OKC is doing better than the rest of the state in many areas, that doesn’t mean that we live in a city of skinny joggers. Obesity is one of the greatest threats to the health of our country and our city in particular.

CBD works with obesity in two interesting ways. First, it can help to control appetite. Oftentimes, we are obese because we overeat and the reason we overeat is that we’re always hungry. Being hungry when your body doesn’t need any fuel is frequently caused by imbalances in your hormones. Studies have shown that CBD helps regulate the hormones that deal with hunger.

Second, CBD also helps by changing the type of fat you already have in your body. It apparently can help your body convert a portion of your white fat into brown fat. Brown fat is a form that is much easier for your body to burn and, as a side note, helps to insulate you better than white fat from the cold.


Stress Control for the Modern World

Life in this world is anything but calming. We are always surrounded by negative news, pressures from work and even computer screens in our face all day long. Our bodies were not designed to handle the amount or types of stress each one of us encounters on a daily basis. To make things worse, stress, like obesity, can have long-lasting effects on many parts of the body.

If nothing else, CBD is famous for its ability to help with stress. While there is literally no magic pill that can fix this problem, CBD can allow you to bring down stress levels in your body. Sometimes stress can be like a vicious cycle in that when you become stressed, you aren’t able to deal with the stress, which then can create its own stress. Using CBD can help to break that cycle.


Go to Sleep Already

Whether it be from the stress that we just talked about, physical pain or other issues, we’re getting less sleep now than we ever have. Would you believe that the average American got 9 hours of sleep 100 years ago? That number has gone down suggest over 6.

Regardless of your reason for not being able to get you to sleep, CBD is here to help. If it’s because of stress or pain, CBD can certainly take the edge off. If you’re finding that the reasons are neurological or hormonal, CBD appears to be able to cause an equilibrium for both of those systems.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in Oklahoma City

We’re not going to sugarcoat this: the entire state Of Oklahoma is a bit of a mess when it comes to health. While Oklahoma City does better than the rest of the state, it ranks near the bottom compared to most cities in the country.

To begin with, we rank in the top 10 for many of the worst health statistics out there. In fact, we are ranked number one in the country for heart disease, number two for respiratory diseases, and number four for both cancer and diabetes. For those following along at home — that’s not good.

If there’s something positive to be said about this, it’s that many of these diseases have preventable causes. For example, we have some of the highest smoking rates in the country as well as some of the highest obesity rates. While quitting smoking and losing weight are easier said than done, they are possible. These are not genetic disorders that we were born with.

If you are reading this and are currently a smoker or have ever smoked before, you can attest to the fact that quitting smoking has very physical withdrawal symptoms. A promising study from the University College of London shows that CBD can assist in alleviating the worst of the withdrawal systems and changed the way smokers remembered nicotine, thus helping with the physiological addiction.

For many, however, it is too late and they already have cancer. Of course, we’re not going to tell you that CBD will cure cancer, though it can make the nausea and pain of treatment more bearable, helping you to fight until the end.

How to Use CBD

Have you made the decision to check out CBD for yourself? Great! The next step is to understand how to use CBD.

The most basic way, and one of the most common, is to use CBD oil. This is a vial of CBD with some sort of carrier to give it flavor. Of all the wonderful properties of CBD, tasting good is not one of them. You can either put a dropper full underneath your tongue or add it to a food item or cream. Of course, you can add it to any other type of product that you ingest or put on your body.

For those who don’t want to monkey around with the oil, there are also a wide variety of pre-made products classified as external products (such as CBD roll-ons, CBD lotions, CBD salves) or internal products (such as CBD capsules or CBD gummies)

As far as which products are best for you, that wholly depends on your purpose in using CBD. For example, if you’re just looking to take something to help you stay calm throughout a stressful day, popping a few gummies might be your best option. But if you’re looking for pain relief for a particular area of your body, then you may want to use a salve or a lotion to target that one spot.

Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store Oklahoma City!

Just like with any product, the more available becomes in the market, the more you have to question the quality from any particular vendor. The reason is that as more people jump on the bandwagon, certain people will skimp on quality.

The reason we founded Verlota was to allow our customers to have a safe harbor when it comes to CBD products. When they purchase from us, they know that even if they are unfamiliar with the product, that it’s still going to be the best quality on the market.

All of our products are made with pure American grown hemp extract, allowing you to be confident that not only is it crafted with the best ingredients around but that they are also legal in all 50 states.

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Verlota Sleep Capsules

What makes our products different (besides quality) is how we design them. Instead of just giving you CBD and pushing you out the door, we take a holistic approach to your health. To that end, we design all of our products with one of the five elements of human health in mind: Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm and Balance.

As an added bonus to using our products, we offer you the ability to join Verlota+ free of charge. As of Verlota+ customer, you get free shipping on all of your orders as well as other benefits for being one of our loyal customers.

Here in OKC, we have a lot to be proud of but we also have a lot of work to do. If you’re ready to allow CBD to help you in that work, visit us at Verlota.com, your online CBD store in Oklahoma City!

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