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The United States is known as being a diverse country, but perhaps the most diverse part of that country is the state of California. Not only is there a huge number of cultures from all around the world to be found here, but the state itself is extremely varied depending on where you are.

When we’re talking about a state that goes from rainforests in the North to some of the driest deserts in the world in the South, it’s hard to define exactly what is “California.” Even the people here are extremely different from one area or one city to the next. Try to compare someone from San Francisco to someone from Los Angeles and you’ll understand what we’re talking about!

Even so, California is a powerhouse in just about every imaginable factor. It’s considered a global trendsetter in fashion and entertainment as well as having a giant economy. In fact, if California broke off to become its own country tomorrow, it would have the 5th largest economy in the world, only behind The United States, China, Japan and Germany.

Clearly, California is a place where things get done and the old way of doing things turns into the modern. That’s a reason why so many people have begun to use CBD in California. We know there’s probably a good reason why, so we’ll delve into that as well as where you can buy CBD in California.

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The Healthy People of California

Despite having a large state with very diverse lifestyles, California is one of the healthiest states in the union. The reason for that may vary from person to person but there are still some commonalities between its citizens.

One of those reasons why so many people are healthy is access two fresh, healthy food. California is one of the largest agricultural producers in the country. From Napa Valley to Imperial county, Californians can’t say that there at a loss for their vegetables and fruits. Nutrition has long been known as a pillar in the overall health of humans. As Hippocrates famously said, “let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.”

Another factor that likely plays a role in the state’s overall health is that of so many activities that can be done here. Of course, you can go to a gym or a yoga studio and stay fit, but those costs a lot of money and take a lot of self-discipline and drive to follow up on over the long term. When you have some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world or some of the most stunning national parks or hiking opportunities (just to name a few things), you almost have to look for an excuse not to stay active.

Another large factor California can claim credit for is diverse ways of thinking, whether it be because of the large groups of various cultures or just having an open mind when it comes to healthy behaviors or products. If there’s a new health trend in the market, it probably started a few years ago in California.

Of course, when you have access to so many different products, if something doesn’t work it goes out the window quickly. But the reason that CBD in California has become a fixture in recent years is because of how well it works. But how exactly?

Verlota CBD Health Benefits

CBD for Optimal Health

If you live in California, there’s probably little to no chance of you never having heard of CBD. Many people know that it is able to help you feel relaxed, but really don’t know anything other than that. As far as what it actually is and what else can do — that’s a complete mystery for some.

Quite basically, CBD is a compound that makes up about 40% of the dry weight of all cannabis plants. Even though California is famously marijuana-friendly, many people are afraid of using a product they feel might give them a psychoactive high. Thankfully, most if not all CBD on the market these days comes from hemp, which is both legal in all 50 states as well as contains negligible amounts of THC.

CBD, like with other cannabis compounds, works with your body and the endocannabinoid system. Endocannabinoid means an internal cannabis-like system and is named such because of how remarkably similar the compounds it produces are to those found in cannabis plants. This system is a series of receptors located all throughout the body and has various effects on your organs and tissue.

We say “various” because it’s getting challenging to list all the things that CBD can do for your body. Perhaps the most notable effect it can have on your body is that of controlling inflammation. Even though CBD apparently is able to do much more according to the multiple university and laboratory studies we see coming out every year, just being able to control inflammation is remarkably helpful. Many diseases and disorders either have inflammation as a cause or as a nasty side effect.

But beyond what would be helpful to most people, what is it that we would find especially useful in using CBD in California?


Freedom from Stress

Stress is one of the necessary evils of modern society. Our bodies are designed to handle stress in specific situations to save our lives, but that same flight or fight reaction over time can cause severe damage not only to our bodies but to our mental state.

Essentially, a stress reaction is when your body causes adrenaline to be released and for your nerves to fire off at a rapid rate. CBD helps by reducing the amounts of neurotransmitters that are either produced or taken up. This reduces the amount of activity between nerves both in your body’s nervous system as well as in your brain. One CBD helps you take the edge off, the goal is for you to be able to address whatever is causing stress in the first place.


Reduction in Overall Inflammation

As previously mentioned, CBD is able to play a helpful role in reducing inflammation throughout the body. Just like with stress, information serves a useful purpose. In this case, it helps to draw additional blood to an area to either build it up or repair it. Of course, when inflammation overstays its welcome, it can be painful at best and dangerous at worst.

CB1 and CB2 receptors (in addition to others) are activated when CBD is consumed or absorbed. When activated, they send a signal to the affected tissue to go easy on the inflammation. Unlike some over the counter medications, they don’t appear to cause a complete lack of inflammation, but rather one that is more useful and purposeful in that particular circumstance.


Maintaining a Strong Immune System

Now more than ever, we understand the importance of a robust immune system. Just seeing how cities like Los Angeles were devastated during the COVID-19 pandemic shows us just how vulnerable all of us are. While medical science has performed miracles in our lifetime, we need to understand that a strong immune system is often better than a cart full of medications.

CBD can play a role in the development and overall levels of white blood cells. Not only can you expect more white blood cells overall, but they appear to be more accurate in their targeting of potential threats. This means quicker ends to illnesses with fewer autoimmune attacks to the body.


Verlota has captured the essence of the 5 Health Elements – BALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM, SLEEP – and channeled their revitalizing capabilities into every natural health product we offer.

Health Challenges in California

Even though the state of California should be proud by the overall health of its residents, that’s not to say that there aren’t areas of concern. One particular area that’s a little confusing involves blood pressure. Despite having low rates of overall heart disease and other metabolic issues, for some reason, we rank in the top five for states with high blood pressure patients.

High blood pressure is something that often gets swept under the rug as a condition that’s not all that serious and is easily manageable. While it’s true that we have made major advancements in this area medically, it often involves aggressive treatment with medications that have their own list of side effects. If not managed at all, high blood pressure can have not only consequences on the heart but also on other parts of the body such as the kidneys.\

In recent studies, CBD has been shown to reduce systolic blood pressure by an average of 6 mmhg during rest, 6 mmhg in response to cold stress and 5 mmhg before and after stress. What this means is that CBD is able to help patients with mild high blood pressure. This can be useful for people who have just been diagnosed and want time to change without worrying about possible damages in the short term.

Another major area of concern in the state is that of pollution. We could think of smog covering certain cities, especially during rush hour or on hot days. But the truth is that the air, the water and even the ground is highly contaminated in many parts of the state. California has done very well in recent years to mitigate pollution overall, but much of the damage that is already done can take decades or even centuries to clear up.

Your body is designed to filter out various environmental toxins without needing any additional help. If somebody finds themselves being acutely poisoned by heavy metals, for instance, there are medications such as chelating agents that help the body expel those toxins quickly. CBD is not that aggressive, though what it does do is optimize your body’s own natural filtering processes so that if you weren’t necessarily in need of immediate medical assistance, you could have a helper to move those toxins out of your body gently.

How to Use CBD 

Before you can go and enjoy the many benefits of CBD, you need to understand how to use it. Luckily, there are multiple forms of CBD products out there that can help you depending on your goals and what works best for your lifestyle.

CBD oil is by far the most common form and one of the most effective overall. This is CBD extract mixed with a carrier and is taken either under the tongue or mixed with a food or personal care product. Other similar forms of internal CBD include CBD gummies (and other edible products) or CBD capsules.

Of course, there’s always the option to go for a topical treatment, which is best if you’re trying to treat your skin or a specific area of your body. You’ll typically find these in the forms of CBD lotions, CBD creams, CBD salves, CBD gels.

Make Verlota Your Preferred Online CBD Store!

At Verlota, we are enormously proud of the CBD products that we delivered to the community. We were just so tired of seeing this incredible substance being treated like snake oil by people trying to get in on the bandwagon. We made sure to create a brand that uses only pure, American grown, organic hemp extract lab tested to be less than .03% THC.

To sweeten the pot, we’ve even gone so far as to craft blended products that not only deliver CBD in general but address the five areas of basic human health. These include Energy, Sleep, Immunity, Calm and Balance.

If you live in California and want to not only be healthy but rethink the idea of health itself, then you just may have found yourself a partner in your success, order your CBD online in California at Verlota.com today!

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