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Day Bundle CBD Gummies

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Product Ingredients
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Maintaining a balanced lifestyle while also having the energy to do so are difficult to accomplish on their own, and even harder to do simultaneously. The mounting pressures of life can chip away at our energy levels, therefore throwing our entire internal balance out of sync. Without the right amount of energy we can let many things fall out of balance, and balance is key to any person’s wellbeing. How can a person achieve balance in their mental & physical health? Who has the kind of energy required to be in perfect equilibrium? 

The Day Bundle CBD Gummies pack from Verlota.com combines our Balance & Energy CBD Gummies. This bundle was crafted to support your quest for good health at incredible savings! Want to save even more? Set your order up for monthly occurrences and we’ll knock off even more off the price.

Product Ingredients


Verlota Balance CBD Gummies were created for those who have a lot on their plate and need that extra bit of help to keep them focused and healthy. Each gummy contains a well-balanced dosage of 10 mg of CBD, which can be easily taken throughout the day to help keep both your physical and mental health well maintained. Created using the same stages as our other products, Balance CBD Gummies are produced by extracting CBD from the Hemp plant and adding it to our deliciously sweet and flavourful gummies. Each gummy from our day bundle gummies  is made with all natural ingredients like mineral oils, natural flavours, citric acids and wheat making it a delicious option to restore your body’s health and wellbeing.

Verlota Energy CBD Gummies are perfect for those tired minds and bodys. One cannot simply function without the other. To achieve our best and most productive selves, our energy levels must be at their highest. Once we feel drained or begin our days tired, productivity and our ability to solve problems or make split decisions decreases and can lead to further problems down the line if not addressed as soon as possible. Our energy is the fuel and our bodies are the vehicle. Verlota Energy CBD Gummies will give you a perfect boost of energy to begin or continue your day, with the dosage control you desire to adjust where needed.

Product Instructions


Take one gummy in the morning to jump start your day and one in the evening, or as needed. Can be taken on an empty or full stomach.

Product Reviews


1 review for Day Bundle CBD Gummies

  1. Ebony Pritchett

    I take Balance gums for my multi vitamins. Energy is obviously great substitute for coffee or tea throughout the day.

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