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Verlota.com has put together fantastic bundles of all your favorite essentials – like BALANCE & IMMUNITY Gummies and IMMUNITY & ENERGY Tinctures – to save you money and optimize your approach to whole health. The Verlota team has engineered these stellar products savings around our 5 Health ElementsBALANCE, ENERGY, IMMUNITY, CALM & SLEEP – so every Verlota Bundle provides collaborative, targeted benefits to meet your unique health needs. It’s time to rethink how you bundle – Rethink your health with the high-quality, all-natural health products from Verlota.com.

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Protect Bundle Gummies

Balance & Immunity CBD Gummies



Boost Bundle

Energy & Immunity CBD Oil



Day Bundle Gummies

Balance & Energy CBD Gummies


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Day Bundle Tinctures

Balance & EnergyCBD Gummies



Chill Bundle Gummies

Calm & Sleep CBD Gummies


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Chill Bundle Tinctures

Calm & Sleep CBD Tinctures


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The standard for growth and daily function.

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Positive physical and mental energy powers us through life.

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A strong immune system is the key to living a healthy life.

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A relaxed mind produces a capable body.

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Optimized sleep allows peak performance.

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