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How To Execute Effective Cycling Workouts

Whether you are just a beginner or a competing athlete, every time you engage in physical exercises, your body is broken down. Learn how CBD can help.
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Published: February 13, 2020
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Training to become a better cyclist is more then jumping on a bike and riding for hours, it takes preparation and discipline. Each cycling workout needs to be specifically planned to work on key areas for becoming a better cyclist. It also requires various other elements outside of just hitting the gym or riding a bike, making sure your body is finely turned with things like proper sleep and nutrition are vital to executing effective cycling workouts. Whether you’re trying to win a local race or get to work quicker, having an effective cycling routine can make all the difference.

How To Execute Effective Cycling Workouts


Smart Goals

The term, the more you put in the more you get out of it, is an age old saying, especially in sports. The greatest athletes in the world dedicate their life to their sport, they spend every hour of the day studying and analyzing how they can become a better at their craft. It can be as simple as changing a specific diet habit or shaving a few seconds off of your run time, continuing to improve even the smallest margins is what helps you improve as an athlete. Cycling is no different. Having a disciplined and structured goals is what will take you to the next level of your cycling ability, those goals can be a lofty as qualifying for the Tour De France or biking to work in under 20 minutes. It’s not about how big the goal is, it’s about setting out the priorities to reach that goal. When you’re starting out learning how to execute cycling routines and beginning your effective cycling workouts it’s always a good idea to utilize the SMART acronym.  What is the SMART goal measurement system?


When setting your goals they need to very specific and clear, if they aren’t specific then it’s easy to lose focus and divert away from your goals. When setting your specific goal, it’s good to ask yourself these 5 questions. What do I want to accomplish, why is the goal important, who is involved, where is it located and which resources or limits are involved.


Measuring your goals is how you stay focused, continue to stay motivated towards achieving those set goals and meet any set out deadlines.


Your set goal needs to be somewhat reachable and realistic, if you set too lofty of a goal you are more likely to give up. Setting an achievable goal is vital in reaching your set target.


Setting a goal that is important to you is important to reaching your goal, if you don’t believe in what you are trying to achieve or are not 100% full committed there is always a chance you will fail and reaching that goal.

Time Specific

Setting specific times and being deadline focused will not only help you reach your goal but help with the specific, measurable, achievable and realistic. Knowing when you can achieve your set goal and setting a timeline that reflects both your daily schedule and training schedule can better help set our reasonable times.

Now that you have organized the goals you want to achieve as a cyclist it’s time to move how to execute effective cycling workouts.

Effective Cycling Workouts With CBD for Cycling

How To Executive Effective Cycling Workouts

Effective cycling workouts are much more then just getting on the bike and doing bike interval training, there are 5 key elements that athletes need to focus on to get the best out of their exercise. Many athletes tend to dip in form which comes from their inability get the best out of their cycling workouts at the highest quality, the steps we’ve outlined below will directly influence your cycling workouts and help take your cycling workouts to a higher level.

Sleep, sleep and sleep some more

Whether you’re struggling with your various cycling workout interval training the first question that needs to be asked is are you getting enough sleep? Sleep is arguably one of the most important factors when recovering, those who don’t get enough sleep are guaranteed to suffer when it comes to training. Most medical experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep a night for athletes who are intensively training, some even say athletes need more then 9 hours of sleep. Sleep is the time that the body needs to repair itself, without the right amount of sleep the body has a bigger chance of injury and fatigue. Life can be stressful and getting the right amount sleep can be near impossible with things like job and families taking priority, if that’s the case then you should be altering your workout schedule to reflect your sleep pattern.  If you’ve had a poor night of sleep its best to not do any high intensity bike interval training that day, it’s best to schedule a high intense bike interval workout for a day you’ve got a lot of sleep are your body is more rested. A good tip for getting a better night sleep is avoiding things like alcohol and screen time before bed.

How can CBD for cyclists help with sleep consistency? Learn more in our article on natural sleep support.

Proper Nutrition

Getting the right amount of fuel for cycling workouts is key, for cycling workouts you want to make sure you are reaching your appropriate caloric intake, this gives you enough energy to sustain an intense cycling workout. Consuming enough calories is one thing, eating the right food for each cycling workout is another. If your doing an intense bike interval workout you’re going to want to make sure you consume a high amount of good carbohydrates around an hour before any high intensity cycling interval workouts. It’s all about having your muscle glycogen fully charged for your cycling workouts, healthy carbohydrates like vegetables, fruit, nuts and whole grains are optimal for an intense cycling interval training and workouts.

CBD for cycling can be a part of a healthy diet & supplements program.  Find out how in our comprehensive blog on nutrition, immunity and fitness.

Be Mindful of Your Mind

Having a clear and focused mind is important, whether you are doing intense cycling workouts or a long endurance ride, having a focused mindset can give you that competitive advantage and learn how to execute cycling workouts like the pros. It’s all about being present in the moment, not letting things distract you such as cell phones, make sure they are turned off and that you can’t answer any emails or texts. Prior to your cycling workouts it’s recommended taking time to collect your thoughts and getting mentally prepared for your cycling workout. Meditation is a good tool even if it’s only for 5-10 minutes to add to your pre-workout routine, it will help you look at your stresses in a different way.

CBD for cyclists can contribute to less stress & anxiety and help athletes to be calm, focused and ready for race day.  There’s lots to learn about the benefits of CBD for cycling for balanced mental & physical wellbeing.

Make Your Bike Workouts Purposeful

Learning how to execute cycling routines It’s the same with getting on your bike, you need something to strive for to mount up everyday. Every training session needs to be planned out with an end goal in mind, even if it just getting on your bike and riding for an hour, always have a purpose when approaching bike workouts. A lot of cyclists when they start their training regime at the start are motivated and excited to start their journey to becoming a better cyclist, but as time goes on motivation can dwindle. If you’re training for a race a year away, after 6 months of training it can become difficult to motivate yourself to keep going, with your goal so far away. Even if you’re following a training plan you should also know why you are doing that specific workout.

Discover how including CBD for cycling in your training routines can improve your performance in many ways with another of our insightful articles on CBD for pre- and post-workout.

Stay on Track

Your workout plan was designed specifically to optimize your bike workouts, whether it is a static training regiment or designed by a coach, you should always stick to it as closely as you can. Training is specifically designed to focus on various aspects of your body to achieve the optimal intensity. Over the course of a workout regime if you alter or skip certain elements of your workout, it will all add up resulting in a lesser performance when it counts the most. Most planned workouts range between 60-90 minutes, it’s important to make the most out of that time and it’s also recommend to stick to the appropriate recovery times as well.

Staying on track is made easier when you trust in CBD for cyclists.


What is a good cycling workout?

What kind of cycling workouts are best for you will depend on your fitness level, goals, injuries you’ve suffered in the past or skills on a bike.  It’s considered best practice to start with a low level of difficult and go slow to allow your mind & body to adjust to your new cycling workout – pushing yourself too much, too early can be very detrimental to your progress.  Another consideration is whether you’d rather learn how to execute cycling workouts indoors or outdoors.  Both have their advantages/disadvantages, but their effectiveness will be dependent upon your situation.

How long of a bike ride is a good workout?

Depending on your fitness level and goals, 30 minutes to several hours of cycling can be very effective.  The average cyclist works out on their bike anywhere from 30 – 90 minutes per session – biking to-and-from work, cycling on weekends for long distances, or working out on gym bikes due to inclement weather.  It is all situational, so pick the duration of cycling that feels right for you. CBD for cyclists can help you to manage the duration, difficulty and consistency with which you can maximize the effectiveness of your cycling workouts.

Is 30 minutes of cycling a day enough?

Yes, for some people it is enough to energize their mind & body in the morning, or to help them lose weight over a consistent period of time.  Cycling is the kind of workout that greatly depends on a person’s physique, diet, fitness level, personal fitness goals and mental fortitude. The duration is not necessarily what’s important, it’s how you feel and whether or not you’re achieving your goals.

Does cycling burn stomach fat?

Cycling can contribute to lean, fit body and an energetic mind.  It an also help you lose weight if you keep it at it, be consistent and be careful not to push yourself too much.

Does slow cycling still burn fat?

Any form of cycling workouts, even slow-and-steady paces on indoor bikes or outdoors cycling, can help you to stay in shape and keep excess weight off.  Cycling is a great form of cardio for burning fat and staying toned.

Can cycling tone your stomach?

Cycling workouts are effective at building muscles, toning your body and helping you to keep weight off.  Cycling is beneficial for muscle toning in your legs, core, back and chest, but it is most prominently relied on for toning stomach muscles and leg muscles.

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