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CBD for Senior and Disabled Dogs

Verlota Author
Published: February 19, 2020
Categories: Pet

Pets are members of our families. From the moment we bring home our new kitty or pup, they fill up our homes and hearts. As time goes on, those bonds only grow stronger, so when we see them struggling with pain due to age or a disability, we instinctively want to help them. We don’t have all the answers, but we do have lots of questions when it comes to how to treat our pups. In this blog we’ll take a look at what Cannabidiol (CBD Oil) is and how it can help to treat your older and/or disabled dogs and, hopefully, find a way to ease their pain and improve their overall quality of life.

CBD for Senior and Disabled Dogs
CBD Makeup

CBD is not the scary substance you may think it is. Normally the word “Cannabis” is a scary word when you’re researching products for yourself or your pets. Well let’s clear up those misconceptions right away, shall we? First of all, Wild Thing Pets CBD doesn’t come from Cannabis. Well kind-of. Think of Cannabis as an umbrella plant. It has two subspecies of plant called “Hemp” and “Marijuana”. Marijuana, derived from Cannabis, is illegal in most states and is the plant that gives off the psychoactive properties from Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Hemp Oil, on the other hand, contains from 0.3% to no THC. Such a small amount that it’s completely harmless to your pets.

All Verlota CBD Oils and Treats are 100% derived from the Hemp plant. Hemp is a wonderful, natural product. You’ve likely heard of necklaces, shirts and even paper that’s been created by using this product, but its uses expand so much further than those 3 things. Hemp can be used to create an almost endless supply of products: fuel, flour, milk & dairy, medicine, compost, paint and the list – literally – goes on and on. Hemp is also one of the most durable natural fibers, which is why it’s used for textiles. Hemp fabric will last longer than other fabrics and stretches less over time.

Hemp Seeds
CBD Dropper Dosage

One of the more fascinating things about CBD is how integral to our bodies it is. All mammals, ourselves included, have Cannabinoid receptors that are often referred to as the CB1 and CB2 receptors. They are found in our gastrointestinal system and brain. CBD interacts with those receptors and is why the anti-inflammatory, pain relief and quality of life properties of CBD are so noticeable in its users. That’s why so many people and pet owners are starting to work CBD oil into their daily routine.

How Can CBD Help Older Dogs?

How CBD can help older or senior dogs

There are a few positives to our puppers getting older. While we love how cute and energetic they are in their puppy years, dogs tend to get more cuddly as they age. Unfortunately with age comes problems. CBD oil for old dogs can help with those problems. As a dog gets older they will start to struggle with ailments like arthritis, pain and even develop forms of anxiety. CBD oil for elderly dogs is a perfect supplement for pain medications prescribed to older dogs. Over-the-counter medicines are harsh for your pet. CBD oil for old dogs covers a full spectrum of ailments that your aging pooch might be suffering from.



pain and inflammation

Aches and pains aren’t human specific when it comes to getting older. As your dog ages, they will slow down and not be that bouncy, fun loving pup from their more formative years. Subtle limps and discomforts in your over-the-howl pooch can easily be eased by adding a few drops of CBD oil to your pets food, water or mouth. CBD has natural anti-inflammatory properties and has been used to treat pain for decades. The best CBD oil for your aging dogs will depend on their weight, so always check the Wild Thing Pets dosage guide before you administer your pet’s drops.

Brain Health/Anxiety/Appetite

Brain Health/Anxiety/Appetite

Anxiety in your pet might not manifest until their elder years. When that happens, they may become more sensitive to large groups, loud noises and even the things that never seemed to affect them before. CBD oil has calming effects that pet owners, and humans, claim work wonders for their anxiety. Your pet becoming more anxious as they age can directly affect their appetite too. By catching it early and working in the best CBD oil for aging dogs, you can help them to not be as easily frightened and stimulate the appetite they lost from anxiety at the same time. We never claim that CBD oil is a miracle cure and if you notice your pet avoiding their food or acting more ‘skittish’ than usual, always consult your vet to find out exactly what’s going on.

How Can CBD Help Disabled Dogs?

How CBD can help disabled dogs?

CBD oil for disabled dogs is a more difficult area to diagnose, but a lot of the ailments & pains that come with dogs as they age are mirrored in (some) disabled dogs. Disabilities in dogs can range from:

  • Arthritis
  • Cerebellar Hypoplasia
  • Amputation 
  • Epilepsy/Seizures 
  • Blindness
  • Paralysis 

There are tons of different disabilities that dogs can suffer from and most of them can be treated and helped by CBD for dogs with disabilities. Nobody claims that CBD will cure any of these disabilities, but it can help with the side-effects of the issues. Whether you’re looking to ease the aches and pains caused by an amputation, to reducing seizures, to calming the effects of your dog’s Hypoplasia. This is where the Pets “quality of life” claims come in. CBD oil for disabled dogs should be worked into their feeding or drinking regimen to ease those discomforts. A 2019 study at Colorado State University found CBD oil for dogs with epilepsy or seizures ‘encouraging’ after a study that showed 89% of dogs using CBD have a reduced number of seizures.

How Much CBD Should I Give Them? Is It Safe?

How much should i give them? Is it Safe?

CBD is very safe for your pets. All Wild Thing Pets CBD oils are derived from the Hemp plant, contain no GMOs and have no added chemicals. It’s simply an oil that has been extracted from a plant. Pair that with the lack of any psychoactive properties, and it’s really one of the safest things you can give your pet. That’s why we recommend using it over most pharmaceutical medications. There’s no risk for an overdose, although you should never over medicate your pets, so the risk of using CBD oil for old dogs and dogs with disabilities is very low. But how much should you give your pet? The best ‘rule-of-thumb’ when administering your dogs CBD oil drops is 0.25mg per pound. You can find out how much your dog needs by consulting our easy to read ‘Dosage Guide’. A 2019 study by the US National Library of Medicine and National Institutes of Health found that there were “no observable” side effects to administering CBD to your pets. On top of that, they study found the participants, that were given 2mg/kg twice a day, showed a “significant decrease” in pain and an increase in activity. Just like with anything, there’s always more testing that must be done, but the general consensus is that CBD shows no adverse effects to pets.



Aging is a part of life and, sadly, our pets age at a faster rate than we do. In our lifetimes we could find, love and live with 5 or more pets. As pet owners we want our furry family members to live as long and as healthy as possible. Working in a proper diet and making sure they get ample exercise is just the territory that comes with being a dog owner. Maintaining a healthy pet’s weight and mental state will make sure you raise a happy pupper, but as they reach their older years you can only do so much with their mobility and capabilities. Being able to adapt and introduce new ways to keep them as happy and healthy as possible is the more difficult part of pet ownership. Make sure you keep them up-to-date with their vet visits, shots and mix in some Wild Thing Pets CBD oil for senior and disabled dogs and you truly will have a healthy pet and happy you.

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