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CBD Dog Treats

Verlota Pet’s CBD Dog treats are derived from locally grown hemp plants of the highest quality and naturally sourced, premium ingredients.  Each bite-sized treat contains 5 mg of pure, potent and viable CBD.  Flavored with ethically sourced chicken and pork and with added beneficial supplements like vitamin E, A, B12, rosemary and hempseed oil, these treats not only effectively treat most of your pet’s ailments but they taste great! (to your pet, that is).

Verlota Pet’s CBD Dog Treats are suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.  Safe, convenient, and affordable,they’re perfect for on-the-go or whenever your dog needs a quick fix of CBD.  Adding CBD into your dog’s daily routine can lead to less stress/anxiety, reduced pain or inflammation, a healthier skin & coat and even assist in the prevention and treatment of your pet’s cancer. What’s more: it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no THC.

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