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CBD Cream

Verlota CBD Cream

Verlota hemp CBD Pain Cream does exactly what its name suggests: it fights pain when you need it, where you need it. This soothing, easy-to-apply cream is a great option for any pain, inflammation and soreness.  Hemp CBD creams work directly with your endocannabinoid system to target areas of discomfort and to alleviate pain at the source. Ingesting Cannabidiol for relief is an excellent way to stay pain-free, but when you have an urgent need for relief from chronic pain or sudden injury, apply Verlota’s CBD Pain Cream where you need it most.

Unlike other pain relief creams, Verlota CBD cream is an all natural formula that works with the body to not only provide relief but nourish your skin as well. Each Verlota hemp-derived CBD cream is packed with helpful ingredients such as organic aloe leaf, organic coconut oil and essential oils.  Pushing yourself to the limits at the gym? Had a run-in with a fellow competitor on the field? Or is the day’s worth of hardwork catching up to you and causing you discomfort? CBD Pain Cream from Verlota.com is fast-acting, powerful and nourishing.  Don’t settle for dangerous pain pills or costly therapeutic treatments, try Verlota’s CBD Pain Cream for all your pain & inflammation needs. All Verlota CBD products are proudly made in the USA, crafted in a cGMP and FDA registered facility, lab tested for quality and are GMO-Free.

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