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For Energy

Your lifesource, the fuel to your fire, the juice that keeps you moving: Energy is all around us, but it’s the energy within that matters most to your health & fitness. The world is full of different wavelengths of energy that we rely on, both in good times and especially when the going gets tough. What you put into your body and how you channel those energies will determine your wellness, happiness and quality of life.

Having the right amount of energy is vital to managing our way through life, from physical to emotional energy we need a constant reserve to grow and succeed. Fatigue is something we experience on a regular basis, whether you lack energy for the big game or are too drained to study for your exams, not having a sufficient amount of energy can make daily life a lot harder.

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Energy CBD Oil

Contains Caffeine – 1000/3000 mg – 30ml



Energy CBD Capsules

Contains Caffeine – 750 mg/bottle – 30 capsules



Energy CBD Gummies

Contains Caffeine – 10 mg/gummy – 30 gummies



Energy CBD Oral Spray

Contains Caffeine – 1000 mg/bottle – 30ml



Verlota ENERGY products works with your body to increase your wakefulness, improve your get-up-and-go, and help you to feel truly energized throughout the day. Simply put, our natural ENERGY products can help you feel good and support your daily quest to be your best.

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The standard for growth and daily function.

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Positive physical and mental energy powers us through life.

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A strong immune system is the key to living your best life.

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A relaxed mind produces a capable body.

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Optimized sleep allows peak performance.

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