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CBD Dog Treats: Regular

(18 customer reviews)


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Wild Thing Pets Regular CBD Dog Treats are suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.  Safe, convenient, and affordable, Regular CBD Dog Treats are perfect for on-the-go or whenever your dog needs a quick fix of CBD.  Adding CBD into your dog’s daily routine can lead to less stress/anxiety, reduced pain or inflammation, a healthier skin & coat and even assist in the prevention and treatment of your pet’s cancer.

Product Ingredients
Product Ingredients
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Wild Thing CBD Dog treats are derived from locally grown hemp plants of the highest quality and naturally sourced, premium ingredients.  Each bite-sized treat contains 5 mg of pure, potent and viable CBD. Flavored with ethically sourced chicken and pork and with added beneficial supplements like vitamin E, A, B12, rosemary and hempseed oil, these treats not only support good health for your furry friend but they taste great too! (to your pet, that is).

Wild Thing Pets Regular CBD Dog Treats are suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.  Safe, convenient, and affordable, Regular CBD Dog Treats are perfect for on-the-go or whenever your dog needs a quick fix of CBD.  What’s more: it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no THC.

Our promise to you and your pets: We stand by the quality of our products, like your pets stand – or sit – by your side.  Wagging tails and loud purrs are our goals – because a healthy pet is a happy pet.

  • 100% THC free = ZERO psychoactive effects
  • CBD derived from organically grown, 100% American hemp
  • Chemical-free: No solvents, preservatives, herbicides, or pesticides
  • Lab-tested for quality and consistency

Healthy Pets, Happy You.


Ingredients: Natural inputs you and your pets can both pronounce 

Cannabidiol hemp extract, Ground yellow corn, distillers dried grain with solubles, porcin/pork meal, hempseed oil, rosemary powder, vitamin E supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A supplement, potassium, wheat middlings, xantham gum, vegetable glycerin, poultry fat preserved with minimal BHA, poultry liver flavors, salt, brewer’s yeast, other vitamins and minerals.


Directions for Use: Open bag, rustle treats for effect – best served with a “Sit” and a “Shake a paw”. 

  • Ingestion: Incorporate into your pet’s favorite meal or serve as needed. Be wary of the amount you use. Start with 1-2 treats per serving – or as befits yours pet’s CBD tolerance.

Give 1-2 servings daily or as desired.  For best quality, use within 5 weeks of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place with the bag sealed. Keep this product out of direct sunlight. Always talk to your vet before giving any supplement product.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Wild Thing Pets® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information contained in or made available through the Wild Thing Pets® website is not intended to constitute or substitute legal advice or consultation from veterinary professionals. https://verlota.com/terms-and-conditions/

Product Reviews


18 reviews for CBD Dog Treats: Regular

  1. Terri Pitt

    Had a fantastic experience with their live chat yesterday. The person helping me answered me quickly and helped me decide on the type of treat for my pitbull. Put in an order right after. Definitely recommend Wild Thing pets!

  2. Tamika Benton

    My dog Jeff loves the treats. I give him 2 and he hangs out, gets belly rubs, plays and then naps. Turns him into the best dog considering he hangs out on the other side of the apartment when he doesnt get any treats.

  3. Carol Downs

    I came across one of your articles and went down the rabbit hole of what cbd is and how it works with my puppy. After about a week I decided to purchase some and I’ve never been happier. I just put it in their water and i can already notice them overall seeming happier. I don’t know how to explain it, but I love it!

  4. Nadia Johns

    Going to keep going with these treats! My dog loves them!

  5. Kiran R

    Wild Thing Pets WORKS! Seizures have all but vanished in my Diesel and I honestly could not be happier!

  6. Louis Brown

    My Bruce has been suffering from Mal Seizures for the past 6 months. They’d happen about a week apart and I didn’t know what to do for him. After some research we came across Wild Thing Pets and started him on the CBD treats. Hasn’t had a seizure since.

  7. L Cowan

    I have a 13 year old golden retriever and she still acts and wants to be jumpy like she was 10 years ago, but is just too old to do it. Now she’s up on the couch, wagging her tail and coming to play all the time! So happy with these results

  8. Dane Cope

    I love this product!! That is all.

  9. Jacob Hines

    * That’s an extra star because this stuff should be a 6 out of 5! Love it!

  10. Charli Whitney

    Been using your treats to help my chihuahua with his anxiety and it’s working so good!

  11. Kaira Austin

    Kali hates when we have people over but now she’s mingling!

  12. Ivy Perry

    It’s like my dog’s hip problems have disappeared. It’s crazy

  13. Lilly-May

    I honestly can’t recommend this product enough!

  14. Deanna S.

    My yorkie LOVES the treats!!!

  15. Funky_Fetch

    I love how chill these treats make my dog lol

  16. A Allan

    Got these off a recommendation from a friend and they are outstanding. Will be buying again

  17. Miso Honey

    Now that I got these for my dogs everyone in our house is using cbd!

  18. AudiDan

    My 14 year old German Shepherd’s got really bad arthritis in his hips. Been using the dog treats for a while now and hes a lot more active and bouncy. No other drugs, just CBD.

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