Can CBD Oil Help Build Muscle

Whether you are just a beginner or a competing athlete, every time you engage in physical exercises, your body is broken down. Learn how CBD can help.
On February 6, 2020
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Building muscle and making sure you are a healthy weight are vitally important when maintaining a strong wellbeing and a healthy body. Those who dedicate themselves to the gym or a sport on a regular basis are always looking for ways to improve their game and become a stronger, better athlete. Many turn to supplements to help them reach a certain goal, but with those supplements comes a long list of side effects that can be harmful on your long term health. This is where CBD enters the conversation. Millions of athletes across the world are using CBD for its natural properties that are able to help with pain, inflammation, focus and so much more. The latest use for CBD is building muscle, many are starting to use CBD for not only building muscle but also using it to help regain muscle mass for those who have lost it through illness or injury. So here lies the question, can CBD oil help build muscle? Here we’ll look at CBD oil for muscle building, CBD and  muscle growth, CBD oil for bodybuilding and an overall breakdown of CBD oil for your muscles in general.

Social Anxiety and CBD

Building Muscle With CBD

When it comes to CBD oil for muscle growth the proof is there but the research is still in the early stages. When our body consumes CBD it regulates our homeostasis and helps regulate cortisol levels, this is due to the anti-catabolic properties that CBD posses, which in turn aids in both muscle building and also muscle recovery. It also helps increase muscle growth and what is known a protein synthesis. When our body produces too much cortisol it can break down the body’s muscle tissue as it targets and reduces protein synthesis which in turn stops muscles from growing. CBD has been known to impact cortisol levels and help maintain a healthy balance of cortisol throughout the body. As we go through the day our cortisol levels fluctuate, typically responding to the degrees of stress we go through. When working out, our body goes through a high level of physical stress which ultimately increases our cortisol levels. When our cortisol levels are too high it can cause higher than normal blood pressure and begin to eat up muscle tissue, which prevents the body from building any new muscle mass.

When we take CBD it helps balance our cortisol levels, comparing that to the pre workout you are taking or other harmful supplements which are packed with caffeine and other unhelpful ingredients that forces our cortisol levels to spike. Taking CBD oil for muscle building as an alternative can help keep cortisol levels at a healthy level which ultimately helps build more muscle by slowing down the breakdown caused by cortisol. This is also why a lot of individuals are using CBD oil for bodybuilding. Bodybuilding puts a lot of stress on the body, more so then other sports due to the nature of lifting heavy. CBD oil for bodybuilding not only helps manage cortisol levels but helps with muscle recovery and more importantly limiting inflammation, which is why a lot of people use CBD oil for bodybuilding.

Looking to build muscle while recovering from your hard workouts? Look no further then Motus Total Body Capsules – 30 Caps – 3000mg CBD- CBD Total Body Capsules have 3000 mg of Hemp-derived CBD, this potent remedy does the heavy lifting against muscle cramps, pain, swelling and spasms. Total Body Capsules were designed to cut down on recovery time, support muscle growth and nourish both the mind & body. Motus Body Capsules are packed with ,100 % American-grown hemp cannabidiol extract (CBD), BCAA, L-Arginine, Glutamine, Creatine, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12. Each ingredient blends perfectly to provide increased recovery time, muscle build attributes and immune boosting ingredients. 

CBD Helps With Sleep

CBD is showing signs that it can help those who suffer from insomnia and is becoming a common sleep aid for millions of Americans. Sleep is huge when it comes to building muscle, when you get a good night rest your entire body functions at a much higher level. While you sleep your body helps build and repair muscles, during sleep our body stimulates stem cells into new muscle fibers, helps convert lactic acid to glucose in the liver, gets rid of cellular debris from injured areas and helps restore proteins. When we don’t get enough sleep our body’s create higher cortisol levels, a reduction in testosterone and a possible reduction in insulin-like growth factor 1. When taking CBD oil for muscle building it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system, specifically the CB2 receptors located in the limbic and paralimbic part of the brain which is the area that regulates both mood and sleep. Taking CBD can help with falling into a deep REM sleep, which allows your body to increase protein synthesis helping build muscle tissues during the time when cortisol levels are at its lowest.

To get the proper rest and recovery you need to build muscle we recommend our most popular product Motus CBD Power Drops (ISO) – 30 ml – 1000 mg –  Power Drops by Motus is a daily supplement that can help to prevent pain & inflammation, cramping, spasms and fitness related injuries. With 1000 mg of Hemp-derived CBD Isolate, this CBD tincture has all the healing power you need to take your game to the next level. Power Drops can be ingested orally – under the tongue, mixed in food or drink – or topically. Once you add these into your daily workout routine you will begin to feel more rested, energized and most importantly start to feel physically stronger. Packed with 100 % American-grown hemp cannabidiol extract (CBD) ,Hemp Seed Oil and Omegas-3-6-9, Motus CBD Power Drops will help you before an all around better, healthier athlete. 

CBD Helps With Stamina

The endocannabinoid system is a key contributor to having an increase in stamina and being able to push your limits to the next level. A perfect example of this is the runners high, where an athletes body is in the midst of a workout and instead of feeling tired the body begins to reduce stress, decrease the feeling of pain and boost euphoria, not really things you associate with a long hard workout. Within the endocannabinoid system is a natural compound known as anandamide, when this compound rushes throughout the brain the runners high effects begin to kick in during the workout. When we take CBD it directly regulates the anandamide compound, helping produce it in larger quantities therefore pushing the body into the state runners high increasing stamina and helping workout longer and build more muscle.

Another key factor when increasing stamina and building muscle is the maintenance of blood sugar levels. For those with things like type 2 diabetes chronic inflammation has been proven cause a resistance in insulin throughout the body. When taking CBD oil for muscles it has shown to help with the immune system, cell growth, sugar metabolism and heart function, this is all down to CBD’s anti inflammatory properties. Regulating blood sugar means your body has less insulin which results in less fat being stored. When the body has less fat stored the body works as an anti-catabolic mode helping produce more muscle.

CBD and Muscle Recovery

Preforming at a high level either on the field or in the gym is a great way to build muscle and stay both healthy and fit. But with those intense regiments comes the aftereffects, problems such as fatigue, pain and inflammation all creep up in the body the more you push yourself. When these issues arise most athletes turn to over the counter medications. Usually athletes turn to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs which help with dealing with fatigue and muscle soreness, but as time goes on the effects can become less effective and NSAID’s can take a toll on your organs after a while.

This is why a lot of athletes are turning to CBD oil for muscle building due to its all-natural healing compounds. When the body is pushed during a workout, muscle fibers rub against each other creating micro tears within the fiber, this results in muscle inflammation. When our muscles become inflamed it’s due to the muscle being damaged. When we give these muscles time to repair the muscles become stronger, but there is always pain associated with the over use of muscles. Mentioned above, when taking CBD oil for muscles it interacts with the endocannabinoid system which is there to regulate functions of the brain that directly deal with endocrine and immune tissues. When CBD binds with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system it boosts its performance helping enhance the protection of the nervous system, increasing homeostasis, strengthening immune balance and reducing stress on the body. This leads the body to recover as a faster pace which helps athletes get back onto the field on into the gym quicker, allowing them to workout more often and harder leading to more to time to build muscle and become a more complete athlete.

When looking to recover faster and become stronger try out Motus Power Freeze CBD Roll-On – 90 ml – 500 mg – CBD Power Freeze Roll-On will help you worry less about recovering and focus on what matters: achieving your fitness goals and performing at the highest level. With 500 mg of Hemp-derived CBD, this potent remedy stops muscle cramps, pain, swelling and spasms in their tracks. Power Freeze was designed for convenient, on-demand pain & inflammation relief for helping you achieve your fitness or sports goals. Loaded with 100 % American-grown hemp cannabidiol extract (CBD), Natural Menthol. Ilex Paraguariensis Extract, Uncaria Tomentosa Extract and Boswelia Serrata Extract, each time you use Motus Power Freeze CBD Roll-On your body will instantly begin to recover, helping you build muscle while feeling no pain. 

Why You Should be Using Verlota CBD

CBD oil for muscle building is completely safe to use, high doses of CBD show no signs of side effects. You don’t need that much but there is no standard does. The rule of thumb is around 1-6 milligrams of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. It’s all about trial and error, try a few different dosage sizes to know what best suits you. CBD and muscle growth are directly correlated, but there are a variety of factors like reducing inflammation, speeding up recovery and increasing stamina that also contribute to CBD and muscle growth.

Verlota CBD products are created with today’s athlete in mind. Passionately manufactured, Verlota’s line of quality products are dedicated to “top performers” who are keen on optimizing performance. Dealing with the cause and not just the symptoms, we believe CBD is the new pathway to health & fitness for modern-day champions.

Individual fitness fanactic and sports professionals are excited about the potential of CBD. Here are some reasons why those aiming to improve their performance should try out CBD products:

  • Inhibits pain and inflammation both during and after exercise
  • Help with nausea and feeling of sickness especially during intense physical training
  • Indirectly stimulates appetite, helping sportspeople such as power-lifters and MMA fighters to consume the extra calories needed for building muscle.
  • Can help treat muscle spasms
  • Helps to reduce game-day stress, anxiety from over-exertion
  • Settles your gastrointestinal tract & gut
  • Promotes relaxation and helps improve sleep quality
  • Non-psychoactive
  • Natural alternative to opioids or pain medications for pain & inflammation management
  • Soothes sore, cramped muscles or spasms
  • Supports muscle recovery & muscle building

Each of our products are sourced with 100 % American-grown hemp cannabidiol extract (CBD). There are a lot of fitness supplements on the market, but nothing is as versatile, safe and naturally potent as hemp-derived CBD. Invest yourself in Verlota products and experience the natural empowerment of Hemp-derived CBD.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Verlota Inc. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information contained in or made available through website is not intended to constitute or substitute legal advice or consultation from veterinary professionals.

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