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Why You Should Make CBD Oil a Part of Your Daily Routine

Verlota Author
Published: October 11, 2021
Categories: Health & Wellness
Strengthening Your Immunity During COVID-19: Nutrition & Natural Supplements


The facts are simple when it comes to establishing a healthy balance in our lives: we’ve all got to create rituals, systems and routines to help us cope with everything that life throws our way.  Daily routines are oftentimes a major part of what shapes our identities:

  • Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?
  • What do you eat?
  • Are you a gym junkie? Or do you lift mental weights with your big, beautiful brain?
  • What do you do to relax, unwind or de-stress?


What do you do in order to establish and maintain balance in your day-to-day life? 

verlota cbd daily activities

Everything from cooking breakfast to how you comb your hair and what you do on your commute to work are parts of your daily routines.  In essence, what you do, how you do them and when are just as formative to your lifestyle as the why you do it.

Speaking of WHY, what’s the reason we’re putting all this focus on the little things we say & do throughout the day? Well, it’s our firm belief at Verlota that many people can improve their health and happiness by better understanding our daily routines. 

How can you reach your destination – good health, happiness, longevity or success – if you don’t understand the peaks-and-valleys of the journey there?


This article was written for those folks who struggle to get through each day… 

  • Maybe you feel overwhelmed all the time?
  • Perhaps your life is spiraling into disorganized chaos, even though you used to have a handle on things?
  • It could be that you’ve never realized how your daily routines (or lack thereof) are hampering your personal/professional successes?

No matter what your reasons, we’re committed to guiding the brush strokes you make in painting the picture of your daily life.  Call them ‘life hacks’, ‘tips and tricks’ or daily ‘cheat codes’ – Verlota.com has got you covered with a definitive guide on how CBD can improve your daily routine.


CBD? Cannabidiol? How can something like CBD improve your daily routine?! If you’re not overly familiar with hemp CBD, what it is or how it works, check out a few of our introductory guides to this wondrous plant compound.

Before we dive into the heart of the matter of how CBD can boost your daily routine effectiveness, let’s hammer out the details of what makes routines so important to your mental & physical wellbeing.

Strengthening Your Immunity During COVID-19: Nutrition & Natural Supplements

Daily Routines Help You To Divide & Conquer

The simplest answer to the question of the effectiveness of rituals/routines is that these structures, systems and behavior patterns allow us to have a better handle on our daily lives.  No matter your personality, lifestyle or career, we’ve all got ups and downs to deal with each and every day.

Work takes up most of our days (and for some, most of their nights too); family life can be a juggling act, and that’s putting it lightly; any time you have left in a day to workout, relax or have some fun can also be complicated, to say the least.  In order to maintain some semblance of control over this multitude of things requiring our constant attention, many of us create routines out of necessity.

What does a routine look like? Well, daily routines are kind of like our eyes – everyone’s’ are unique, whilst sharing similarities at the same time.  What makes your routines unique might be crazy to some, while being identical to others.  Daily routines aren’t therefore graded in terms of “what’s right” and “what’s wrong” because those factors will be unique to each person.

For some of us writers at Verlota.com, daily routines like drinking tea, doing yoga, meditating or eating high-energy foods can really help us with writing (hopefully it shows with this article!).  These habits have become a part of our daily routines – things that might’ve started as mere hobbies or leisurely activities, but somewhere along the way we realized that these things help us to be calm, energetic, focused and productive. 

On the other hand, some people do their best at work when they’re flying by the seat of their pants.  For some crazy people, the best routine is… well, no routine!  This is fine too – nobody is suggesting that you have to subscribe to one school of thought or another.  Nevertheless, we’re firm believers that even spontaneous individuals can improve upon their fast-paced, high-pressure efficiencies with just a small amount of structure introduced in their lives.

verlota cbd can boost daily routines

What Makes For An Effective Daily Routine?

It’s time we imparted a bit of Verlota knowledge with our “Triforce of Healthy Habits”:

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Be Efficient
  3. Be Consistent

We feel that this trifecta of Proactivity, Efficiency and Consistency nicely sums up what makes daily routines so powerful for everyone.  For starters, being proactive involves planning things ahead, strategizing what works best, helping you to meet your goals, and being thoughtful about what you’re doing, how you’re doing it and why. 

Secondly, focusing on efficiency is all about evaluating your daily activities and honing your skills/abilities/knowledge through constant self-improvement.  Efficiency is a tough thing to achieve, but if you’re focused on what you’re doing and how you can do it better, you’ll find that learning from your mistakes comes easy as you get better at managing your successes/failures.

Last in the Triforce of Healthy Habits is that old adage our golf instructors tried to ingrain into our brains: consistency! Just like efficiency, being consistent can be a real challenge when there’s so much going on in our busy lives.  Nonetheless, all we can do sometimes is to stay the course and act, behave, think or feel consistently in order to be successful.


Now that we have the fundamentals of an impactful daily routine, it’s time to investigate how taking CBD to boost your daily routine can work wonders for your day-to-day health & wellbeing.

There are numerous ways that CBD can improve your daily routines, but we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Most Popular CBD Daily Routines – submitted by our devoted Verlota.com readers!

1. Take The Jitters Out of Your Daily Java

Thanks to Samantha J. for her impassioned message for CBD in your morning cup of coffee or warm mug of tea.  As you might’ve guessed, this popular CBD daily activity is all about accomplishing two things: cutting down on the caffeine-jitters as well as helping your mind to sharpen/focus.

There’s nothing more frustrating that the morning haze some of us experience in our waking hours.  For millions of people, mornings are the worst.  Even if you’re one of those inhuman “morning people”, who couldn’t use a bit of help jump-starting their mind & body for the busy day ahead?

CBD can improve your daily routine in the morning so effectively because it aids you in overcoming fatigue, can reduce any feelings of pain or inflammation you might’ve struggled with the day before, and it relaxes your body & mind which contributes to feeling refreshed and reenergized.

Our listeners’ favorite CBD morning routine? A dropper or two of CBD oil in their coffee, add in some Lion’s Mane mushrooms for extra brainpower, and voila!

2. Quell That Morning Anxiety & Be Prepared for Your Day!

Speaking of morning syndrome, who hasn’t struggled with nervousness and anxiety upon waking up to a very busy, high-pressure day at work? Mornings are often so hectic because of time constraints, looming responsibilities at work, or maybe the pressure of performing at a certain level.

Expectations vs reality for work-related stress are often enough to send even the most fastidious employee/employer into a tailspin – especially in the morning when we’re hyping ourselves up for the challenges ahead.

If you’re like Mikey C., a little CBD lotion or topical roll-on on the neck, temples, shoulders and chest can put your morning mania at ease. 

Strengthening Your Immunity During COVID-19: Nutrition & Natural Supplements

3. Pump The Brakes On Travel Stress

Commuting to-and-from work isn’t as prevalent as it used to be; many people are fortunate enough to be working from home part- or full-time these days.  For the rest of us who are still travelling to the office/shop/warehouse five days or more a week, the stress of commuting can be an overwhelming part of our daily lives.

Most of us have daily travel routines that help us to cope with traffic congestion or construction delays – music, podcasts, calming tea, maybe even some yoga before leaving the house.  One of the best daily routines you should incorporate into your commute – according to Janelle V. – is to keep a bottle of CBD oral spray in your cupholder at all times.

CBD oral spray is great because it’s easy to take on-the-go, you can apply it quickly and safely at a red light or while stuck in traffic, and the oral ingestion method is one of the most efficient delivery methods for getting calming CBD into your system. 

Janelle V. is such a pro, in fact, that she mentioned the sublingual dosing method in her submission to us! Two pumps of CBD oral spray under your tongue, hold for 30 seconds or more, and then swallow.  You’re a true CBD aficionado Janelle 🙂

verlota travel stress can be eased with cbd

4. CBD oil for focus and concentration

Another excellent way to incorporate CBD into your daily routine is to take it throughout the day to help you focus on the tasks at hand.  Obviously, our jobs take up the majority of our focus for most of the day, but our houses also have to be cleaned, our personal hygiene needs to be maintained and we need to take care of our families.

Cooking, cleaning, shopping, doing laundry, organizing the house and paying bills take a lot of energy and mental faculties to manage.  If you’re like Bennet J., why not take CBD capsules before you tackle your daily chores to increase your productivity?

Cannabidiol is an awesome source for some much needed mental clarity.  CBD doesn’t actually boost your energy levels, but it helps you to feel clear of detractors like stress, fatigue or soreness.  When your mind is clear and you’re feeling relaxed you can focus on getting things done – whether you’re at work, at home or at the gym, CBD for calm & energy is a winning combo.

Strengthening Your Immunity During COVID-19: Nutrition & Natural Supplements

5. Eat, Pray, Love CBD

CBD edibles and food/beverage add-ons are a very hot topic of late.  From hot plates to cold breakfasts, Cannabidiol can be paired with literally any dish, snacks, drink or supplement.

Why would you want to add CBD to boost your daily diet routine? The benefits are as long listed as the ingredients in your breakfast smoothie:

  1. Antiemetic (can ease nausea)
  2. Anticonvulsant (may reduce seizure frequency and severity)
  3. Antipsychotic (helps with stress/anxiety)
  4. Anti-inflammatory (diminishes swelling)
  5. Antioxidant (can help to protect your mind & body from certain disorders)
  6. Antidepressant (can be used to reduce the symptoms of depression)

Kudos to Bo H. for his suggestion of including CBD with all his dinner meals in order to help him relax by the time he’s getting ready for bed. 

6. Soothe Your Social Anxiety & Be Yourself

For some people, one of the most demanding daily routines has to do with dealing with their growing sense of dread at the prospect of being thrust into highly social environments.

Social anxiety is a very common type of worry in the United States.  About 7% of Americans struggle with social anxiety[1] (that’s 15 million people!).  Its prevalence in society today is due to a multitude of factors, but one of the most striking reasons is the steep workloads many of us are struggling to maintain. 

More work means less time for sleep, less time for eating healthy, less time being physically fit and a lot more chances for stress to creep into your day-to-day. Compound these factors with the inundation of negative trends – economic disparity, global pandemics, societal upheaval, etc. – and it’s no wonder why so many millions are anxious about being in group settings.

Well, one of the simplest things you can do to help fight the symptoms of social anxiety are to take CBD to boost your daily routine effectiveness.  Just ask Francine P. – she submitted this as her #1 reason for taking CBD gummies throughout the day (especially in the morning when her nervousness really ramps up).

[1] https://mhanational.org/conditions/social-anxiety-disorder

verlota soothe social anxiety with cbd

7. Let the Power of Plants Empower Your Workout!

Our friend Marshawn S. is a big fan of our recent podcast on Vegan diets and testosterone levels, so he decided to send us his favorite CBD daily routine: CBD as a pre- and post-workout supplement.

Marshawn and millions of CBD-users like him can be found at the gym as much as possible.  For any fitness enthusiast, the problem of recovering after an intense workout is one of the toughest parts of achieving their fitness goals.  Recovering takes time – something very few people have in abundant supply.  Recovery can also involve a lot of relief from pain & inflammation.

This is where CBD can boost your daily workout routine the best – cutting down on muscle swelling and easing your pain so that you feel ready for another grueling day at the gym.  CBD pre-workout and CBD post-workout capsules are a favorite of many of the Verlota faithful because they enhance your training routines without creating an over-reliance like with painkillers.

Trust the muscle on this one – trust Marshawn and the other plant-based athletes out there who are taking their games to the next level with some help from Cannabidiol.

8. Chill, Then Netflix (Or Whatever)

We know what you might be thinking, and yes we are talking about watching actual Netflix AND “Netflix & Chilling” in this segment.  Whether you’ve heard the buzz or not, CBD is fast becoming a favorite in many couples’ bedrooms for a variety of exciting reasons.  First, we’d recommend that you check out our CBD & Sex Drive blog for some of the tantalizing details on how Cannabidiol can enhance your most passionate of “daily routines”.

Couples like Tara & Alexei W. are very fond of exploring the benefits of CBD oil whenever they’re being intimate.  They had the bravery to communicate a few of their most personal reasons for enjoying CBD together – details we obviously won’t share in the article for practical reasons.

Nevertheless, Tara & Alexei are among a surging number of CBD fanatics that find it to perfectly compliment their sex lives without having any kind of mind-altering effects.  CBD is great for easing nervousness, relaxing your quickened pulse and soothing any soreness, stiffness or spasms.  We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination!

Strengthening Your Immunity During COVID-19: Nutrition & Natural Supplements

9. Wake Up to The World of Dreamy CBD Sleep

CBD as a sleep aid is one of the most common uses in North America.  Everybody has a unique bedtime routine, so there’s no one-way to introduce Cannabidiol.  There are a few things you should consider, however, as you can get the most out of CBD when you use it consistently at a low dose.

According to many studies – and our avid reader Lewis P. – CBD can help to ease you into sleep, aid you in staying asleep, and supports your mind in shutting off so you can achieve those deep REM’s that are essential for maintaining a high-quality of sleep.

One of the most notable benefits of CBD for sleep has to do with your sleep/wake cycle.  As per the Sleepfoundation.org’s publications[1], CBD and other cannabinoids interact with certain receptors (Endocannabinoid System, ECS) that can  influence both your ability to sleep longer and feel more rested even if you don’t sleep very long.

Lewis P. is particularly fond of CBD capsules because they are non-psychoactive, which means that you’re not “zonking out” like with some sleeping pills. Instead, CBD eases your mind, relaxes your body and supports positive sleep-states that guide you into deeper, more consistent and higher qualities of sleep.

[1] https://www.sleepassociation.org/sleep-treatments/cbd/

verlota dream easy with cbd for sleep

10. No Pain, All the Gains

We already talked about utilizing CBD to boost your daily fitness routines, but listeners/readers like Charleigh B. made some good points about taking all kinds of CBD products for life’s little bumps, scrapes and pains.

A ton of cyclists, joggers, hikers, yoga enthusiasts and sportspeople have started taking consistent doses of CBD for these daily activities.  Yours truly is an avid CBD user before (and sometimes after) hockey nights – nothing takes the edge off blocking pucks, getting hit and having an extra beer after the game like a 50 – 100 mg dose of CBD.  Like me, Charleigh is a regular sports junkie; she plays soccer, baseball, beach volleyball and even finds time/energy to fit in a round of golf every week. 

Charleigh B. is part of a new wave of regular CBD users who take it proactively, before physical exertion, in order to accomplish a few goals:

  1. Cut down on the wear-and-tear on joints/muscles
  2. Calm any nerves about performing
  3. Enhance focus and really “get into the game”

By using CBD as a preventative against pain/inflammation, you can effectively stop the post-game soreness or swelling from occurring before it has a chance to force you to the sidelines.  Additionally, CBD before sports or physical activities is great for quelling anxieties (especially if you’re returning from an injury!), and increases your enjoyment of the sport as your mental & physical aptitude come into sync.


Remember the Triforce of Health Habits? Simply put, be Proactive, commit to being Efficient and always be Consistent and you’ll find that your daily routines work for you (and not the other way around!).  When in doubt, try adding a dose of Cannabidiol oils, oral sprays, gummies, capsules or topicals to any of your daily routines and see for yourself how CBD can boost your daily activities.

Thanks again to our awesome readers, listeners and anyone else who took part in shaping this article with their personal stories & CBD know-how:

  • Charleigh B.
  • Lewis P.
  • Tara W.
  • Alexei W.
  • Bo H.
  • Marshawn S.
  • Francine P.
  • Bennet J.
  • Janelle V.
  • Mikey C.
  • Samantha J.


How often should you take CBD oil daily?

CBD dosing is very personal and unique to each individual. Nevertheless, many people have had success with sticking to the most common, average dosage range: 50 – 500 mg of CBD daily.  This is by no means the lower and upper limits of CBD’s effectiveness – some veteran Cannabidiol users take upwards of 1500 mg or more every day! Similarly, some individuals achieve their goals with CBD at lower doses like 20-30 mg of CBD taken frequently.  The crux of the matter is that your CBD dose matches your tolerance, comfort, lifestyle and overall health goals.

Should CBD oil be taken night or day?

CBD can boost your daily routine if taken throughout the day, but the question of whether it’s better in the morning or at night comes up often.  There is no “better time of day” to take CBD – its effectiveness largely depends on why you’re taking it in the first place.  Do you need some relief from pain, inflammation or nausea throughout the day? Then CBD in the morning can help you to be at ease for the challenges ahead.  Are you looking for assistance with bouts of insomnia? Cannabidiol doses at night can help you to sleep better, longer and more consistently.

Should I drink water after taking CBD oil?

A growing number of people are taking CBD to enhance their daily activities, such as working out, playing sports, working or just to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.  For some, ingesting CBD with food or beverages is the best way to get the most out of their Cannabidiol.  CBD oils, sprays and edibles are some of the most popular delivery systems for CBD today.  It is not absolutely necessary that you chase CBD with water, but if you’re the type that isn’t fond of the herbal taste of Cannabidiol oil then this is a simple/effective way to ingest CBD.  A very popular method for ingesting CBD is to introduce your ideal dose into smoothies, teas or snacks that you can take on-the-go.

Written By

Jace Jeffords

Jace is a content writer in the field of natural/alternative health & fitness. Living in the beautiful city of Denver, Jace developed his passion for nature as an avid hiker, biker and adventure seeker. Since the legalization of hemp CBD with the Farm Bill in December 2018, Jace has focused his efforts on exploring the world of cannabinoids and natural health practices to help his readers discover all the benefits of the Verlota lifestyle.

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