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How to Choose the Best CBD Massage Oil

Verlota Author
Published: November 12, 2021
Categories: Health & Wellness

Whether you’re busy all-day/everyday at work, or you’re a mom who manages multiple kids throughout the week, we could all use a lot more massages in our lives.  Nothing de-stresses and melts away the troubles of the day quite like a good rub down.  Massages have been incorporated into traditional and conventional treatments for thousands of years, with a long-list of successes for an equally long list of ailments.  A firm but gentle massage can relieve pain, reduce inflammation, soothe achy joints, stretch your stiff muscles, help you to sleep better and even contribute to appetite stimulation or nausea suppression.

Gentle massage to relieve pain & reduce inflammation

For some, massages are how they treat themselves at the end of a particularly hectic week.  For others, getting a massage is an integral part of managing their condition – whether they’re ailed by migraines, arthritis, fibromyalgia or an injury.  Unless you’ve got a really good medical insurance plan that covers massages and other therapeutics, massages can be an expensive luxury.  This is why most of us only ever get the health boosts from a massage unless it’s our birthday (unfortunately).

We’re writing this blog today to try to convince you and yours to make more time, spend more money and invest in yourself by investing in massages.  Not only that, but we’re going to suggest adding a particular ingredient into your massages: CBD.  CBD massage oils can take your massage into the next echelon of soothing relief, and we’ll convince you that regular massages alongside CBD massage oil benefits are well-worth the prices of admission.

It’s time to get comfy, relax, let your worries melt away as this article reaffirms the importance of CBD massage oils for pain relief, insomnia relief, digestive balancing and the easing of all your worldly stresses.


CBD & Your ECS

Before we get lathered up in the benefits of CBD massage oil, let’s get comfortable with another three letter word that has a lot to do with our success with cannabinoid treatments: your ECS.  The Endocannabinoid System, otherwise known as the ECS, is a complex network of nerves which is intricately connected with major parts of our bodies. 

Your ECS can help to modulate biochemical reactions in your brain, muscles, cardiovascular and digestive systems. Everything from memory, mood, appetite, sleep patterns, body temperature, soreness or stiffness can be manipulated by your Endocannabinoid System.

How does CBD massage oil for pain relief reduce feelings of pain or bring down your inflammation? Whenever cannabinoids like CBD are introduced into your system, their signals transmit to receptors of your ECS, leading to specific biochemical reactions or functions such as diminishing pain receptors or combatting swelling in specific areas of your body.

How your ecs and cannabinoids interact for cbd massages

CBD & Skin Absorption

Whenever you apply CBD topicals like CBD massage oils to your skin it can take a bit of time for the active ingredients – in this case, CBD – to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Once absorption has occurred, the cannabinoids will bind to the receptors in your neurons which will eventually lead to the desired effects.  Your dosage and dosing frequency will significantly influence how successful your CBD massage oil will be.  However, other factors like genetics, body weight, tolerance to cannabinoids and even your diet will have impacts as well.

CBD absorption through the skin is not the quickest acting, but its effects can last quite a while once they’ve taken hold.  For these reasons, CBD massage oils are one of the most popular because they are fairly quick to be absorbed and they provide a suite of nourishment for your skin in addition to helping with pain, inflammation, stiffness or skin irritation.

It might sound strange when we suggest rubbing CBD massage oils on your body in order to improve sleep quality, or relying on CBD massage oil benefits to soothe digestive issues.  Nevertheless, topical application of Cannabidiol is very effective at delivering relief and it’s very easy to utilize for targeted treatments like psoriasis, muscle-tears or gut/bowel cramping.

On top of this – literally! – CBD topicals are quickly absorbed by the skin, which bypasses your Gastrointestinal Tract .  This is considered to be a quicker delivery method for the active compounds to get into your bloodstream and therefore reach your ECS.  Even though some first-time CBD users claim that they didn’t notice CBD’s effects as much through topical application, its benefits can be experienced for a longer duration than with typical oral ingestion/digestion.

cbd massage oil for pain quick delivery through skin
Cbd massage oils wholesale benefits

CBD & Other Cannabinoids

What’s more, CBD is non-psychoactive – this means that despite what you might’ve assumed, there is no associative “high” from ingesting or absorbing CBD into your bloodstream.  In fact, if you take a relatively higher ratio of CBD-to-THC, Cannabidiol can actually help to reduce the psychoactivity of the Tetrahydrocannabinol.  For this reason in particular, many people prefer to take full-spectrum CBD products – a full profile of cannabinoids in their topicals, oils or capsules.

So, by combining CBD with other cannabinoids like THC, you can effectively avoid or reduce the negative effects like “feeling high” while harnessing the pain-relief, anti-inflammation or sleep support that multiple phytocannabinoids can offer.

Let’s identify some of the most popular ways in which CBD massage oils benefit your overall massage experience so that you can start requesting them at your next session.


CBD massage oils for pain, inflammation, cramping and nausea are an excellent addition to your next massage therapy session.  While many massage therapists are either unwilling or incapable of carrying their own CBD massage oils in wholesale, you can likely bring your own to your next massage.  Check in with your masseuse to be sure it’s okay with them, but this trend has become very favorable for both parties as many massage professionals would love to provide CBD oils of their own, but there are some barriers such as a lack of Federal Health approval or administrative delays for licensing, etc.

There are several things you should be looking for when you’re looking to buy CBD massage oils, such as:

  • Attestations of quality (American-grown Hemp, Organic, etc)
  • Certificates or qualifications at both manufacturing & lab levels (ISO? FDA-approved?)
  • Testing or lab analysis (COA’s, THC-free or <0.3% THC reports, etc)
  • Statements of being free from negative inputs (free of toxins, cruelty-free, no heavy metals or pesticides, etc)
  • Full-spectrum vs CBD-isolate (contains multiple cannabinoids? Or is a distilled/isolated form of Cannabidiol?)
  • CBD or other cannabinoids potencies (how many mg of CBD per ml of oil?)
  • Try to avoid misnomers like “Hemp Seed Oil” as the active ingredient – Hemp Seeds do not contain phytocannabinoids like CBD, so if there is no listing of “Total” or “Active” CBD contents then the product is likely a dud
  • Many people suffer from skin irritation, so choosing products that also contain sensitive skin-friendly inputs like chamomile, mint, lavender and other natural ingredients for soothing skin can be worth the extra $
cbd massage oils for pain inflammation and Sleep

Once you’ve chosen the CBD massage oil that’s right for you, what’s the best way to use it?  Well, that’s completely up to you and the nature of your CBD-experience.

Do you rely on CBD massage oil benefits for a medical condition? Well you’ll probably require a lot higher CBD potencies than your average person, so make sure you’re using a 1000-3000mg CBD oil for massages.

Have you tried CBD before but have never noticed a real difference in your overall health? Many people try capsules, gummies or other ingestion/digestion method products and don’t have an impactful enough experience to continue their CBD routine.  CBD massage oils for pain and relaxation are a worthy starting point because this plant compound can really help to soothe muscles, joints and ease skin irritation in noticeable ways.

Are you willing to get even more creative, adventurous with your CBD? Simply put, a good rub goes well with another use for CBD oils – CBD & sexual enhancement!  Many people have found that adding CBD to their intimate encounters can do wonders for nervousness, muscle tension and even help to improve your stamina.  So, why not try a CBD massage oil the next time you and your partner are getting into the mood? Not only does a massage work wonders for your lovelife, but this kind of foreplay will also enhance your health in many unforeseen ways like relaxing you, helping you to avoid muscle pain or cramping, and will send you off into a deep sleep after the fun is over.

If you’re curious about CBD massage oils and the benefits of including CBD in your routine, then try adding some of Verlota’s IMMUNITY, CALM or SLEEP oils to the top of your topicals list.  Looking to spice things up or revitalize your skin with a little massage? Then look no further than Verlota.com’s ENERGY CBD Oil and the entire lineup of BALANCE CBD topical products.  When you take care of your body & mind with Verlota, you’ll be that much closer to achieving a happier & healthier you.

The best cbd massage oil for all occasions


What type of CBD oil is best for your skin?

In general, full-spectrum CBD oils are considered to have additional benefits for your skin due to the potential for entourage effects.  CBD, THC and other phytocannabinoids can enhance the effects of one another when taken in conjunction.  If you’re averse to combining THC with your CBD, however, any hemp-derived CBD oil can do wonders for your skin health.

Can CBD oil be used for massages?

CBD massage oils are a very popular CBD product due to their pain-reducing, anti-inflammatory properties that can help to soothe your skin.  CBD massage oil benefits aren’t just limited to pain & inflammation as hemp-derived oils can provide nourishment to your skin in addition to calming any nerves or easing irritation from a variety of conditions.

Is CBD massage oil worth it?

Some CBD massage oils for pain relief can be quite expensive, but there is a wide variety of CBD strengths at various price points to help you choose what’s right for you. 

How long does CBD massage oil stay in your system?

Although this can vary greatly between individuals, CBD massage oils can introduce Cannabidiol into your system for a period of 24 hours to several days.  If you are concerned whether or not CBD is in your system or not, it is best to seek medical testing from a health practitioner to be absolutely sure.

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