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Chill Bundle CBD Gummies

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It’s no secret that life can be stressful,  and when we’re stressed we struggle to cope with our day-to-day activities and put pressure on our overall health. These stresses can affect everything from your productivity, your immune system to the quality of sleep you get. Feeling stressed out and lacking quality of sleep can take a serious toll on your body’s health, leaving you in a vulnerable state to possible threats to your body.  Whether you are feeling the mounting pressure of work, family life or continued madness of the outside world, that pressure eventually begins to take its toll on both your brain and your body, putting them into a weakened state.

The Chill CBD Gummies Bundle pack contains one bottle of our Calm & Sleep CBD Gummies. This bundle is a great way to get two of your favorite gummies products with incredible savings! Want to save even more? Set your order up for monthly occurrences and we’ll knock off even more off the price.

Product Ingredients


Calm CBD Gummies are the perfect inclusion to even the most hectic of days. Each of the 30 gummies contain a specific dose of CBD, making it easy to monitor how much of the calming effect you are adding to your system. Created using the same stages as our other products, Calm CBD Gummies are produced by extracting CBD from the Hemp plant and adding it to our deliciously sweet and flavourful gummies.

Sleep CBD Gummies eating a gummy before bed and getting a deep night’s sleep, with SLEEP: CBD Gummies by Verlota it makes it easier for those struggling to get to sleep. CBD has a great ability to calm our nervous system and reduce any inflammation or pain we might be experiencing. When these areas are addressed and better controlled, our ability to sleep and fall into a deep sleep become greater due to the power of CBD. 

Product Instructions


Recommended Use: Take one gummy in the morning to jump start your day and one in the evening, or as needed. Can be taken on an empty or full stomach.

Product Reviews


1 review for Chill Bundle CBD Gummies

  1. Priscilla Avilla

    These work too well. I sleep too good lol! Very good price very nice calm product s.

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