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Motus Active introduces itself to the CBD world with its new hemp derived CBD fitness products

Oct 4, 2019

LAS VEGAS: Motus Active has launched its newest line of CBD fitness products throughout the United States. Motus Actives strives to offer the highest quality CBD focusing on the needs of the everyday athlete. Sourced exclusively from American grown hemp and crafted organically with zero THC, Motus Active CBD products offer a perfect blend of natural and essential body supplements.

“There is a vast number of non-CBD supplement lines that are already well-established, however the CBD supplement market is new and relatively untapped. There is a shift happening amongst those who use supplements, athletes are more conscious than ever on what they put in their body. CBD is virtually side-effect free in comparison to other pain relieving products and we strongly believe CBD is the way of the future,” said Billy Watt, Product Manager of Motus Active. 

“When the Hemp Farming Act was passed our goal was simple, provide clean natural fitness products while supporting athletes in reaching personal excellence. With dozens of products in the pipeline, we are taking the CBD market head on.

The Motus brand is tailor made for fitness conscious individuals, across all demographics – from the casual gym goer to high-performance professional athletes. With the healing power and benefits of CBD, Motus Active supports consumers in their quest for peak personal fitness.

Motus Actives has recently launched its first three CBD fitness supplements, these three products are the first of dozens to be released by Motus Active within the next year.

The Motus Active product line can be found here https://verlota.com/product-category/active-products/ 

About Motus Active

Motus Active is a fitness based consumer cannabidiol (CBD) brand whose current products include CBD tinctures, CBD topicals and CBD capsules.



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