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CBD Oil For Dachshunds

Verlota Author
Published: May 15, 2020
Categories: Breed | Pet

Cannabidiol, or CBD as it is more commonly referred to, is a popular extract that is derived from the hemp plant and can be used to assist with a number of ailments in both humans and animals. It can be used to calm, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and a host of other ailments, with more applications being discovered every day. Our pets can also benefit from this extract and alternative to harsh, chemical based medications. In a new series of articles, we are going to explore specific breeds of dogs and the ailments that accompany them. By laying out these breed specific ailments and how CBD can help to treat them, we hope to further educate you on not only the benefits of introducing CBD into your pet’s daily routine, but also how each breed of dog is unique from the other. Just like in humans, every animal is different and can suffer from a list of ailments that another does not. This article will explore the Dachshund and how CBD can improve their quality of life.

Dachshund Puppy In Field

History & Temperament

Dachshund Happy Healthy

The dachshund, or wiener dog as it is otherwise known, is a much older and tactical dog than you may have thought. Since the early 1600s, dachshunds have been used as expert hunting assistants. Bred to be small enough to fit into the lair of badgers and other small burrowing mammals, they were an integral part of hunting life during that era. In fact, the name “Dachshund” literally translates from German to “Badger Hound”. Just because they were hunting dogs doesn’t mean they are overly aggressive, however. Dachshunds are a loyal and protective breed of pup. They are lovable, energetic and love to play, but also like to pick fights with dogs that are up to twice their size. This is a classic example of there being “more bark than bite”.

Common Health Problems And How CBD Can Help

Happy Dachshunds Oudoors Healthy

The average lifespan of a healthy dachshund is roughly 15 to 20 years. Pretty substantial in the world of dog years. Those, possible, two decades don’t come without the possibility of a few health problems, unfortunately. Most of the ailments we list below are not life threatening and all of them can be assisted with CBD oils. While we do believe that CBD can be used to aid in treatment with these ailments, always consult your veterinarian and follow their directions on how to properly treat serious conditions.

Back Problems

Have you ever suffered from any type of back pain? The commercials and television shows don’t really capture the agony one goes through when they experience pain to the sciatica or spinal cord. Picture having the severe pain of back issues and not having the ability to communicate it to anyone. 1 in 4 dachshunds will suffer from some type of back pain at some point in their life and you have to be diligent in understanding the warning signs. Dachshund back issues, also known as Inter-vertebral Disc Disease, usually presents itself later in your pup’s life and the symptoms are relatively easy to pick up on, if you’re looking out for them. Avoiding going up stairs or an unwillingness to jump on the couch can be an early sign of these back problems. If the signs progress to a lameness in the hind legs or a hunched back, you will need to contact your veterinarian immediately. CBD oil for dogs can help a lot with this issue. CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and has shown in tests to help reduce the pain and lack of mobility that is attributed to certain back issues. Obviously, it is not to be taken as a replacement for medicine, but can greatly assist in the healing process and reduction of pain.

Hip Dysplasia

This ailment is most often a hereditary ailment, which means that it was passed down to them by either of their parents. Hip dysplasia is defined as a malformation of the hip joint which causes the bones inside of their joints to rub and grind against each other. This ailment can be severely painful and lead to more serious issues if it is not diagnosed as soon as possible. Like we stated above with back issues in dachshunds, hip dysplasia and its treatment can be improved upon with the introduction of CBD to reduce pain, inflammation and ease any stress they may feel due to the ailment. While Hip Dysplasia isn’t life threatening, it can severely decrease your dachshunds quality of life.

Cushing’s Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism)

This ailment is a slowly developing hormone imbalance that is often confused with the signs of aging. Cushing’s Disease affects your dog’s adrenal glands and will usually present symptoms of excessive water drinking and urinating. Over time, they will become increasingly weak and develop more symptoms in the form of hair loss, lesions on the skin, obesity and more. Treatment and diagnosis can be an expensive process, but it’s best to catch this disease as soon as possible so that it can be properly treated. While CBD can not cure the disease, it can aid in many of the symptoms associated with it. CBD has been shown to improve skin conditions in dogs who underwent a study of CBD’s effect on the body at Colorado State University in 2018. Aside from your pet’s skin and coat, it showed improvements in energy, which can counteract the obesity and lethargic symptoms of Cushings. If your dachshund is showing signs of Cushing’s Disease, we highly recommend you visit your veterinarian before any further steps are taken.

Obesity & Diabetes

With smaller dogs like the dachshund being confined more regularly to houses and apartments, obesity and diabetes can be a common ailment to afflict them. Diabetes and obesity are a set of ailments that usually, but not always, come hand in hand. The dachshund is considered one of the top 10 dog breeds to suffer from obesity at some point in their lives. The onset of obesity can lead to more than just diabetes as well. Back pain and arthritis being the most common. While CBD won’t help fido shed the necessary pounds needed to avoid those additional symptoms, introducing it with a balanced and healthy diet will greatly improve their quality of life and aid in improving their digestive tract while reducing pain associated with back problems and arthritis. CBD is an excellent anti-inflammatory medication and can greatly aid against arthritis.

Stomach Issues

In the 1990s a group of researchers discovered that all mammals appear to have an Endocannabinoid System and a series of receptors inside of their bodies. These receptors work together to aid and regulate a vast variety of bodily functions and these elements were especially present in the digestive system. They found that if you introduce CBD into your body on a regular to semi-regular basis, it can lead to benefits in abdominal pain, thirst, hunger, motility (how well the intestines move waste) and more. Stomach issues can be a big problem for dog owners. Dogs are omnivores and tend to eat anything they can get their paws on. This type of diet can lead to an incredible strain on the digestive system, which can lead to serious complications down the road. Dachshunds are also at a higher risk of developing stomach and digestive problems such as parasites, gastrointestinal issues and hemorrhagic gastroenteritis (HGE). If you suspect that your dog may be suffering from any issues with the stomach or digestive tract, schedule a vet visit as soon as possible. HGE and other ailments can be life threatening if left untreated. The main symptom to be aware of is sudden, onset diarrhea, laced with blood.


Cancer is, unfortunately, an ailment that affects all dogs and is the leading cause of death in older dogs. Due to the longer life span of your dachshund, 15-20 years, they are more likely to develop some form of cancer throughout their lives. While many cancers are treatable and, in some cases curable, it is still a devastating disease to most pets. Catching it as soon as possible is essential and will ensure the mortality rate of your pet during treatment. Scheduling a veterinarian visit to check for lumps and bumps should be a regular step for pet owners. Cancer itself can often be treated or cured by surgery and therapy and the post care can be improved upon with the introduction of CBD oil and treats to your pup. CBD can assist with the pain associated with cancer treatment and also reduce the nausea they feel during said treatment. On top of that, CBD oils can help to increase a dog’s appetite as well as mental and emotional health during the process.


Smart Dachshund

CBD is a wonderful extract that can help with a host of issues for pets. Since it was only made legal on a federal level, thanks to The Farm Bill of 2018, there is still much research that needs to be done. Since it has become legal and burst onto the scene of holistic medicines, it has been received with a wave of positivity and testimonials of how well it works for many of the body’s ailments. While CBD oils and products won’t have you clearing out the medicine cabinet yet, it is a vital new weapon in the battle for person and pet health. Just like the seemingly endless amount of dog breeds that exists in our country, the list of specific ailments per breed is equally long. We learn more about this wonderful element with every study that is done and its applications seem to grow as well. There is still much research that needs to be done, but it looks like CBD is not going anywhere anytime soon and will only grow in the applications we can use it for to improve our pet’s health and overall quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best CBD oil for dachshunds?

CBD oil can aid with a number of ailments and quality of life problems. While there is not a dachshund specific CBD oil, there are many different types to choose from. The strength of CBD you give to your dachshund will depend on their size. Usually, a 250-500mg cbd product will suffice for their size.

Do vets recommend cbd oil for dachshunds?

While CBD has been made legal in the United States in 2018, veterinarians are still unable to recommend it as a viable replacement for chemical based medications. While many may give you their opinion on CBD products for your dachshund, they can not prescribe it.

Can I give cbd oil to dachshunds everyday?

Yes! CBD oil is actually at its most beneficial when taken every day or as often as possible. For more serious ailment relief, the effects of CBD may not become noticeable until after two to four weeks of treatment. Considering it contains zero THC and is virtually tasteless and odorless, you can easily add it into your dog’s food or water as a part of their daily routine.

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