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CBD Oil for Labrador Retrievers

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Published: June 17, 2020
Categories: Breed | Pet
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Dogs are just like humans. There are happy ones, moody ones, lazy ones, energetic ones, helpful ones and dogs you just can’t help but roll your eyes at. For as many types of dog breeds there are in the world, there are even more temperaments to accompany them. The fact is, when it comes to dogs, there is a lot to know and understand about our furry friends. It’s not as easy as choosing a dog that looks cute and going on to live happily ever after. Roughly 6-13% of dogs in The United States will wind up taken to or returned to a shelter at some point. In some cases it is due to allergies or unforeseen circumstances, but many times it is the clashing of owner lifestyle and pet needs that lead to the returns. This article series aims to educate you in hopes of reducing that number. It is also our hope in this new article series to inform you of the benefits of CBD Oil for Pets and the many ways it can aid in improving your pet’s quality of life.

Golden Retriever Labrador CBD

The History of Labrador Retrievers

The History of Labrador Retrievers

When you think of a Labrador retriever, what do you think of? Silly, friendly, eager to please? If you are thinking that those traits sound familiar to you, it’s probably because you have seen those traits before. In Canada. That’s right, the Labrador Retriever actually comes from our neighbours to the north. Newfoundland and Labrador to be precise. In the 1500s and beyond they were used by fishermen to help retrieve their catch by retrieving fish and fishing nets from the Labrador Sea. The breed’s, somewhat, webbed paws and strong rudder-like tail made them expert swimmers. Hence the name “Labrador”, like the sea, and “Retriever” from diving into the waters to fetch fish. If you think that’s a little on the nose, that’s okay, so do we. Labrador retrievers spent decades making an honest living as fishermen before they caught the eye of English settlers in the 1800s and were bred to be sport and hunting dogs. It wasn’t until 1917 that the American Kennel Club recognized the Labrador Retriever where they then became known as the quintessential family dog.

Labrador Retriever Temperament

Friendly Labrador With Child

Like we mentioned earlier, Labrador Retrievers are extremely lovable and friendly dogs. Due to their history they are also incredibly smart, because of this they are very easy to train. If you are a person who enjoys the great indoors, you may want to sit this breed out. You don’t come from hundreds of years of active hunting and fishing dogs only to be cooped up indoors all day. Labrador Retrievers are an active dog that loves to run, play and swim. They are also very kind for a hunting dog and have been described as a friend to people and animals alike. Labrador retrievers rarely lash out in acts of aggression and are happy to interact with other dogs. A must have trait for those who like to frequent dog parks or go on group walks with their pets. It’s traits like these that are the reason Labrador Retrievers have been the most popular dog breed, with families and single people alike, for the past 28 years.

Common Health Issues & How CBD Can Help

Labrador Retriever Puppy

Unfortunately this happy-go-lucky breed isn’t immune to injury and disease. Just like every breed we have covered in this article series, there are common health issues that are unique to the Labrador retriever and some that are common across other active dog breeds. While there are loads of medications and procedures that can be prescribed for the ailments we discuss below, CBD Oil for Labrador retrievers can aid in lessening the symptoms of certain ailments. Always be sure to consult your veterinarian for serious injuries and ask them if CBD for Labrador retrievers may be something that could benefit your dog.

Due to the Labrador Retriever’s love for running and playing, they are more likely to develop joint problems or some type of arthritis in their lifetime. Arthritis in Labrador retrievers affects their joints and can lead to immense pain whenever they walk or run. CBD dog chews are an all natural inclusion to their medication to aid in the reduction of pain due to arthritis. CBD oil actually has many anti-inflammatory properties and you can read all about them in our other posts. On top of arthritis, another joint issue that has been shown to plague Labrador retrievers is hip dysplasia. Of all the Labrador retriever health issues, hip dysplasia and arthritis are the most common. There is no indication that hip dysplasia is more or less common in black labs or yellow labs.

Interestingly enough, for such an active breed they are also prone to obesity. It is also a fairly common ailment for pets in the United States. While it is common in Labrador retrievers, obesity can often be confused with “bloat” which is actually a serious medical condition for Labs. Bloat is caused from a “distended abdomen”, which stems from a swelling in the stomach. If left untreated, bloating can be fatal to Labs. Your best chance at avoiding this ailment is to monitor your dog’s eating and drinking habits to ensure they do not overeat.

Due to the fact that Labs are at risk of obesity, they are also more prone to Heart Disease and other cardiac related issues. Most of the time, with the exception of it being brought on by obesity, heart problems are likely to be hereditary. While that may be the case in some diagnosis’ it can also be managed by a healthy diet, as well as general health and wellness. CBD supplements are something every pet owner should consider to improve their pets overall health and life quality. Much testing has to still be done on the extract, but it has shown great promise in aiding general health while reducing inflammation as well as the stress created by other health problems. Always talk with your vet if you are considering introducing your pet to CBD.

While the ailments listed above are some of the more common, serious, health problems to affect Labs, there are other minor ailments that your dog may suffer from at some point in their 10-12 year lifespan. These ailments include but aren’t limited to: retinal and other eye issues, hyperthyroidism and hot spots.


Smart Dog Labrador Retriever

When we decide it’s time to make the jump and become a pet owner, sometimes we can rush into the decision. It’s understandable why. The thought of a baby Labrador retriever – one of the cutest breeds when they’re puppies – running around our homes and welcoming us back after a long day of work brightens the heart. Understanding that it is not all puppies and playing is the first step every hopeful new pet owner should educate themselves about. Purchasing or adopting a new member of your family is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It should be met with research and, at very least, a basic knowledge of the habits and needs that come with the dog breed you are considering. We want our pets to live long, happy, healthy lives by our side and we strive to do all we can to assist in making that hope a reality. CBD oil and dog chews are an incredibly healthy and natural supplement you should consider introducing into your dog’s daily routine. It contains ZERO THC – the psychoactive properties of cannabis – and has been shown in multiple studies to aid in combating the many symptoms we listed in this article. If you are interested in learning about all the ways CBD can help your pet, read all of our related blog posts here.

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