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CBD Oil For Rottweilers

Verlota Author
Published: May 22, 2020
Categories: Pet

Dogs come in many different shapes, sizes, moods and personalities. Not all dogs are created equally and even breeds tend to have their standouts among the litter. For instance, you are going to get a completely different pet-parenting experience from raising a chihuahua than you are a rottweiler. Aside from that, they also come with specific health ailments that can affect a certain breed more than another. While there is certainly a level of overlap between breeds, specific ailments and temperaments are an important part of factoring in what type of dog you want to introduce to your family and bring into your home. In this new series of articles, we aim to answer most if not all of your questions regarding a specific breed when making that decision. This week we focus on one of the most popular dog breeds in North America and Europe: Rottweilers. What makes them tick? What kind of experience can you expect if you decide to purchase or adopt one of these dogs and are there any underlying health issues that are specific to their breed?

Rottweiler Statue Rome

The History of Rottweilers

Rottweiler CBD Ailments

Interestingly enough, rottweilers have one of the most robust and fascinating histories when it comes to the lineage of a dog. As most of us already know, dogs used to be wolves. Roaming the continent with their pack and answering to no one. At some point, humans noticed the usefulness and possible affection that came with domesticating one of these wolves and, after years of breeding and training, they became the family-friendly additions we know and love today. That wasn’t always the case though. If you research any breed of dog, you will encounter a rich backstory of how your dog was bred into a specific breed. Some were hunters, some were protectors, some were warriors, but the rottweiler was all of the above.

To know the story of the Rottweiler, you have to travel all the way back to ancient Rome to find their ancestors. Back then, they didn’t look like the rottweilers of today. In fact, they weren’t even called rottweilers. That came thousands of years after. Back then they were known as “Molossus Dogs”. No, not molasses. “Molossus”. These huge, honourable pooches used to run alongside their owners into battle. A trait that they still carry today when it comes to the bond between pet and owner. For years, Molossus dogs are depicted beside roman rulers in castles and on the fields of battle. Eventually, they made their way into Germany when the Roman Empire moved to conquer Europe. From there, Germany adopted the companion as a trusty sheep herder. They made for great farm hands and could wrangle cattle and sheep with ease, due to their attentiveness, intelligence to understand direction and downright intimidation factor that they still hold today. Mix that together with a few hundred to a thousand years of breeding and you get the domesticated pups that we see today.

Rottweiler Temperament

Rottweiler Barking CBD

Although rottweilers come from a violent and protective past, that doesn’t mean that it is their only attitude now-a-days. While they are still a very protective dog, they are not as prone to violent outbursts as you may have been led to believe. When you see a rottweiler in a movie or other form of entertainment, they are depicted as the guard dog, frothing at the mouth, scaring away intruders. This is only half true. Rottweilers are an extremely loyal companion and will love their owner as much as their owner loves them. Rottweilers are very protective, too. While they are not violent to strangers, they are hesitant of them. One a rottie has accepted yourself or your family as their alphas, they reciprocate that love by offering protection. They have a watchdog spirit and want to protect their pack. Which is what makes them a perfect family dog.

It’s not all intimidation and watching, however. Rottweilers are an extremely friendly and loving dog. In fact, they are actually quite needy. A rottweiler who does not feel loved, or is suffering from separation anxiety due to their owner neglecting or leaving them, will likely act out in aggressive ways. Not towards other humans or members of your family, but to members of your furniture.

They are also a very playful and fun loving pup. Rottweilers don’t require much exercise and actually tend to be quite docile. They have lost much of their battle-aggression over the centuries and now find themselves content to lay on the couch or at your feet, conquering belly rubs instead of kingdoms. The term “you get out what you put in” is especially true for this breed. If a rottweiler feels loved, supported and is happy in their family life, they will be an outstanding companion to any owner. Single, married and they are especially great with children, once you have proven to be trustworthy and caring. Their laziness and relaxed attitude does have its downsides as well. Especially when it comes to their health and longevity.

Common Health Issues & How CBD Can Help

Rottweiler Curious Head Tilt

Every breed of dog comes with their own, unique health issues. A lot of which we have covered in previous blogs. Rottweilers are no different and neither are the ways that CBD oil can help. This section will explore the specific ailments that affect the rottweiler breed and how CBD oil for dogs can assist in lessening the symptoms and reducing the effects.


This ailment, along with other eye issues, is one of the most common health problems when it comes to rottweilers. Not only is this an issue for the rottie when they enter into their twilight years, but it even affects them at a younger age. As young as 6 years. Congenital Cataracts – or juvenile cataracts – affects rottweilers and puppies as young as 6 years old. CBD oil cannot cure the effects of cataracts, but it can play a large part in reducing the stress and insecurities that your rottweiler may feel from it. It has been shown to reduce irritation, inflammation and enhance a pet’s quality of life. While cataracts may effect your dog on a daily basis, they will be more confident in their actions and less self conscious about the ailment holding them back.

Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

Pain control plays a big role in CBD for rottweilers and can alleviate the symptoms of pain that accompany hip and elbow dysplasia. Dysplasia in dogs can be a severely limiting and painful experience and it is more common in larger breeds, including rottweilers. In many occasions, the effects of CBD to dogs suffering from any type of pain, be it arthritis or dysplasia, have been shown to reduce the pain to a point where it was (almost) unnoticeable. CBD is not a miracle cure, however. If you fear or sense that your dog may be suffering from this particular ailment, schedule a veterinarian visit immediately.


This is another painful inflammation that affects large dog breeds and rottweilers more commonly. Panosteitis (Pano) is an inflammation of the outer surface of the bones of a dogs legs. It is often referred to as “growing pains” because it affects puppies during the developmental stages, but doctors are still baffled as to its origins in older dogs. How CBD can help your rottweiler with Pano is by reducing the inflammation and pain that is attributable to the disease. While physio and further pain management may be required, CBD oil has shown itself to greatly reduce the pain attributed to this ailment, as well as others, when reducing the swelling and emotional tole panosteitis can take. For more on Panosteitis and how CBD oil can help, check out our full blog on this ailment.

Aortic Stenosis

Heart issues are – unfortunately – a common ailment that affects rottweilers. It is when the aortic valve of the heart narrows, restricting blood flow and circulation. Considering that rottweilers are a more docile breed and aren’t as prone to exercise, this can be a more difficult one to spot. The symptoms often present as lethargy, shortness of breath and oftentimes, fainting. In more severe cases, heart failure can occur. If you notice any of these symptoms, or worry that it may be affecting your dog, schedule an immediate vet visit. CBD oil and treats for dogs will not cure aortic stenosis, but it can aid in symptom relief and improving their overall quality of life while they deal with the disease.


Cancer is one of the most common ailments in most dog breeds, but rottweilers tend to skew higher on the diagnosis chart. While there are many different forms that cancer can take, cancer in rottweilers often presents itself in the form of Lymphosarcoma – a cancer of the lymphatic system – and Osteosarcoma, which affects the bones. Like we have mentioned before, CBD oil can not cure cancer and much testing still needs to be done on the matter, but you can find thousands of testimonials on how CBD oil, treats and tinctures can help with the symptoms and disease itself.


Happy CBD Rottweiler Ailments

Just like every person, animal and pet on the planet, we all suffer from specific ailments. Some affect large dogs, little dogs, lazy dogs and everything in between. Some dogs can go their entire lives and never encounter any sort of ailment. Some may have the unfortunate task of having to battle some type of disease at a young age. There is no way to tell, but there is a way to be prepared. Whenever you decide to enter into the incredibly rewarding world of pet ownership, do your research. Maybe you have always wanted to have a rottweiler as your family pet, but you’re held back by where you live, your schedule or your lifestyle. Understanding the specific needs, moods and ailments of a specific breed should factor into making a responsible and informed decision on your new addition to the family. It’s our mission with these series of articles that we manage to educate and aid you in any questions you may have when considering the purchase or adoption of a specific breed.

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