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CBD Oil for Siberian Huskies

Verlota Author
Published: June 12, 2020
Categories: Breed | Pet

There are few dog breeds in the world that are as majestic as the Siberian Husky. It’s not often you can even get away with calling a dog-breed “majestic”, but the Siberian husky earns that title. This is an animal that has lived a weathered and storied past. Roots that go back 3000 years or more and appear to have world superpowers fighting over who has the right to call themselves their place of origin. Siberian huskies are heroes that have braved the cold to battle epidemics and are the happiest hard labour employees you could ever hope to find. But what makes them tick? Are they a good family dog? Understanding a dog breed as more than just “easy on the eyes” is an important piece of education that prospective pet owners must conduct before adopting or obtaining any pet. It’s the hope of this new article series that you will better understand specific dog breeds, their temperaments and ailments so that you can make a more informed decision on your future family members. This article will explore all of those questions and list all the ways that CBD for huskies can drastically improve their quality of life while they endure the icy cold while warming your heart.

CBD Oil For Siberian Huskies

The History of Siberian Huskies

The History of Siberian Huskies

Like we mentioned in our opening statement, Siberian huskies are such a coveted dog that countries are still arguing over who can lay claim to this floof’s origins. Specifically Siberia and The United States. A new “cold war” if you will. Only we’re just referring to the temperature in this instance.

While Siberia and the US are squabbling over who can claim the origins of this masterpiece of a pooch, the real origins date back to before either existed. 3000 years ago, to be more exact, in northeastern Asia where the Chukchi people used them as sled-dogs to maintain their nomadic lifestyles. They were in need of a strong working class dog that had unmatched endurance. While no animal like that existed at the time, they eventually bred them into existence to be the perfect sled-dogs. A happy accident during the breeding process led to the now named Siberian husky gaining the ability to actually regulate their metabolism. This gave the Siberian husky an incredible ability to dip into their fat reserves for energy during long distances, negating the need to refuel (eat) as often as other dogs.

Fast-forward a few thousand years, to the 1900s, and we begin to see the Siberian husky appear in modern times. Alaska, 1909 to be exact. A moment of note for American history, intertwined with modern huskies was during the diphtheria epidemic of 1925. Siberian huskies were used to transport severely needed medicine to people in need, gaining national attention to the dog-sled drivers and, you guessed it, their endurance machined sled-dogs: the Siberian husky.

Siberian Husky Temperament

Siberian Husky Temperament

If you’re a laid back pet owner, with limited space who enjoys their peace and quiet then this dog is not for you. Siberian Huskies are a working dog that is the closest thing to a domesticated wolf one can find. We are pretty sure that howling at the moon is this breed’s recreational sport of choice. Siberian huskies aren’t dogs that like to bark constantly or are considered “yappy” by any stretch of the imagination, they are howlers. Actually, if you really try you can probably hear one howling right now. No matter where you are. They are also extremely good with children, but it is recommended that you have them around young children, not infants. Due to their friendly demeanor and playful attitudes, they make for a perfect family dog, as long as your family is on the active side. The average husky (35-50lbs) requires slightly more than 2-hours of pet exercise everyday. If that is a number that makes you clutch your chest, Siberian husky ownership is likely not for you. Unless you like the idea of having countless holes dug in your yard.

While their blazing blue or emerald green eyes may be hypnotized to look at and their size can be intimidating, don’t rely on them to be a vicious watchdog. Siberian Huskies are extremely eager to please and view everyone they see as a potential friend. Making them not the most reliable pup to keep your home safe. They are more likely to play with an intruder rather than intimidate them.

Common Health Issues & Benefits of CBD for Huskies

Common Health Issues & How CBD Can Help

While the Siberian husky is an unmatched working class dog and a hero by all definitions of the word, they are still prone to many ailments that can severely limit their mobility and decrease their overall quality of life. Pain and inflammation are one of the main issues for such an active dog breed and CBD for huskies is a great inclusion to aid in treating any ailment we list below.  CBD oil for huskies or various kinds of CBD for huskies – such as CBD dog treats – are an easy inclusion in your fluffy winter-dog’s routine.  Huskies suffer from many of their own breed-associated ailments, just like any kind of pup.  What are the benefits of CBD for huskies? Let’s analyze their common health problems and determine how CBD oil can help huskies be at their husky-best.

Just like with any highly active dog breed, issues of hip dysplasia are rather common. This inherited disease is a leading cause in animal arthritis and can be quite painful. It is caused when the hip joint and socket aren’t formed properly, causing them to grind and clash, creating pain in the hind legs. This is usually quite easy to spot as the symptoms will present themselves through limping and and a lameness in the legs. The only way a veterinarian can diagnose this ailment is through x-rays and will likely lead to them being prescribed pain medication, anti inflammatory medications and others that can assist in reducing pain to help with their discomfort. All of these symptoms have been shown to be further reduced using CBD for Siberian huskies. While it will not cure the symptoms of hip dysplasia, CBD can be used to assist in the reduction of pain and inflammation.

Another health issue that affects Siberian huskies is epilepsy and seizures. Seizures in dogs is a common ailment to affect thousands of breeds across The United States. Neurological disorders can be quite serious and should always be consulted by a professional. Epilepsy and seizures are a lifelong condition and often will be paired with medication for your dog that they must take for life as well. If you notice your dog having seizures of any kind, reactive, secondary or primary, you should schedule a veterinarian visit immediately. CBD oil has been showing great promise in reducing seizures and is a fantastic addition to the treatment process of Siberian huskies who suffer from this ailment. If you’d like to learn more about neurological issues and seizures in dogs, view our other helpful articles here.

High blood pressure and heart disease are ailments that tend to run a higher probability in Siberian huskies. In-fact, high blood pressure has been shown to affect Siberian huskies more than almost all other dog breeds. Due to both blood pressure and heart disease, vets will pay special attention to their health during visits. While internal diseases are often hard to identify without medical assistance, signs like becoming easily tired, fainting, coughing and a swollen belly can often be signs of some type of heart disease or internal issue that should be investigated as soon as possible including heart diseases in dogs!

Probably one of the most common health problems to affect Siberian huskies is due to the fault of the owner. Like we mentioned above, Siberian huskies require ample exercise to live a healthy lifestyle and not demolish your possessions. If you are unable to provide that level of exercise then your husky, like many others in The United States, is likely to suffer from obesity. This is a significant problem with this particular breed. While obesity is a health issue in itself, it can lead to other ailments that can greatly affect your pet’s quality of life. Joint problems, diabetes, digestive disorders, spinal problems and the aforementioned heart disease are just a few. While the other diseases we have listed in this article are inherited or can be developed over time, at no fault of your own, obesity is 100% the fault of owner neglect, not providing the right living conditions to their pet.

CBD Oil: Huskies Pawfect Remedy


No matter what pet species or dog breed you decide on adopting or buying in your lifetime, there is a decent probability that they will become sick at some point. While some owners live long and healthy lives with their pet companions, the likelihood of them becoming sick is high. Understanding how each pet’s needs can differ should always be step #1 when considering a new dog. CBD for huskies and other pets is a worth inclusion into their daily routine that can drastically improve their quality of life and aid in a host of ailments that can affect your pets over time. Our dogs are members of our families and all we want for them is to live as long and healthy as they can. We hope that this article has not only expanded your understanding of Siberian huskies and their history, but also provided additional information to aid you in your decision of a new member to add to your family.


Do vets recommend CBD oil for huskies?

Veterinarians do not typically recommend CBD oil for huskies due to the lack of research surrounding Cannabidiol’s medical efficacy.  There are a lot of products, happy customers + dogs and a surge of research on the horizon, but the current state of things exists in the “hurry up and wait” for more information.  

What kind of CBD is best for huskies?

Hemp CBD for huskies is always preferable to cannabis-sourced Cannabidiol due to the presence of THC in cannabis products.  Hemp-derived CBD is non-psychoactive and contains little-to-no THC by law (<0,3% THC to be saleable in the United States).  This is important because THC can be toxic to your dog and cause negative effects in their health & wellbeing.

How long does it take for CBD oil to work for joint pain in huskies?

CBD oil and other CBD products have very different dosage requirements and duration of effects on dogs.  Your pooch’s breed, size, diet and overall health will contribute to their experiences with CBD.  It’s considered best practice to always start with a low dose and go slow when trying CBD for the first time.  Pay close attention to your pet’s behaviors and cues and adjust their CBD intake accordingly.

Will CBD oil calm my huskies down?

CBD oil for calm huskies is a very popular treatment method for hemp Cannabidiol.  CBD is great at easing nervousness, relaxing anxious dogs and helping your pet to feel comfortable.

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