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CBD Power Drops (ISO) – 30 ml – 1000 mg

(10 customer reviews)


Temporarily out of stock on this item.

  • Helps to aid workout, sports, or exercise recovery
  • No THC = Zero psychoactive effects, just the healing benefits of CBD Oil
  • 1000 mg of Hemp-derived Cannabidiol per 30 ml Tincture


Product Ingredients
Product Ingredients
Product Instructions
Product Reviews
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Whether you are a professional/amateur athlete, a sports enthusiast or just committed to an active lifestyle, CBD oil drops can help to support you in your pursuit of personal & professional excellence. Verlota’s Power Drops can be ingested orally – under the tongue, mixed in food or drink – or applied topically. Our promise to you:

  • CBD Oil Power Drops CBD ISO contains 1000 mg hemp-derived CBD.
  • CBD extracted from organically grown, 100% American hemp
  • Chemical-free: No solvents, preservatives, herbicides, or pesticides
  • Lab-tested for quality and consistency
  • ZERO THC: no psychoactive effects, just improved recovery and performance
Product Ingredients


  • 100 % American-grown hemp cannabidiol extract (CBD)
  • Hemp Seed Oil
Product Instructions


Recommended Use: Shake well before use. Take 1-2 servings daily, or as desired. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place. Keep this product out of direct sunlight. Talk to your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about taking supplement products.

Product Reviews


10 reviews for CBD Power Drops (ISO) – 30 ml – 1000 mg

  1. Janelle Daily

    I appreciate these drops b/c they settle my nerves but also gimmie a jolt before fitness comps. Good price, just need a bigger bottle or higher concentration option.

  2. Bin Yam Jeong

    P-p-p-p-p-ower drops! I’m writing this 5-star review while these power drops kick in 😉 Now I’m off to the gym to wreck some personal records — Bin Yam

  3. Sarra Powell

    I was skeptical about cbd for muscle recovery & muscle building but this stuff has impressed so far. I really like the idea of natural products to help me keep my progress at Crossfit.

  4. Magnus Thomsson

    I sound like Thor the thunder god putting POWER DROPS in my tea every morning 😀 Good boost and helps with the aches & pains

  5. Arthur Quang

    POW-AH! Artie approves 😀

  6. Jazmyn Grant

    Crossfit is life and CBD is my secret!

  7. Daniel Mooney

    No pain no gain right? Well I’ve been using this wonderful elixir for a straight month now and I have NEVER felt better after a hard workout than I do now. Highly recommended!!!!

  8. Marianna Shields

    I’m alway using these b4 work and b4 I hit the gym and they work great! No THC so I stay focused and alert through the whole day. Calming, relaxing and helps prevent injury or strain. I can’t be without it!

  9. Frank Mcgill

    This is great becuz it won’t get you stoned but you can still enjoy calming and healing CBD!

  10. Isadora Manning

    If your health is important to you but so is avoiding aches, pains and muscle strain then add this little bottle to your gym bag! You won’t regret it.

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