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CBD Dog Treats: Joint Pain & Inflammation

(21 customer reviews)


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Wild Thing Pets Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats are suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.  These dog treats for arthritis, injuries, illnesses and the symptoms of everyday “senior-life” challenges can help your canine to handle their fun & furry lifestyles. If your dog is getting a little grey in the muzzle – or recently suffered a traumatic injury – Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats can lend a paw in your dog’s recovery to a better quality of life.

For Joint Pain Relief try our Glucosamine CBD Dog Treats

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Product Ingredients
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Wild Thing CBD Dog treats are derived from locally grown hemp plants of the highest quality and naturally sourced, premium ingredients.  Each bite-sized treat contains 5 mg of pure, potent and viable CBD.  Flavored with ethically sourced chicken and pork and with added beneficial supplements like vitamin E, A, B12, glucosamine, arnica and turmeric, these treats not only effectively treat most of your pet’s ailments but they taste great! (to your pet, that is).

Wild Thing Pets Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats are suitable for all breeds and all sizes of dogs.  Wild Thing’s Pain & Inflammation dog treats for arthritis, aging joints or your canine’s everyday soreness, stiffness, and swelling. Supplementing dog treats for arthritis into your dog’s daily routine can be significantly beneficial for dogs with injuries, joint issues, or everyday “senior-life” challenges.  If your dog is getting a little grey in the muzzle – or recently suffered a traumatic injury – Pain & Inflammation CBD Dog Treats can lend a paw in your dog’s recovery to a better quality of life.  What’s more: it’s non-GMO, gluten-free, and contains no THC.

Our promise to you and your pets: 

We stand by the quality of our products, like your pets stand – or sit – by your side.  Wagging tails and loud purrs are our goals – because a healthy pet is a happy pet. Try Wild Thing Pets’ CBD Dog Treats for Arthritis today!

  • 100% THC free = ZERO psychoactive effects
  • CBD derived from organically grown, 100% American hemp
  • Chemical-free: No solvents, preservatives, herbicides, or pesticides
  • Lab-tested for quality and consistency

Healthy Pets, Happy You.


Ingredients: Natural inputs you and your pets can both pronounce 

Cannabidiol hemp extract, Ground yellow corn, distillers dried grain with solubles, porcin/pork meal, hempseed oil, glucosamine, arnica, turmeric, vitamin E supplement, vitamin B12 supplement, vitamin A supplement, potassium, wheat middlings, xantham gum, vegetable glycerin, poultry fat preserved with minimal BHA, poultry liver flavors, salt, brewer’s yeast, other vitamins and minerals.


Directions for Dog Treats for Arthritis: Open bag, rustle treats for effect – best served with a “Sit” and a “Shake a paw”. 

  • Ingestion: Incorporate into your pet’s favorite meal or serve as needed. Be wary of the amount you use. Start with 1-2 treats per serving – or as befits yours pet’s CBD tolerance.

Give 1-2 servings daily or as desired.  For best quality, use within 5 weeks of opening. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool dry place with the bag sealed. Keep this product out of direct sunlight. Always talk to your vet before giving any supplement product.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Wild Thing Pets® products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information contained in or made available through the Wild Thing Pets® website is not intended to constitute or substitute legal advice or consultation from veterinary professionals. https://verlota.com/terms-and-conditions/

Product Reviews


21 reviews for CBD Dog Treats: Joint Pain & Inflammation

  1. Sandra Bukowskey

    Bow wow! (that’s my dog’s input) 😛 These cbd dog treats for arthritis have made a huge diference in my dog Sassy’s everyday. She takes a couple treats when we get up, for lunch and again after dinner. Sassy is back to herself and doing her namesake proud 😀 Luv luv luv these treats Wild Thing!

  2. Kelsey Gibbons

    Incredible products! Really happy I found your site!

  3. Asha O

    I love that they’re still operating during this crazy time. Also it’s FREE! YEP!

  4. Matthew Harmer

    Cbd for pets. What a world! I have been taking it for years but its good see the medicine make its way to the pet kingdom too! Picked up some for my terrier and cant wait to see how they feel

  5. Jedd Allan


  6. Maggie B

    My husky started almost dragging his back legs a few months back and I found out about wild thing pets and their products. Make a really big difference. Back legs are almost moving normal again!

  7. Joan Farrow

    My dog was always moving slower in the morning. Stiff joint and arthritis. I’m noticing after about 3-weeks of using Wild Thing Pets she’s becoming more mobile! There’s actually a change now from before she gets his drops to after.

  8. Keri Ryder

    She’s going up and down the stairs again! Seems to really be helping with her mobility and pain!

  9. Sarah Grant

    Looked for anything I could find to replace the pain medication we had our dog on and cbd seems to be helping! Does it work this well for people too? I know so little about this stuff!

  10. Aaron Willis

    Tried a lot of cbd for my pets already and this one seems to work the best! Great prodcut!

  11. Rhys Conroy

    I’m forever grateful to be able to find a natural replacement for my dogs pain medication. Had him off pain meds for his arthritis for sometime now and hes never seemed better!

  12. Tristan Webber

    My dog offered up his belly for rubs for the first time in what seems like years. Love this product!

  13. Elicia Lawson

    Did wonders for my dogs hip pains! I honestly can’t believe it

  14. Katy Robertson

    This product is great, it’s helped my old lab a ton!

  15. Everly

    Pretty sure this is doing wonders for my dog’s arthritis. Weaning her off the pain meds now!

  16. Bryan N.

    Amazing replacement for harsher pharmaceutical meds

  17. Tammy Graff

    Thank god for these treats. I hate using chemical medicines on my puppy and after surgery I was looking for anything for thier pain that wasn’t pharmaceutical. The pain & inflammation treats work SO GOOD!

  18. I_love-Lamp

    I nevver know if I should get the pain or calming, so I just get both.

  19. Professor X-Savior

    I have an older Golden Retriever and she’s been getting slower and slower but these treats seem to help her with her joint pain and is becoming more mobile! Definitely going to keep getting these for her!!!!

  20. jskalaw

    I’ll be buying these again for sure!

  21. opposable_bums

    Dog didn’t seem to take to the treats right away so I just held them out and pspspspspsps him over to me.. day 3 he was waiting fo rthem

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