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A Visit to The Springs Will Put A Spring in Your Step

They call Denver the “Mile High City”, but technically so is Colorado Springs – the largest population by area in the Rocky Mountain State, and the seat of the U.S. Olympic Committee & USA Hockey headquarters.  “The Springs”, as it’s known by many locals and visitors, is a haven for fresh air, adventure, and breathtaking natural landmarks.  People and pets come from all over to take in the supernatural beauty of Pikes Peak, the Garden of the Gods, and of course, the numerous springs in the region for which the city is named (Tahama Springs, Monument Creek, etc).

Colorado Springs has had many nicknames – The Springs, Olympic City, and even Little London.  Although the city was primarily established by William Palmer and his bevvy of English investors – hence the name “Little London” – the heart of Colorado Spring’s heritage is linked to the many Nations of indigenous peoples that hold this region in sacred regard.  Pikes Peak and the Garden of the Gods was, and remains a culturally significant place for the Ute, Arapho & Cheyenne peoples.


Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats In Colorado Springs Pikes Peak
Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats In Colorado Springs Seven Falls Resort

There’s A Lot Brewing in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is mostly famous for its natural wonders, its Olympic roots, and for being one of the top places to live in the United States.  The fabled U.S. Olympic Training Center, where the U.S. Olympic Committee hang their hats, was the first of its kind to be built in the late 1970’s.  Why Colorado Springs?, you might ask?  The high-altitudes of Colorado have long been thought to enhance the endurance and training gains of many athletes.  

When it comes to wetting your thirst, a fresh, cool and crisp spring definitely comes to mind.  Colorado Springs may as well have been named ‘Beer Springs’, because when it comes to a good brew – specifically craft beer – there’s only two other cities that are paramount to Colorado Spring’s 350 craft breweries.  The Springs are the proud site of the third most craft breweries in the entire country.  Colorado State is known for its iconic Coors brewery, but there’s a great number of small-batch, micro-breweries, and craft brewers that have made Colorado Springs a beer-lovers paradise.  There’s just something in the air in Colorado, and something in the water of The Springs.

While you’re enjoying the beer and sites like the United States Army Air Force Academy, your pets can soak up with fresh mountain air, chase a ball through the beautiful National Parks, or wag-a-tail at the incomparable views at the Garden of the Gods.


Pike’s Peak Will Make Your Pooch Paws in Awe

Pike’s Peak was what drew people from all around to establish a camp, and later a town, at the base of the legendary mountain.  Through the gold rush, the railway development, and the dazzling beauty of the Rockies, Colorado Springs became a favorite destination for people seeking the signature je-ne-sais-quoi of Colorado-living.  Pikes Peak not only towers over the city and its surrounding area, but it dominates the city’s cultural identity and tourism.  The Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, illustriously known as ‘The Race to the Clouds’, is the ultimate race in Colorado and a world-renowned automobile & motorcycle event.  Anyone who has visited the summit itself has come to realize what many residents of The Springs already know – this place rises above many others in terms of unique, natural beauty.

Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats In Colorado Springs Rocky Mountains

Another superb destination for outdoor lovers – pets included – is the one-of-a-kind Garden of the Gods.  When they first beheld this National Natural Landmark, the European settlers called the park ‘Red Rock Corral’.  Obviously, this name wasn’t suited for the awe-inspiring views of the crimson, rocky structures thrust up from the Earth, as if by the very fist of Gaia herself!… So it came to pass that a couple of surveyors came upon the park and exclaimed, “What a place for a beer garden!” (yes, they were also European).  This sentiment struck a chord, and the National Park became the “Beer Gardens of the Gods” – or at least it should have been, like we said, Colorado Springs likes their brew!  The Garden of the Gods, as it is now known, is one of the main tourist attractions of the region, and many flock to the Cathedral Spires, Steamboat Rock, and the many hiking trails for a glimpse of its stunning vistas.



Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats In Colorado Springs Garden Of The Gods

To get the true Colorado experience, you have to take the time to bask in fresh, high altitude air.  What better way to feel the “Rocky Mountain High” than to soar above the beautiful vistas of Colorado Springs at the annual Labor Day Lift Off.  During the Labor Day weekend, thousands of people take to the blue skies above Colorado Springs in one of America’s biggest balloon festivals.  Accompanied by the best local food & drink vendors that the Springs has to offer, Labor Day Lift Off is an absolute must for anyone in the area.  Even those afraid of heights can just enjoy the colorful parade of hot air balloons from the safety of a pickup tailgate, delicious craft beer in hand.

Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats In Colorado Springs Hot Air Balloon Races

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in Colorado Springs


There’s something to be said about the jaw-dropping beauty of Colorado Springs – it attracts hikers, bikers, racers, athletes, and even their dogs.  The Springs is a great place to spend your time in nature, and its people and history are heavily invested in preserving the ecosystem they inhabit.  There’s over 500 acres of trails in the area, 150 regional parks and over ten major/National Parks to explore.

With so much to see in the great outdoors, you and Fido will undoubtedly be tempted to huff it up and down the seemingly endless hikes, feasting on all the breathtaking views.  Like a good Colorado Springs craft beer, it’s easy to ‘get drunk’ on the sheer number of trails to put your boots (and paws) to.  Also, like craft beer, you have to know when and how to pace yourself so that you can get the most out of the experience.  Your dog will never be the one to tell you “Hey, let’s take it easy and take our time” – one of the best parts about our canines is their joyful, over-excited exuberance towards anything and everything outdoorsy.  It’s up to the responsible pet-owner to know your pet’s physical cues, and to have a bone-ified solution to any potential ailments that might affect them on a trek through Colorado’s wilderness.

To avoid having to interrupt your adventure through Colorado Springs because of injury or illness, CBD oil and treats can a be very beneficial treatment and preventative for many pet ailments. Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety in dogs, can block pain and reduce inflammation in dogs, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

If you visit Colorado Springs for the beer and the godly “Beer Gardens”, or if you’re just looking for a beautiful neck-of-the-woods to relax and take in the high-altitude air, buy CBD Oil in Colorado Springs to make sure you & your canine stays focused, rested, calm and healthy.

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