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‘Magic City’ Will Cast A Spell On You & Your Pets


As the largest city and metropolitan center for the entire State of Montana, Billings is the focal point for most of the hustle-and-bustle.  Although its resident population is only around 180,000, the place dubbed “Magic City” serves as much as 500,000 people from nearby cities and townships as well.  Why ‘Magic City’? you might ask.  Billings had a reputation for expedient growth in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s as a busy railroad traffic town.  Like magic, Billings morphed into a major city in the “Big Sky State” in rapid succession, and it remains the metropolitan center for Montana to this date.

Speaking of railroads, this State capital city was named after the former President of the Northern Pacific Railroad – Frederic H. Billings.  Because of the railway development, Billings has become a major hub of commerce between Wyoming, the Dakotas and the entire State of Montana.  In recent years, “Magic City” proved its namesake and managed to largely avoid the economic and housing bubble crashes between 2008-2012.  This could be attributed to Montana’s oil investment and infrastructure – after all, the largest oil development in the entire country is nearby in the Bakken Oilfields.

No matter what is thrown its way, like the long lines of railway cars that pass through it, Billings keeps on rolling at its own pace.  The Billings-region is surrounded by pristine forests, mountains, lakes and rivers – many come for the retail shops, or business opportunities but end up staying for the natural enchantment of the “Big Sky State”.

Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats Billings Train Track
Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats Billings Lake

The Shining Star of the Big Sky State

When you think of Montana, most people picture the sweeping, majestic mountain vistas… lush, verdantly green forests… and big, open skies that show off every color and every star imaginable.  This natural mystique is one of the main draws of Montana, and Billings has its fair share of natural history and landmarks to visit.  To get an idea of just how many parks and natural historical sites there are in the Billings area, take a breath and try to read this list out in one go:
Yellowstone Art Museum, The Moss Mansion Historic House Museum, Western Heritage Center, Boothill Cemetery, Black Otter Trail, Yellowstone Kelly’s Grave, ZooMontanaPictograph Cave National Historic Landmark, Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument, Lake Elmo State Park, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Pompey’s Pillar National Monument, Chief Plenty Coups State Park, Yellowstone Arboretum, Riverfront Park, Phipps Park, Two Moon Park, Zimmerman Park, Beartooth Mountains, Red Lodge Mountain Resort and many, many more.


Got An Itch For Outdoor Adventuring? Billings Has Got You Scratched

Like the long list of parks & recreational places to see, Billings’ repertoire of outdoor activities is what draws thousands of people.  Biking, hiking, climbing, skiing, fishing, boating, horseback riding, off-roading, motorcycling, skateboarding and disc-golf/frisbeeing – yes, “frolfing’ is huge in Billings.  Are you into something that isn’t on this list? Well, Billings probably caters to that too, we just needed to take a break from typing because our fingers were cramping up!

Whether you’re a thrill-seeking, mountainside-rappelling outdoorsperson, or just looking to immerse yourself in nature with your trusty canine at your side, Billings is a perfect place to visit.    


Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats Billings National Park

If you’re looking to spend some time downtown Billings, there’s plenty of events to keep you busy.  You’ve heard of Montana’s famous huckleberry, but Billings is host to the annual Strawberry Festival throughout the month of June.  Are you more of a grapes-and-cheese person? Well the Wine & Food Festival in May might interest your taste buds.  The Big Sky State Games and the Great American Motorcycle Hill Climb, both in July, are very popular for the sportspeople visiting the Billings area.  August keeps the good times rolling with SkyFest, Montana Fair, and the Magic City Blues Festival.  These events are just a few examples of where/when/how to experience a slice of Montana-Americana.

Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats Billings Glacier National Park

Bringing Fido or Fluffy on your trip to Montana? Camping is an obvious reason to come to Billings, and when you do make sure your pets come with you.  Montana is one of the more picturesque places in the entire country to experience the great outdoors.  Glacier National Park has some of the most iconic views of mountains, lakes and wildlife in all of North America.

For some Billings-specific, pet-friendly places to take your furry friends, The Rims at Zimmerman Park and High Sierra Dog Park are two of the top ‘dogstinations’.  Norm Schoenthal Island, situated on the beautiful Yellowstone River, is another favorite haunt for both resident and tourist pups.  


Shop CBD For Dogs And Cats Billings Mountains

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in Billings

Whether you’re camping in Montana’s wide-open spaces or thinking of settling in Billings and opening up shop in its busy downtown, there’s many kinds of stress to contend with.  The same can be said for your pets.  Physical exertion, ‘new environment’ anxiety, or stress caused by reactions to tick bites, different climates and unknown elements can all lead to health issues for your dog or cat.  As relaxing, serene and awe-inspiring as Montana can be, it still pays dividends to be prepared for the worst when stepping foot in the Big Sky State.  

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting your camping trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments. Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

When you’re in ‘Magic City’, don’t let the magic of CBD wear off for your pets.  Shop for CBD Dog Treats of CBD Pet Oil in Billings, and keep your pets healthy and happy.

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