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The City That ‘Broke Bad’ Has The Goods You’re Looking For

A lot of us know Albuquerque as the central location of the events on Breaking Bad – one of the most highly-acclaimed and popular television series of the modern era.  If you’re saying to yourself: “Breaking-What-Now”?… Then you need to stop reading this and immediately binge-watch the most binge-watch-worthy TV drama! Seriously, you need to watch, and then re-watch this show!

Besides this television masterpiece, Albuquerque has always been somewhat of a ‘diamond in the rough’ – a shining, polished diamond in the rough sand of the New Mexico desert-state. From hot-air balloons to hot and sunny weather year-round, ABQ has 300+ days of summer so its ideal for those looking to escape those things called “seasons”.   

‘Duke City’, as its often called, has a strong Latin cultural background – after all, it was named after Duke Francisco Fernandez de la Cueva, a Spanish Viceroy in the early 1700’s.  Albuquerque is known for its spicy, flavorful and vibrant cuisine, architecture and arts community.  Did you know that the ‘Breakfast Burrito’ was alleged to have been created at the annual International Balloon Fiesta? Early morning risers wanted to watch the hot-air balloons go up into the brisk New Mexican sky, but they didn’t want to take in the festival with a whole plate of eggs-frittata in their hands.  Thus, some smart Albebuerqueans decided to substitute the plate for a tortilla wrap and free up an arm for hooting-and-hollering at the colorful parade of floating canvases.

Albuquerque On the Rise

Speaking of hot-air balloons, the International Balloon Fiesta is the world’s largest event of its kind.  For nine days in October, over 550 balloons take to the skies above the iconic Rio Grande Valley while nearly 1-million visitors to the ABQ watch from lawn chairs and tailgates.  There’s a balloon rodeo of impossible shaped hot-air balloons, glow-in-the-dark nighttime balloon parades, and a dazzling fireworks show to cap it all off (no balloons in the air when they start firing, of course).  Musicians, food vendors, and a unique array of shops come to this one-of-a-kind event every year making it a must-see.

The Balloon Fiesta is just one of the main attractions that puts Albuquerque on the map.  In the past five years, ABQ has continued to be in the top 10 for places to visit (as voted by AFAR Magazine).  From the moment people and their pets drive down the legendary ‘Route 66’, or taste the spice of the local chili-infused cuisine, Albuquerque creates an exclusive experience that is difficult to encapsulate in words: it’s just… Albuquerque! 

It’s Hot, It’s Sunny, So Bust Out Your Apron & BBQ in the ABQ

Surrounded by the Sandia & Manzano mountain ranges, Albuquerque draws many hikers, bikers, and four-legged adventure seekers.  One of the more popular trail networks is the Paseo del Bosque – a 16-mile web of picturesque views and challenging trails enjoyed by hikers, runners, cyclists and horseback riders alike.  ABQ is known for its high-altitudes as much as the heat, so be prepared and pack extra water for yourself and your canine companions.  Another walk that calls to many people is the Petroglyph National Monument.  This unique landmark is one of the most iconic cultural sites in all of New Mexico.  There are over 20,000 images carved in stones – a breath-taking sight to behold for the thousands of tourists that flock to this heritage site.

 Many a wandering foodie finds themselves perusing the scintillating scents of Albuquerquean cuisine.  ABQ is as rich in good food as they are in sunny weather and culture.  Most restaurants are pet-friendly, and provide outdoor eating options so you and your furriends and family can enjoy the diverse palette of New Mexican flavors.  One establishment that’s been gaining a fanatical following is CAMPO – a farm-to-table organic restaurant that offers an authentic ABQ dining experience.  Although its a hybrid of casual-fine dining, some prefer a streetside favorite: the Dog House.  Yes, it is obviously dog friendly, and this quaint drive-thru spot has been serving up its famous ‘footlong chili dogs’ for over 50 years.  Whether you’re after ethnic cuisine, comfort food to eat in the hot sun, or a taste of the renowned Albuquerquean wine or craft beer, ABQ is positively HQP (Highest Quality Possible).

We mentioned Breaking Bad already, didn’t we? Well if you want to see the city from the eyes of Walter White & Jesse Pinkman, hop in the RV for the Breaking Bad RV Tour experience.  You won’t get into anything illegal, just visit all the real-world sites where the show’s memorable moments took place.  For the braver tourist, another popular tour is the Albucreepy Downtown Ghost Walk.

One of the best parts of ABQ life is staying in its uniquely New Mexican buildings.  The famous ‘adobe homes’ style is prevalent throughout the city – from hacienda, to b&B, to dentist’s office.  Most of Albuqueque’s hotels are pet-friendly, and they have the essentials like A/C and pools for staying cool.  There are also a lot of resorts and casinos for the more inclusive kind of stay in ABQ. 

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in Albuquerque

Anytime you travel to the desert, there’s the obvious things to watch out for: overheating, sunburn, dehydration, and some environmental dangers like cacti or snake bites.  Heck, even over-excitement might effect you or your pet (something about the over stimulation of thousands of hot air balloons and fireworks seems like a potential cause of vacation stress).  Albuquerque is an amazing place to visit, almost TOO awesome.  So how can you find balance in such an experience-rich destination like ABQ?

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting the trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments. Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

CBD from Wild Thing Pets can help you and your pets get the most out of your New Mexico experience.  To enjoy all that Albuquerque has to offer, give a little CBD to your pets and take advantage of the benefits it has for their health. 

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