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Arlington Attracts Big Attractions

With an estimated population of about 400,000 people in 2017, the forty-eighth most populous city in the U.S., Arlington doesn’t really stand out as “Texas big” at first glance. This is a misconception, however, and you will see why in this article that what Arlington lacks in population it makes up for in almost every other way!

If you are a warm weather traveler, you would love a stop in Arlington where the average summer temperature is between 90-94°F. In June of 1980, Arlington reached its highest recorded temperature of 112°F, which is probably too hot for you and Fido to actually do anything outside. This explains the retractable roof on AT&T Stadium, but could you imagine that air-conditioning bill?

Arlington is also home to AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys NFL team with a maximum capacity of 105,000 people if you enclude standing room sections. Hanging from the rafters of this massive retractable roof stadium is the world’s 29th largest high definition video screen spreading from 20-yard line to 20-yard line.

“Split” Your Time Between These Arlington Favorites 

Arlington is a tough place to get bored while visiting because they really seem to have something for everyone to do. If you aren’t into NFL football you could always take in a Major League Baseball game at Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers. They even host a Bark in the Park event each season where you and your canine companion can both enjoy a game and maybe even score a new ball to play fetch with at home!

Six Flags over Texas in Arlington was the first Six Flags theme park and it cover 212-acres, I’d say that’s pretty big! It’s also one of the top five employers in the city! Major research university, the University of Texas at Arlington, enrolls over 40,000 students making it the largest university in North Texas.

Having Fun & Fundraising With Fido

Ten pin bowling is “Texas big” in Arlington where you will find the International Bowling Campus that is home to the United States Bowling Congress. If you can spare some time you can also visit the International Bowling Hall of Fame and International Bowling Museum also located on campus.

One way to beat the heat in Arlington is to hit the water park. Back in 1995 Six Flags purchased Wet ‘n Wild in Arlington and turned it into one of their Hurricane Harbor water parks featuring adrenaline pumping tube slides, speed slides and wave pools.

Each November the Colorectal Cancer Alliance encourages you to dress down and your furry friend to dress up and join them for the Dallas/Fort Worth Undy RunWalk at the Levitt Pavilion in Arlington. The event raises money for those affected by the disease, fund research and helps to also raise awareness and preventative measures all while you and your pooch have some fun in the sun!

You will find more than 65 dog-friendly restaurants in Arlington including dog-friendly patios World of Beer, The Grease Monkey and Boomerjacks. There a several dog parks in Arlington but one of the more popular ones for locals is Rush Creek Dog Park with separate areas for large and small dogs. Benches, shaded areas and water fountains show that Fido is a priority in this 5.3 acre park that is open from 5am to 10pm daily.

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in Arlington


I think this article has proved that there is nothing small about Arlington when it comes to attractions and activities for both you and your furry family member. Whatever you decide to get up to in Arlington with your furbaby, keep in mind the extreme temperatures you will likely encounter. While dressing accordingly is an option for you, it’s not for your pet, and they can overheat very easily.

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting the trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments.  Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

A dehydrated pet can suffer from stress, loss of appetite and exhaustion. Our CBD oils and treats can help relieve stress, improve appetite and help Fido rest so you can both enjoy your time in Arlington.

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