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Something For Everyone in Seattle

Seattle’s skyline is well known to anyone who watched Fraser or Grey’s Anatomy. It’s known for producing some of the best music of all time from Jimi Hendrix, Pearl Jam and Nirvana just to name a few talentless artists. It’s the home of the first ever Starbucks that is still open to this day next to Pikes Place Market, where fresh fish have been flying through the air since 1930. With an estimated population of over 730,000 as of 2018, Seattle is the largest city in the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

Not Just the Birthplace of ‘Starbarks’

Seattle’s first major industry was logging but the the late 19th century it became more or a commercial and shipbuilding centre. Thanks to the local Boeing company, after World War II Seattle became an aircraft manufacturing centre in the US. Seattle boasts a thriving LGBT community that ranks near the top five in the United States for population and they also play host to one of the largest Pride parades in the US.

Professional sports also thrive in the city of Seattle with the NFL’s Seahawks, MLB’s Mariners and coming in 2021 a brand new NHL franchise. If you’re a fan of craft beer you won’t be disappointed with the selection of fermented grain beverages that Seattle has to offer. Come to think of it, this section would have been much shorter if we just listed the things Seattle doesn’t offer.

So Much to “Sea” & Do in Seattle

Seattle is such a great city with so much to “sea” and do, it’s no wonder it’s so popular with tourists. The Seattle International Film Festival is one of the largest in North American and it runs for three weeks every May/June. They also play host to Hempfest and two separate Independence Day celebrations that you may want to think twice about bringing Fido to, since what would an Independence Day celebration be without epic fireworks? Fireworks are not a favourite activity for our furry family members.

Other annual events range from and anime convention, Penny Arcade Expo and a two-day 9,000-rider Seattle to Portland Bicycle Classic that draws riders from across the country. Another activity that won’t be great for your dog as it totals about 202 miles in length and only about 10% of the riders actually complete it in one day, the rest take the full two days because they’re not insane!

As if that’s not enough activities already, you can always check out some wild animals at the Woodland Park Zoo, take a ride on Seattle’s Great Wheel, check out the views from the Space Needle or find out just how hip you really are with a visit to the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP). There is also an aquarium, Museum of Flight, Science Centre and Art Museum that may be of interest to you.

Sure, every city says they are pet friendly and to a certain extent, they are. Seattle on the other hand, practically treats your four-legged friend as an equal. There are almost 300 pet friendly hotels, bed and breakfast or Airbnb options in the city, which you have to admit is pretty inviting.

As you might assume with so many activities for humans in Seattle there are also a wackload of things to do with your dog. Take them for a stroll on the extensive trails at the Washington Park Arboretum where there is no shortage of wildlife and fresh air to enjoy. Take your pooch shopping with you at the University Village Shopping Centre, a dog friendly open-air market that offers many unique shops that are a favourite among Seattle residents.

Worried you may not be able to find a place to eat with your dog by your side? Worry not my friend, there are about 340 different sidewalk cafes, coffee shops, bars and restaurants around the city when you can enjoy a bite or brew together. That’s too many to list, but it’s safe to say if you want to bring your dog chances are good they will be welcome. Heck, You can even take your dog on a Sunday Ice Cream Cruise while you enjoy the beautiful Seattle skyline.

Shop CBD for Dogs & Cats in Seattle


With a city as welcoming to dogs as Seattle, your canine companion will likely be spending a lot of time walking around the city with you. While the exercise is great, the cement sidewalks and many paved roadways could take a serious toll on your dogs joints. There will also be no shortage of other dogs that could cause some major excitement or stress and anxiety for your pooch.

To avoid having to interrupt your sight seeing, or to avoid cutting the trip short altogether, CBD oil and treats can be very beneficial in the treatment and prevention of many pet ailments.  Wild Thing Pets’ CBD oil and treats are safe, easy to use and are a favorite remedy of many American pets. CBD has been shown to have a calming effect on anxiety, can block pain and reduce inflammation, as well as increase focus and improve positive behaviors in pets.

Be proactive and try some of our awesome CBD dog treats to help prepare your dogs joints and reduce any potential inflammation for what is sure to be a busy and fun trip to Seattle. You could also give Fido some CBD oil to keep him calm at the hotel while you head out with friends to take in the fireworks on Independence Day.

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