Benefits of MSM Supplements

Are you familiar with MSM? Methylsulfonylmethane might be a mouthful, but this natural health supplement is also full of benefits for your fight against pain/inflammation, immune system, skin irritation and more.
On September 18, 2020
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Benefits of MSM Supplements

If we were to say “Methylsulfonylmethane” to you, what would be the first thing that comes to mind? No, it’s not a magical incantation or some name of a plant straight out of Star Wars – but we understand why some of you might make these assumptions.  Methylsulfonylmethane is actually a lot more common than you might think, especially when we shorten it to its popular trade-name: MSM. A-ha! You’ve probably heard of the pain-fighting, inflammation-reducing and skin-rejuvenating powers of this particular health supplement without even knowing its real name.

As it turns out, MSM is in a lot of health & fitness products that many of us use in our daily lives.  Post-workout capsules, pain-patches, arthritis supplements and even CBD recovery products can contain this potent anti-inflammatory ingredient, and for good reason.  MSM cream is one of the leading products in the widespread war on chronic pain as one of the most widely used supplements for reducing the symptoms of soreness, spasms, stiffness and swelling.

MSM’s benefits aren’t just limited to fighting pain or reducing inflammation, however, as MSM for skin has become a popular topical product for renewing skin and helping those who suffer from constant irritation & dryness.

Basically, there’s a lot more to MSM than just your being your average rub-on for joint aches or muscle swelling.  Methylsulfonylmethane has as many beneficial uses as it does letters in its long and confusing name.  What are MSM’s health benefits? What kind of MSM supplements are on the market these days?

Let’s review the swelling of products containing MSM today and help you become a savvy shopper when it comes to finding the MSM supplement that best suits your needs. Heck, we might even teach you well enough to be able to spell ‘Methylsulfonylmethane’ all on your own!​


MSM – otherwise known as Methylsulfonylmethane – is a sulfur-compound produced by humans & animals, certain plants in smaller quantities, and has been generated in a lab in recent decades.  Since the early 1980’s, MSM has been in the forefront of alternative medicine for its innate ability to reduce inflammation, leading to numerous applications for joint pain, skin conditions and arthritis.  As a dietary supplement, Methylsulfonylmethane has become very popular among patients suffering from chronic pain or active individuals who encounter frequent bouts of muscle soreness, spasms or swelling. 

MSM for skin has also gained some notoriety as a proficient treatment for any irritation or  inflammation, including some nasty & annoying conditions like eczema or rosacea.  Sulfur is a  major component of keratin, which is in turn the primary protein that makes up the structure of hair and nails.  MSM benefits skin because it can lend a hand in balancing the sulfuric levels in your body’s skin or hair keratin.  By strengthening the protein strain of keratin, MSM for skin basically helps your body maintain its healthy structures while also reducing potentially harmful inflammation.  Any time you have an itch that swells up or causes redness, MSM cream can work wonders in counteracting any surface irritation.

Methylsulfonylmethane is also being looked at for its immuno-supportive functions as well, with combination products for pain relief & immunity boosts available for both humans and their beloved pets.  Sulfur compounds can play important roles in a person’s immune system, with recent studies showing prominent influences over oxidative stress and inflammation that can reduce your immune system’s ability to defend your body from pathogens & viruses.​

What does MSM stand for?

By reducing stress on your body through its anti-inflammatory properties, MSM can essentially give your system a buffer against being overloaded with inflammatory compounds, such as IL-6, TNF-a among others[1].

In the same vein, MSM plays a role in balancing one of our body’s most important antioxidants: glutathione.  Glutathione is made up of three amino acids – glutamine, glycine and cysteine. Glutathione is such an essential compound found throughout our bodies, and it is involved in many of our most critical functions, such as:

  • Managing oxidative stress
  • Important role in preventing cancer cell development, diabetes, arthritis and more
  • Can reduce the likelihood of fatty liver disease, supports healthy liver & kidney function
  • Can support weight loss through optimal fat burning
  • Reduces inflammation brought on by autoimmune disorders by limiting inflammatory responses and protecting cell mitochondria
  • Has shown some promise as a treatment for respiratory conditions (breaks up mucus, reduces inflammation in the respiratory system)

It is clear to see through this impressive list of benefits to your health that glutathione is an essential component of a healthy mind & body.  MSM can help your system maintain balanced levels of this important antioxidant, assisting your body with repairing damaged tissues while also working to prevent stress or harm to your tissues by significantly cutting down on inflammation.


MSM benefits also apply to anyone who suffers from allergies – such as the 50+ million Americans who reported having allergy symptoms.  These very widespread conditions have obvious symptoms – stuffy eyes, congestion, itchiness or irritation throughout the body, and in more serious cases anaphylactic shock.  Although MSM supplements are not a suitable treatment for serious allergic reactions to food or other substances, it can greatly reduce your body’s inflammatory response, thereby diminishing the severity of allergy symptoms.  By reducing the release of inflammatory compounds like prostaglandin and cytokines, MSM supplements can help your body limit the impacts of allergies and similar symptoms from the common cold.

MSM for skin conditions, MSM cream for arthritis, MSM powder as a dietary supplement to boost your immunity; there are many MSM health benefits for you to take advantage of.  There are, of course, certain risks to every supplement so you have to be sure you’re not taking too much Methylsulfonylmethane or dosing it too frequently.  Although there are no known serious health risks when taking high doses of MSM (> 5000 mg are considered to be at the upper tier of doses), certain people may experience:

  • Itchiness
  • Flushing
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

Be especially careful when applying MSM creams or topicals around your eyes, mouth, nose or any open wounds – this can cause significant irritation to your orifices or cuts/scrapes.  It is not inherently dangerous for MSM to come into contact with your eyes, orifices or wounds – in fact, it will reduce any inflammation in these areas – but it has the potential to cause you some discomfort for several hours if introduced to these areas of the body.


The most common form of MSM is typically derived from particular fruits, vegetables, grains and animal byproducts like milk.  The most popular product type for MSM supplements is in powdered form, but there are also extracts present in oils, creams, balms, gels and other topical products.  Without diving too far into each specific product-type, it is certainly beneficial to review the major categories of MSM supplements on the market today.

MSM Supplements & Sources

MSM Powder (for humans and animals): the #1 product seller on the MSM market, powder can be taken in customizable doses and simply added to food or beverages.  This option is particularly popular among pet owners, whose dogs or cats might not be fond of taking pills or capsules.  MSM in its powdered form is often combined with other anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric, CBD or curcumin.

MSM Capsules (for humans and animals): capsules or pills are certainly a better alternative for those who can’t stand the taste of health supplements, and they’re also a very fast delivery of Methylsulfonylmethane to your system.  These products are typically the exact same source/manufacture for MSM powder that has been encapsulated as an extra step.  MSM has also made its way into the ultra-popular gummies trend in recent years, but these would not be suitable for your pets whereas pills/capsules can be administered to your furry loved ones.

MSM Capsules
MSM Cream (for humans)

MSM Cream (for humans): creams, gels, roll-ons and other topical products are also vying for #1 on the list of most popular MSM products.  Because of their ability to deliver targeted, potent relief for arthritis pain, inflammation or skin irritation, MSM creams are a must-have product for many people suffering from chronic pain or skin diseases.

Beyond the obvious applications for pain relief and as an anti-inflammatory, MSM is quickly becoming a complimentary ingredient to many other kinds of health supplements.  Protein powders, pre- and post-workouts, skin creams, recovery products, even certain multi-vitamins have begun to include MSM as one of their chief natural inputs for preventing pain & inflammation.

The BALANCE CBD lineup of products from are examples of these new kinds of cutting-edge products that offer the dual benefits of hemp CBD with other natural ingredients, like MSM.  BALANCE oils, capsules, gummies and topicals – such as BALANCE Salve, Lotion & Pain Relief Roll-On – contain a proprietary blend of 100% American-grown hemp CBD combined with beneficial inputs like MSM, Aloe Leaf Extract, Lavender, Vitamins B-C-D-and-E and many more.

Next time you want to try MSM for all your pain, inflammation, immunity support or skin irritation, shop online at for their unique approach to whole body health principles and their high-quality line of BALANCE CBD products.


Does MSM relieve pain?

MSM has been relied on by millions of people around the world for its ability to reduce inflammation and lessen pain intensity in patients who suffer from osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, tendonitis and many other chronic pain conditions.

What are the side effects of taking MSM?

Like with many other health supplements, taking too much MSM can lead to non-serious side effects such as nausea, diarrhea, headaches, restlessness and fatigue.  If you experience any of these effects – or any allergy-like symptoms – after taking MSM, always wait and monitor how you feel and seek medical attention if these side effects persist. 

How long does it take for MSM to work?

Typically, a person will notice the reduced swelling and pain reducing effects of taking MSM within 30 minutes to an hour.  Short- and long-term use can have a variety of different benefits/effects, but most studies have reported that the majority of people suffering from pain & inflammation will feel significant relief from these symptoms after 2-4 weeks of taking consistent doses of MSM.

What is Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) used for?

MSM is often ingested orally or applied topically to the skin, muscles,  joints and hair for the purposes of reducing pain, inflammation and helping damaged tissues repair themselves under a lessened burden of soreness/swelling. 

Should I take MSM on an empty stomach?

In order to decrease your chances of feeling gastrointestinal uneasiness, take your desired dose of MSM with small meals or snacks.  It is not imperative that you take MSM on a full stomach – as many consistent users learn to take it on empty stomachs overtime – but when starting it out it is best practice to try small amounts of any new health supplements with meals until you understand how the product makes you feel.

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