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CBD for Puppies: How to Care for Your Teething Puppy

Verlota Author
Published: June 18, 2020
Categories: Dog Ailments | Pet
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Just like human babies, newborn puppies are born with no teeth and when they do grow their first set of teeth, they fall out. This is known as puppy teething which occurs during the first 6 months of a puppies life, during these 6 months sharp small teeth push through the gums forming a set of top and bottom teeth.  This stage can be both painful for the dogs owners and the dogs themselves, the puppy will try and gnaw at anything it can wrap its mouth around, from shoes to the legs of the table to help with the discomfort happening in their mouth. So you’ve come here trying to find out how to help a teething puppy and to get some puppy teething tips, here we’ll take a bite out all the information you need to know about dog teething pain relief and how CBD can be your best friends, best friend. 

CBD for Puppies: How to Care for Your Teething Puppy

Teething Timeline 

Puppies tend to get their baby teeth at a younger age then baby humans, starting as early as 2 weeks old. Here we’ve put together a timeline so you know exactly what to expect from your newest little nipper.

Birth to 2 weeks

Your new puppy will come out all gums when it’s born, the first two weeks of a puppies life are usually slow and uneventful. They will begin to nurse with its mother and begin to open its eyes, with no other major events taking place. This period is a good time to introduce your new pup to the world, get them checked at the veterinarian and enjoy the ultimate amount of cuteness that will unfold.

2 to 4 weeks

This is when the fun begins… The first set of puppy teeth will start to emerge and will officially put your pupper into the puppy teething stages! At the front of their mouth teeth will start to drop down, these teeth are known as incisors which are narrow and pointy. This will likely occur during the 2-3 week stage for your pup. During this stage puppies have six incisors located on both the bottom and top of the mouth. Next is the premolars and molars which begin to grow behind the pointed teeth between the incisors and premolars, known as the canines. These start to come in around the 3-6 week mark, with 3 located on the top and bottom of each side. Four needle-like canines appear at age four weeks and frame the incisors, one on each side, top, and bottom.

Teething timeline

5 to 8 weeks

The final round of molars begin to show between 6-8 weeks old, following the last of the molars comes the milk teeth. This occurs around the 8 week mark, your puppies permanent teeth are beginning to push out the milk teeth. What happens is the roots of the baby teeth become absorbed by the body which then leads to the milk teeth commonly falling out. There may be an instance where the milk teeth don’t fall out which results in the puppy having a double set of teeth. During this particular teething process any retaining baby teeth should be taken out by a veterinarian so there is enough room for the permanent teeth to grow in and to avoid pushing the permanent teeth out of alignment.

12 to 16 weeks  

If you bought your dog from a breeder then this is when you will most likely be able to take your new best friend home for good. This is when all the baby teeth we’ve mentioned above begin to fall out and their adult teeth take over. So begins the crying, whining and chewing of everything in sight, they will be in significant pain so it’s important to help them manage that pain as best you can. One of the best things you can do it get your dog a few chew toys to help them when they have the urge to chew, this will provide your pup with some much needed relief and your furniture in tact.

6 months and onward

This is when the your puppies teething problems should be a thing of the past, if your pup still have some of their baby teeth make sure to have your veterinarian remove them. Each baby tooth will be replaced by a permanent tooth along with 4 premolars and 10 molars, with most puppies having around 42 teeth in place before they are one years old.

Things to Keep an Eye on During Teething

Things to Keep an Eye on During Teething

Teething in puppies should be pretty straight forward with very little complications or issues arising, however there may be the odd issue that needs tending to. It’s important to start handing your puppies mouth while it’s still in the early weeks, this gains trust with the dog and allows for you to be able to check on the dogs mouth without it becoming upset or agitated. Here are a few warning signs that you should take your pet to the veterinarian to have their teeth examined:

  • Overcrowding of teeth in one area, this may be due to your puppy not shedding their baby teeth while their adult teeth come in.
  • Traces of blood, brown tartar or inflamed gums. This could be a sign of periodontal disease which is a issue among dogs.
  • Broken tooth, this can cause the nerves of the tooth to become exposed which can lead to severe pain or an infection

CBD for Teething Puppies

CBD for Teething Puppies

Now that you have a better understanding of how the teething process occurs in a puppy, you want to know how to help a teething puppy. When looking for puppy teething tips and dog teething pain relief there are various remedies such as:

  • Aloe vera ice cubes, by freezing aloe vera in an ice tray then rub a cube gently on the pups gums until the ice cube is gone. The frozen aloe vera will help numb the gums reducing inflammation.
  • Cold and frozen food is another great puppy teething tip, many people freeze certain puppy foods such as cold carrots or frozen fruits. There are a great option because your pup will enjoy the flavor, it will help relieve the swelling and pain and can preoccupy the pup for hours.
  • Frozen dish towel is another dog teething pain relief option, just soak a dish towel and put it in the freezer. This will provide a a soft chewing toy for your teething puppy.

These puppy teething tips are great options for how to help a teething puppy but in 2020 there is a better and greater option that can help your puppy with so much. CBD for puppy’s is taking the nation by storm, not just for dog teething pain relief but for many of ailments dogs may be experiencing.  CBD for puppy’s has a lot of potential and is still very much in the puppy development stages of research, but as the research and studies grow the evidence points to CBD for puppy’s is the real deal.


CBD for Puppies

The number one issue with teething in puppies isn’t your chewed up table legs or your nibbled on ankles, it’s the pain your new pup has to experience when their baby teeth have to battle with their adult teeth for permanent residency. There have been many methods used to help reduce the pain puppies go through while teething, from chew toys to rubbing aloe vera, or lavender on their gums. We may now have the best remedy to date for helping puppies with their teething issues, CBD is the name, pain management in the game.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from the hemp plant and contains dozens upon dozens of medical benefits that can help with a long list of ailments in both animals and humans. CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system which is found in all mammals, when CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system it can help with an abundance of ailments such as pain, canine anxiety, inflammation and much more. When a puppy is teething their puppy teeth are emerging through the gums where there was no pre existing holes for those teeth, this means there will be tares in the gums which leads to swelling and inflammation in the gums. Inflammation is when the immune cells target the affected area and it attacks the pain to help reduce the uncomfortable sensation and anything that could be harmful to the body. These immune cells then enter the blood stream which increases the pressure on the teething area causing swelling and stimulation of the nerves in the specific area. The endocannabinoid system binds with CB2 receptors which helps to manage how many attacker immune cells get sent to areas of pain in the body. When CBD is consumed it will interact with the endocannabinoid system by elevating the CB2 receptor, this points directly to helping deal with inflammation, which directly helps with dealing pain.

CBD doesn’t just stop there, its relationship with the endocannabinoid system goes further. CBD has shown signs that it can elevate the endocannabinoid system further by binding with the bodies other CB receptor, the CB1 receptor. When CBD interacts with the CB1 receptor it helps mediate neurological functions. The specific functions that the CB1 receptors deal with are things like sleep cycle, mood, and pain management, when taking CBD it elevates the anandamide which helps with limiting the extent of pain.


Verlota CBD for Puppy Teething

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