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How Long Does CBD Stay in a Pet’s System?

Verlota Author
Published: February 26, 2020
Categories: Pet

Congratulations! You’ve braved the CBD waters and answered most of the important questions when it comes to giving your pet CBD Oil or Treats. There are tons of information on what Cannabidiol (CBD) is and how you can use it to relieve a multitude of ailments for your pets. We’ll look at what those ailments are in this article, as well as how long it stays in your pet’s system and more!

How Long Does CBD Stay in a Pet’s System?

Why Should You Choose CBD?

Why Should You Choose CBD?

CBD has been around for 80 years. Well, it’s been known about in modern science for 80 years, but it was likely used for centuries before that. The Hemp plant itself has been a part of the human species’ culture for over 10,000 years, around the time the first hemp plant was woven into a usable fabric. A lot of research and discovery has happened over those years and now we know that hemp can be used for loads more than just clothing. Modern hemp is used in applications like bio-fuel, cleaning products, paper, plastic, construction, botany and more. Aside from the physical benefits that hemp offers, there are also the biological ones. Hemp gives us CBD. CBD is a fantastic extract that is now being used as an all natural, holistic replacement for pharmaceutical drugs.

What Can CBD Help With?

What can CBD help with?

That is a rather loaded question. Depending on what your pet is suffering from will heavily influence how much CBD you’ll be giving your pet and, because of that, will also determine how long the extract will remain in your pet’s system. CBD is a great addition or replacement for ailments like: Anxiety, Arthritis, Pain & Inflammation, Neurological Disorders, Skin Diseases, Cancer treatments and more. It’s completely natural and has no added chemicals. Meaning that CBD oil and treats are the healthiest alternative to western veterinary medicine you can find. While we do recommend the holistic approach, be aware of what medications you mix with your pet’s CBD as they can weigh heavily on their liver.

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work In Pets?

How long does it takes for CBD to work in Pets?

Unfortunately, that’s a difficult question to answer. CBD Oil isn’t an exact science and a lot of the process is trial and error, depending on your dog or cat’s weight. When you’re working to figure out how much CBD your pet should take, you can refer to our “Dosage Guide” or follow the general rule-of-thumb of 0.25mg/lb. Each pet will vary on their tolerance and when you will see the results, but that’s the best point to start on. From there, again, it’s an imperfect science on how long it should take for your pet to begin to feel the effects. If you’re giving CBD to your pet for Anxiety, you should start to notice changes to their behavior after twenty to forty minutes. For more serious issues, hip dyspepsia, cancer treatments and pain, you may not notice the results for weeks. CBD needs time to build up in your pet’s system for them to gain the benefits of the extract. Depending on the severity of the pain they may become more mobile after a few hours, to a day. Be patient, CBD is different in every pet and we recommend you stick with our product for the full duration of the oils or treats to see the best results. Don’t get discouraged if it’s been a few days and you don’t notice any changes.

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Dog’s System?

How Long Does CBD Stay In Your Dog's System?

When it comes to CBD research, the results are limited. Seeing as how CBD was only “discovered” in the 1940s, and even more recently became legal due to the Farm Bill of 2018, the literature we have is quite limited. It is even more limited when we look at the research on CBD and pets. Over the past 2 years, institutions like Colorado State University, and others, have begun their work to determine exactly how CBD effects people and pets. Most of our knowledge is still human based. If we are to use what we know about CBD and how long it stays in the human system and apply it to dogs and cats, the results are around one week. This rough time frame is subject to many factors. The pet’s age, weight, dosage and how active they are set the main precedent for how long it will remain in their system. You can be relatively sure that the general rule of a week is the, rough, guide for how long CBD oil stays in your pet’s system.



The best conclusion that we can draw from the science and research that has been put forward into CBD and its effects on humans and pets is “it varies”.  CBD is a relatively new substance in the world of modern medicine and we’re only just beginning to understand how it interacts with our pets. Research and studies are constantly being done on it, since it was legalized across the United States, but there’s still much to be done. What we do know is what we’ve learned from human studies. How long CBD will take to work and remain in your pets’ body is based off of what we know: CBD will begin working faster depending on the quantity taken and the weight of the patient. The amount of time CBD will stay in your pet’s system, also, depending on the amount taken and the weight of the patient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens if you give your dog too much CBD oil?

Not much. Seeing as CBD contains 0.3%, or less, THC there are no psychoactive effects of taking CBD. If you give your dog more than their recommended dosage of CBD they’ll likely become tired and take a nap.

What happens when your dog/pet stops taking CBD oil?

Nothing. CBD, depending on the dosage, takes roughly a week to leave their system.  CBD is not an addictive substance and doesn’t get your pet ‘high’, so there is no ‘come down’ or detox period when taking the medicine.

Can your dog overdose on CBD oil?

Technically, no. An ‘overdose’ per-say would consist of your pet taking a nap and, maybe, being a little groggy. Of course, never give your pet more than a recommended dosage, while doses may vary on symptom severity and wight, but we advise you stick to the 0.25mg/pound dosage.

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