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Hemp CBD: Human & Canine’s Best Friend In-Common

Whether you are just a beginner or a competing athlete, every time you engage in physical exercises, your body is broken down. Learn how CBD can help.
Verlota Author
Published: October 17, 2019
Categories: Active

We don’t have to tell you, a dog lover, that canines are one of the most positive parts of your life.  Dogs are always there for us, tail-wagging, ready to take on the challenges of life by our side.  If you’re an avid runner, chances are you’ve always got a companion eager to join you.  If you’re lucky enough to live close to a park, you’ve got a one-stop-shop for your dog’s exercise and activity.  But what if you’re a busy workaholic? What if you’re a new parent and the kids are now taking up all your resources? It’s a common problem for pet owners, but life has a habit of getting in the way of yours and Fido’s time together.

Dog owners are typically very caring people who are willing to go to great lengths for their furry, four-legged best friends.  Whether you’re a city-slicker with an apartment or if you live on a wide-open property where your pooch can roam free all day, dog ownership is a commitment that requires a close attention to the details of your pet’s health.  Dogs can’t tell us when they’re feeling less than 100%, and even if they could they probably wouldn’t because they’re loyal to a fault (and wouldn’t want to “bother” us with what they’re suffering).  This is all important, but we haven’t even brought up the expensiveness of visiting your dog’s dogtor. Trips to the vet are never cheap, and not to mention your pups aren’t exactly willing to go and see them.

So, how can you keep your dog healthy and fit when time, energy and especially money are such limited/precious resources?  There’s no “catch all” answer to all human-canine problems, but there is a secret ingredient that plays a major role in the vitality of all dogs.  Just like your dog is a three letter word that brings joy to your life, CBD is the three letter word that can make your dog happy & healthy.

Hemp CBD: Human & Canine's Best Friend In-Common


CBD actually stands for Cannabidiol, an active compound derived from the cannabis & hemp plants.  Cannabis?! Don’t worry, you don’t have to risk your dog getting arrested by Police K9’s and taken to “the Pound”, because CBD is also prominently derived from Hemp. Hemp is a close cousin to cannabis that doesn’t have the same risk of THC – Tetrahydrocannabinol – which is the cannabinoid (plant compound) largely responsible for the “high” people associate with cannabis use.  THC is actually quite toxic to dogs; their bodies are unable to process it the same way as humans, whereas their Endocannabinoid System (or ECS, a nervous system network that interacts with cannabinoids like CBD) can make use of Cannabidiol very efficiently.  It might sound obvious to you already if you’re not a cannabis user, but let’s recap: CBD, Hemp… Good! Cannabis, THC… Bad? Good boy/girl, you’re getting the hang of this already 😉

Thankfully for today’s dog owner, getting your hands (or paws) on some CBD isn’t as tough as it used to be.  Like a determined pooch digging up the backyard in a frantic search for last season’s buried bone, prior to December 2018 you had to do your research and really shop around to find legal sources of Cannabidiol.  However, since December of 2018, the Farm Bill was passed by the Federal U.S. Gov’t which in effect legalized hemp and its subsequent products! Every dog has his/her day, but with CBD now Federally legal in the United States every American pup can have many more days with the healing powers of Cannabidiol at their disposal.

CBD is certainly Beneficial for Dogs

As we mentioned, CBD can be very beneficial for both you and your dog.  Although both humans and animals can experience similar positive effects from CBD consumption, how Cannabidiol influences dogs can be even more profoundly life-changing.  This is not to diminish CBD’s benefits for human health, but is moreso a testament to the limited options in the world of canine medicine.  As a responsible pet owner, you do all you can to make your dog’s life fulfilling and comfortable.  Healthy dog chow, lots of walks or trips to the park, cuddles and attention are the essential ingredients to a happy K9.  Nevertheless, there’s a limited range of health products for dogs; people have access to loads of health supplements, medicines and most importantly lots of information about our bodies.  Animal research does exist, but it’s often too new or still in the works.

So what can you do to be a pack-leader in canine health care? Well, for starters you should already be taking CBD for yourself, right?! If not, we’ll give you a break (this time…), and explain a bit about what makes this plant-compound such a potent natural remedy.

CBD derived from hemp is very low in THC, <0.3% in fact to be considered approved by Federal standards.  This very limited amount of THC is typically not enough to cause dogs any adverse reactions, but to avoid the potential risk most CBD oils and dog treats are what’s known as CBD Isolates (CBD ISO).  This means that the Cannabidiol is extracted from the plant and isolated on its own.  On the other hand, Full-Sprectrum CBD products (CBD FSO) contain the full range of cannabinoids like THC & CBD.  So, when you’re shopping for your pet’s CBD, make sure you look into the levels of THC in each one and determine if it’s suitable for your dog.  Some pet owners choose to include THC in their dog’s diet because it does have some beneficial properties (especially for very ill or injured pets).  Nonetheless, it’s best to consult with your veterinarian, and if you choose to try Full-Spectrum products always start with a low dose, introducing it slowly and ensure you’re closely monitoring your pet’s reactions.

Cannabidiol has been used by many people (and their dogs) for hundreds of different reasons.  Why is it so popular? Well, one of the main reasons is because unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC, CBD is non-psychoactive.  This means that it doesn’t have any mind-altering effects that cause a “high”.  Another feather in CBD’s cap is the fact that it’s a natural, plant-based remedy so it has little-to-no side effects.  It doesn’t cause drowsiness, doesn’t “dope you up”, has no risks associated with long-term use, and you can’t overdose it – the only thing you risk with taking too much is wasting product.  Your body self-regulates CBD in your system, putting it to use where it can (the same goes for your dog).

Probably the main reason (or reasons, in this case) CBD is so prevalent today is for its versatility.  Cannabidiol has hundreds of uses for hundreds of ailments: Parkinson’s, epilepsy, dementia, insomnia, arthritis and even cancer, just to name a few.  These are some of the heavy-hitters that both man & beast can treat with CBD, but let’s look at the entire spectrum of conditions that this one-of-a-kind plant-based remedy can have an effect on.

HEMP DERIVED, CBD POWERED: The Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

If you’ve ever pondered the saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is”, then you might be skeptical of CBD’s efficacy.  If it’s such an effective medicine, why don’t doctors and veterinarians promote it more often? That’s a valid question, but it has more to do with the political, economical and philosophical conundrums of the pharmaceutical industry, and we’re not going to touch that boiling-hot issue in this article.  Suffice to say, research data on Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids is relatively new and in-development.  With time, and dedication, CBD may yet become a household remedy in the family medicine cabinet, and Federal hemp legalization was one of the most important catalysts for this outcome.  For now, relying on CBD means a lot more personal research, sharing experiences with other people & pets, and a lot of experimentation.

That being said, CBD has a long history of medical efficacy, and not just in North America but across the globe.  Cannabidiol has been relied on for its curative and preventative qualities; it serves the dual purpose of helping to ease symptoms of injuries or illnesses, in addition to assisting with preventing or minimizing certain conditions.  For instance, in dogs that have severe anxiety problems, CBD can be given to the scared/nervous canine to calm their nerves.  Alternatively, CBD can be taken as a daily supplement in food, on its own multiple times a day as a means of warding off the onset of anxiety or stress disorders.  We’ll say this a lot, but CBD really does take on many roles at once, seemingly without side effects.

Hemp derived, CBD Powered: The Health Benefits of Cannabidiol

On CBD’s resume, people and their pets can find a long list of experience.  The list would almost be too long to include in this article, so we’ll summarize the most well known uses for Cannabidiol:

CBD has been shown to be an effective treatment for…

  • Anxiety, depression and stress-related disorders
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome
  • Chronic arthritis, joint pain & inflammation
  • Skin conditions related to infection, diet or stress
  • Cardiovascular balance, such as blood sugar & blood pressure
  • Seizures, spasms, epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, “Tail Twitch”
  • Gastrointestinal conditions
  • Lethargy, mental fatigue, lack of appetite
  • Insomnia, phobias
  • Cancer symptoms (nausea, pain, fatigue, insomnia)

Cannabidiol is also used as a preventative for many of these ailments as well.  Once pet owners see the difference that CBD can make in their dog’s life, and the condition they were treating is gone or under control, they often continue giving their canine CBD either in food, beverages or treats.  How you use CBD depends on your dog’s needs, or how he/she responds to it, but the important thing is to try it for numerous ailments because that’s one of its defining strengths.  

Curious about CBD’s effectiveness for your dog’s incessant itchy skin problems? Apply some CBD oil or cream to the affected areas and/or give your pup some drops under the tongue or in their food/water.  Always wondered how you stop your dog from vomiting when he/she gets into something they shouldn’t have (which happens a lot, by the way)?  A couple CBD dog treats or CBD oil throughout the day, or whenever nausea strikes and the inflammation in their stomach, gut and bowels will disappear.  How about thunderstorms?! Yes, CBD is especially potent for nervous or anxious dogs who suffer greatly from irrational fear-induced episodes.  CBD is even becoming popular with puppy owners because it helps to calm the little rambunctious fluff balls, and there’s no risks of long-term use or negative side effects!

How CBD Can Help Your Dog

Although CBD is pretty much a “one cannabinoid fits all”, it still has very individual results.  That’s one of the toughest parts for doctors or veterinarians: how do you prescribe something that can affect people or pets differently? This is one of the defining features of Cannabidiol as a plant-based medicine, in that your body makes use of it variably instead of regimented, calculated results from a well-studied pharmaceutical.  For some dog lovers, this is a deal breaker because they are sensitive to what they give their beloved dog, and why.  We couldn’t agree with this sentiment more, we just want to remind the readers that CBD does not have any known side effects (unless you consider sleeping better, feeling pain-free, being more alert and focused while being calm & relaxed to be “side effects”).

So, next time you’re searching for that next great tasting, healthy kibble, or feel like treating your pooch with a bag of their favorite treats, think of CBD and how it could enhance your dog’s life the same way these products do.  Shopping for CBD is easy online, and there’s a ton of customer reviews and research for you to delve into if you’re looking for more information.  Just a few drops under your dog’s tongue, in their food or water, or fed to them in the form of a yummy treat can go a long way in increasing your dog’s health, and therefore your happiness.  We hope you’re out running with your old dog, wrestling in the backyard, or enjoying a quiet evening with your calm, relaxed pooch in no time.

HEALTHY DOG, HAPPY OWNER: Living Long Lives Together, With CBD

Pain, injuries, sickness and stress happen… there’s no protecting your pets from everything, no matter how much it saddens you to see them suffering.  But with CBD in your cupboard, you can rest assured that no matter what life brings for you & Fido, you’re both covered.  We hope this article helped you paws, roll-over some of your doubts about hemp CBD, and shake-a-paw with your pooch in agreement: CBD is what we both need.

Take a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue, include it in your dog’s breakfast, even put some on their skin or fur whenever uncomfortable situations occur. CBD comes in a variety of products suited to fit your canine’s needs: topical creams or CBD-infused shampoos; delicious (to your dog, that is) CBD dog treats; or the ultra-versatile CBD oil tincture.

The only limitations on CBD? If you don’t give your dog the gift of CBD, it can’t help either of you live a long, happy & healthy life together.  Trust in the power of plant-based medicine, and get your hands (or paws) on some hemp CBD today.


Written By

George Philips

George is a Boston based health writer with over 10 years experience. He has worked for various news outlets and online publications throughout North America. Over the last few years George has focused on the evolving health industry of cannabinoids.

DISCLAIMER: These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Verlota Inc. products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Information contained in or made available through Verlota.com website is not intended to constitute or substitute legal advice or consultation from medical or veterinary professionals. See verlota.com/terms-and-conditions

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