How Does CBD Oil Make You Feel?

Whether you are just a beginner or a competing athlete, every time you engage in physical exercises, your body is broken down. Learn how CBD can help.
Published: September 13, 2019
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CBD is a relatively new and uniquely natural plant-derived compound that is finding many ways into many peoples’ lives. This hemp-derived, plant-based remedy comes with a lot of questions, and we’re here to answer any of those questions you may have.


Social Anxiety and CBD

One of the biggest questions people have with CBD is how does it make you feel? Does CBD make you emotional? Is CBD good for emotional release? What are those ‘CBD oil feelings’ I’ve heard about from family, friends or colleagues? As a reader and a writer, I am going to assume that this is being read by people whose ideas of CBD might include “cannabis” or “getting high” associations. THC, a cannabinoid cousin of CBD, does in fact give you a psychoactive feeling but Cannabidiol (CBD) does not.  In fact, CBD actually works to lessen the “high” feeling you can experience with THC when they’re consumed together.

CBD is a compound that comes from both cannabis and hemp, which is why it typically gets a bad rap. A common misconception for giving people a ‘high’ feeling. The ‘high’ feeling associated with cannabis comes from a different compound called THC. THC is a chemical compound that is responsible for the ‘high’ feeling that is associated with cannabis. When it comes to hemp, this plant species has very low-to-no THC content, but its CBD profile can be very potent.  What does this mean for you? Well, with hemp-derived products you can be sure that you’re getting all of the health benefits of CBD, with none of the dangers (or illegal ramifications!) of THC.

Since we have covered the difference between CBD and THC, the answer to how CBD makes you feel will focus more on the effects and how that may affect how you feel.  We aim to give you answers on important questions like “Can CBD oil make you emotional?” or “How do CBD experiences differ between people?”.  Let’s dive into a review of CBD oil feelings and determine if it’s right for you.

what’s another word for “heal”?

CBD and Social Anxiety

Since there’s no way of explaining how CBD makes you feel in terms of any psychoactive effects (since there are none), let us jump into the ways it can help you feel better. How people find the changes and effects on their lives will vary. Since everyone’s different in terms of what areas of their health needs and their healing journey, the way CBD makes them feel in terms of how much of a difference they find there is, will vary.  If you’re wondering ‘does CBD make you emotional’, the answer might be yes, no, or something in-between.  

The best way of explaining how CBD makes you feel will vary from person to person, but from personal experience and from researching other people’s experiences, the best word I can use to explain it is calm, and here’s why. 

bodily calm, not just mentally

Let’s calm down… our mental illnesses, our emotions, and our physical selves. CBD not only has the ability to aid in the treatment of mental health conditions, but as well, any distressing emotions, our sore muscles and joints, and so much more.

Calm was my word of choice for explaining how CBD can make you feel because I will take you through the experience of CBD from a mental, emotional and physical side and how that affects our overall ‘feeling’ that we get from CBD. 

Mental Calm

If you have looked at any personal blog posts about CBD, you probably have stumbled across a celebrity or fitness blogger stating its aid to their mental stressors. This is one of the best and most common uses of CBD. CBD for emotional release, natural calm and as a support for better sleep are very common uses for hemp-derived Cannabidiol.  

CBD can help with social anxiety

CBD could calm general anxiety, depression, social anxiety, panic, and other mental stressors and/ or illnesses. Due to the mental calm, CBD could be great for healing any mental stress that keeps you up at night, calming the mind and allowing for a better quality of sleep (which ultimately leads to a better quality of day).

Emotional Calm

Does CBD make you emotional? Because of it’s mentally easing effects, you may notice the regulation of your emotions. You may notice with less mental (and physical but we’ll get to that) strains, your emotions could feel more like yourself, less irritable, more genuine feelings and better navigation of tricky situations. If you have trouble regulating emotions, especially during times of great stress, change, or if you’re a female like me, during stressful times of the month.

Physical Calm

Can CBD oil make you emotional? Those who suffer from physical tension, joint, muscle pain and/or inflammation can be assured that CBD could be your new calming, natural, herbal pal. CBD has shown its propensity for treating muscle/joint pain & inflammation. CBD has a way of calming down your muscles and joints and releasing the tension within those areas of soreness.

Natural treatment of anxiety

Because of the overall calming nature, whether it be your mental, emotional, or physical parts of yourself, CBD could lead to a better quality of life. How does a better quality of life make you feel? Well, that’s up to you to decide.

other peoples’ experiences with cbd

Sometimes adding a little more personality adds a little more of a wide range perspective. Due to the fact that CBD is in its beginning stages in terms of federally approved testing, and new to the health practitioner’s recommendations list considering the new legalization, let us take a look into what users who have tried CBD have to say. To dive more into how CBD oil can make you feel, we looked into the internet’s top comments, articles, and posts regarding people’s CBD testimonies. 

Some people describe the feeling they get from CBD oil as normal. To elaborate on this, it means that it allows them to act more like their true selves. There is no change in consciousness, psychoactive effects. One user references a comparison stating that even that feeling of change after one glass of wine feels evident, and with CBD there is no effect like that. In fact, with CBD it is quite the opposite than the effects of drinking. Users describe it as being a natural, herbal remedy that allows you to be more focused and attentive to what is happening around you, rather than the opposite that happens after intaking alcohol.

If you are taking CBD oil for relief of anxiety, stress or depression, you could be able to sit down and focus better. A user of CBD oil online spoke about her experiences and how she did not overthink as much as she would typically when trying to sit down and concentrate on work. Typically, she references her work/study routine as one that usually has little focus on the task at hand. She said with the use of CBD oil she no longer overthinks day-to-day situations (for example, overthinking what someone has said to you or thinks about you), thinking too much about the past or the future, and allowing herself to be more grounded in the present moment. “You’re not overthinking things, you can just go with the flow” a youtube user stated. 

Looking into various videos on what people think about their experiences on CBD oil. Lots of people have talked about their turn to CBD as a natural herbal remedy in lieu of relying on synthetic medication for the treatment of various mental health conditions. Some mental health conditions online users have decided to reference when talking about the benefits of CBD oil can have on mental health include those who have suffered with panic attacks, general anxiety, OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), and even for physical health conditions such as chronic pain, insomnia, and chronic headaches. 

Some people’s reasons for choosing CBD include the fact that they want to find remedies that come from the earth rather than synthetic, man-made chemicals to ingest. Some people reference synthetic medication and the reason for their choice to want to wean off it is that they feel better taking something natural than something that is man-made. As well, there are a lot of harsh side effects that can come from taking synthetic medication. CBD is known as being one of the lowest risks of medical remedies as it has no addictive qualities and no listed negative side effects. A user stated that from taking CBD she is able to heal in a way that makes her feel more like herself versus when she was on anxiety medication (synthetic), saying she felt like she was not fully herself during that time. 

The praise for CBD oil is apparent through all the internet testimonies, people state how they feel better rested, they deal with less pain, they can focus and live a better life true to themselves. In the case of a woman who was living with a chronic pain condition known as Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN), she stated this condition has lead to extremely severe chronic pain that has affected their day-to-day life, affected their participation in activities, ability to hang out with other people, affected their sleep and has resulted in various medications and surgeries. They feel hopeful to refrain from another surgery, medications, and as many doctor appointments thanks to the healing effects and benefits of CBD oil. 

Women have been turning to CBD to treat endometriosis and other menstrual cycle-related issues and symptoms. One woman suffered from endometriosis and issues with swollen intestines. She praised CBD oil for its anti-inflammatory effects, its aid to her endometriosis. She also noted how it greatly helped with her emotional and stress response symptoms. For treating PMS (pre-menstrual cycle) and menstrual cycle symptoms, CBD could be a great benefit, natural, herbal remedy for any unease you may feel.

Overall, How CBD Makes You Feel?

Every user may have a different way of describing how CBD makes them feel. People have different reasons to want to try CBD oil and different conditions that they want to focus their intentions on while taking CBD oil. Overall, we can see various reasons and conditions that CBD has proven to be beneficial in regard to people’s testimonies. Since there is no risk with trying CBD, if you are looking to possibly improve your overall quality of life, whether it be to treat mental, emotional or physical condition, this may become your new favorite herbal remedy.  So, can CBD oil make you emotional? Does CBD have emotional release properties? Can CBD help to relax your tired mind & muscles? Cannabidiol from hemp is certainly effective at inducing some much needed chill in your busy life, and it’s known to help people relax and overcome some of the more difficult emotional ups-and-downs.

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