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CBD Dosage Guide: How to Take CBD

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years you may not have noticed the revolution that is currently happening in the personal and complete health world
Verlota Author
Published: July 24, 2020
Categories: Health & Wellness

In case you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, you may not have noticed the revolution that is happening in the complete health world. For years most of us have been living with the belief that hemp and hemp products served, basically, one purpose. The more time that goes by, and the more research that is done, the more we begin to realize that that line of thinking is completely false. Ever since the discovery of cannabidiol in the 1940s, and then the endocannabinoid system in the 1990s, researchers have been making leaps and bounds with new data about how we, and other mammals, can benefit from this wondrous plant.

CBD Dosage Guide: How to Take CBD

There is a lot to be said about the hemp plant, endocannabinoids and its effect on the human body, and we cover all that in more detail in our other articles, but we assume – if you are reading this – that you have done some research of your own and are ready to begin your journey with CBD. There is just one problem, you are overloaded with product recommendations, but it can be hard to find a tutorial on how much CBD you should take, the product that is right for you and how to administer it to yourself once you have purchased it. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a helpful guide on the different types of CBD products, how they should be administered and the proper dosage guide, depending on your age and weight. We are positive that by the end of this article you will be a cannabidiol guru and have your friends and family asking you for advice on how they can start their journey with CBD.

Different Ways To Take CBD

We get it, CBD is a tall mountain to climb. There is so much information circulating online about the extract and just as many – if not more – product variations to take. But which product works best for you? On top of that, how much of the product should you take? It can be intimidating at times trying to wade into the healing waters of cannabidiol. Before we get too heavily invested into how much you should be taking, let’s narrow it down to a few popular products to further educate you on your options. Believe it or not, there really is a type of CBD product for anyone. Not looking to smoke or vape your CBD? That’s okay, edibles and oils are a viable alternative. Sublingual not something you think you can handle? Not a problem. One spray from a CBD spray bottle and you can get all the healing properties of cannabidiol and your CBD dosage without any mess or extra hassle.

First, let’s start with the most popular and basic of the CBD products Verlota carries: Tinctures and FSO (full spectrum oils). Tinctures are a very popular version of CBD because they are easily metabolized by your body – and liver – and absorb into the body faster than CBD that is consumed orally and digested. We will touch more on that later. CBD oil dosing is incredibly easy and absorbs into your body even quicker when taken sublingual. Sublingual means “under the tongue”. Due to the body’s mucus membrane under the tongue, administering any type of liquid medication this way is a quick, non-messy and easy way to get medicine into your body with as little as possible being lost in the digestive system. When you take your CBD oil sublingual you can expect results – after the 2 or more weeks of consistent dosing – to appear within an hour or so.

Different ways to take CBD

Much like a tincture being taken sublingual, CBD oil sprays are another fast and easy way to deliver your CBD medication into your body. Some people may look to avoid the syringe or dropper method due to varying personal reasons or it could just come down to preference. CBD Oral Sprays by Verlota are just as easy to administer, if not easier. Simply administer 1 spray from the CBD bottle directly into your mouth. The pre-measured amount will be immediately administered into your mouth and, if sprayed sublingual, directly into your bloodstream. Every CBD oil dose will vary depending on the milligram strength of the product you purchased, but the amount of CBD will be printed clearly in the label or on the product page of all CBD products.

But what if you want to get your CBD dosing in a way that includes ZERO liquids or oils? That is where edibles come in. Edibles are a fantastic way to ingest CBD and provide all the benefits of the other CBD products. The only difference between the two is the length of time it will take for the medicine to metabolize into your system. Due to the fact that CBD gummies – or edibles in general – are going to be digested through your intestines and then processed through the liver, it will take much longer for the effects of the medicine to be felt as opposed to when it is taken under the tongue. If you are consistently taking CBD oil products and have kept the pace for the 2 or more weeks it takes for the medicine to build up in your body, the passage of time needed to feel the effects will actually not feel like they are taking as long.

CBD Oil Dosage

CBD Oil Dosage

When it comes to the dosing side of CBD, trial and error is your best friend. That’s not to say that there isn’t a guideline for how much CBD a person should ingest. Calculating your personal and ideal CBD dosage comes down to a few simple factors: Age, Ailment & Weight. For instance, if you are just taking CBD to increase your immune system, gut health or overall health, you likely don’t need to calculate a CBD dose that is very strong. However, if you are battling immense pain, depression, seizures or anxiety, your CBD dose may need to be slightly higher. Due to the fact that cannabidiol doesn’t contain any CBD – 0.03% – a person can adjust their dose higher one day and less the next without any dangerous side effects. There are little to know medications that are currently on the market that offer users the ability to combat such a broad list of ailments while also offering no risk of overdose or damaging their internal organs when taking a higher dose. It’s this wiggle room that puts CBD a few steps above other pharmaceuticals on the market today.

So let’s get into the dosage, shall we? The rule of thumb when calculating a CBD dose is to multiply 0.2mg per pound to come up with a light to medium starting dose. For those who are seeking CBD to relieve pain or anxieties, calculate your doses with a formula of 0.5mg per pound. For example a 200 pound person, for a strong dose, would need to ingest roughly 100mg of CBD a day to alleviate immense pain. That may sound like a lot, but when it’s broken up into 3 doses a day, you’re only administering roughly 33mg per time. Most 1000mg tinctures in a 30ml bottle will contain roughly 33.333mg of CBD per dropper. Making dosing extremely easy.

For someone looking to take a lighter dose, that same calculation of weight, amended to the lighter dose of 0.2mg per lb, works out to 40mg per day. This is where most CBD newbies will start out. It’s always best to start with a lower CBD dose and gradually increase it from there. Don’t worry though, if you start with a heavy dose the worst that will happen is you will become a bit sleepy until the medication has been processed by your body.


Weight x 0.2 = Light Dose
Weight x 0.5 = Heavy Dose


Imagine that, a medication that, taking too little or too much of, won’t harm the body in any way. A plant that has been used by cultures for over ten-thousand years is only recently being studied for its medicinal properties. Where could things have been if lawmakers and medical professionals would have been on board earlier? Hindsight is 20/20 and there are tons of resources available online for anyone looking to educate themselves with CBD, and how to properly dose themselves.


While research is still being done on this product, the dosing recommendations have remained relatively the same no matter who you go to for your advice. CBD isn’t an exact science, but it is exciting science nonetheless. The results for what CBD can help with and how it interacts with the body continue to expand with every passing day. Just 20 years ago scientists were discovering this miracle extract that cultures had been using for medicinal properties for centuries. It was only in the last 5 years that state and country laws began to catch up with what scientists already knew about the substance. Who knows what kind of discoveries will be made one, five or even ten years down the road. The fact is, CBD is a rare study that has found a marriage between anecdotal and scientific evidence that has remained consistent throughout its study.


How much of it should I take and how regularly should I take it?

The general rule of thumb is that you should take CBD in the morning and night for best results. For more severe ailments, you can take an extra dosage during the day at no risk to your body. The delivery method is completely unique to the individual.

Why is getting the correct dosage important?

Just like with any other medication, it’s always important to find the right dosage for yourself and stick to it for concise results. While there is no “wrong dose” upping or lowering a dose can affect the medicines ability to work constantly in your body.

How does CBD work in the body?

CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system -ECS – which is present in every vertebrate on earth. While there is still much research being done on the ECS, results have shown that whether or not you ingest CBD, your body has these CBD receptors regardless.

What are the different ways to consume CBD?

CBD can be ingested under the tongue – Sublingual – via an oil or tincture, orally with a spray, ingested in edible form (gummies, baked goods), drank or vaporized. There is truly a delivery method for each person’s unique tastes.

How much CBD should I take for Anxiety?

For anxiety it is recommended that patients use a stronger dose. A good rule of thumb for calculating a strong CBD dose is to multiply your weight by 0.5. The resulting number will be the number of milligrams you should take per day.

Can you overdose on CBD?

Technically, yes. Although, a CBD “overdose” is more akin to taking a short nap than a serious side-effect. Taking too much CBD, due to its lack of THC (the psychoactive element of cannabis), there is no identified risk to your heath or added risks. It’s just recommended that you use it properly and follow the recommended dosage guidelines.

How much CBD should I take for pain?

Depending on the severity of the pain will dictate the strength of dose needed. Minor pains or muscle aches would require a smaller dose (weight x 0.2 = # of milligrams) while more severe pain symptoms from gout, fractures, arthritis etc should be treated with a heavier dose of your weight multiplied by 0.5.

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