CBD Oil vs CBD Gummies: A Comprehensive Guide

When you're shopping for CBD, are you all about convenience? or are flavors, aromas & texture more important to you? The great debate between CBD Gummies & CBD Oil has raged on for years, but which one is better? Let's explore these popular products and determine which one suits you best.
On September 10, 2020
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It’s a rivalry as old as the earliest recorded histories of humankind… Sweet? Or Savory? Ok, it’s not the most hotly contested philosophical debate we’ve ever had in society, but the factions for taste vs texture have definitely drawn their lines in the sand over the years.  Whether you’re considering chocolate in all its forms, the world of pastries, soups, salads & sandwiches, or the panoply of wine vintages, the argument over the correct amount of sweetness or savoriness can be as variable as a person’s religious beliefs.  This debate doesn’t just cover the merits of food & drink, however, as it has entered into the arena of health supplements and remedies.

There’s a revolution going on in the realm of health supplements that has many people a-buzz about their flavors, aromas and overall enjoyability.  Gone are the days where we’d have to choke down watery-green-powder concoctions like something out of a witch’s cauldron – health supplements today are infused with creamy vanilla, roast coffee beans & chocolate, and all the colors & flavors of the world’s fruits/vegetables.  Whether you like sweet, savory, spicy, herbal or ‘au naturale’, there are so many choices for flavored health supplements to suit anyone’s preferences.  In fact, the health supplements markets in North America have already begun to lap themselves in their taste trends.  Where once we demanded these bland, plain protein powders and vitamins be made to taste like desserts, many health-conscious individuals are returning to the “all natural, no added flavors” products.  No matter which group you subscribe to, the point is that it’s your choice – something that is often overlooked in how important it is for a product to be customizable in order to meet your individual health needs/wants.

It might not sound like much of a debate to some of you – those sweet, chewy and fruity gummies are as delicious as they are convenient.  Why would anyone choose the hempen-flavors and aromas of CBD oil when they could simply munch on a couple tasty CBD gummies? There’s a case to be made for both kinds of products, but we’re here to look at the growing trend of supplementing your health & fitness with a combination of these and other hemp-derived CBD products.  For the time being, put a muzzle on your taste buds and pinch your nose because we’re going to make a rational, non-hangry case for two of the CBD world’s heavy-weights: CBD Gummies & CBD Oil.


First off, it bears mentioning that there isn’t necessarily a rivalry between CBD oil and CBD gummies.  Both CBD products, including many others, aim to accomplish the same things: your optimized health, wellness and overall quality of life. The only real distinction between CBD oils and edibles is the method of delivery.  How quickly a CBD product is absorbed by the body – sublingually (under the tongue) vs topically (through the skin) – or the consistency with which you can predicate the effects of CBD – such as with ingestion/digestion vs topical application – isn’t all that variable.  In the end, whichever hemp CBD product you choose should result in better health, less anxiety/stress, pain-relief or improved quality of sleep.  So, when you ask yourself, “What is better: CBD oil or Gummies?” what you should really be asking yourself is: What do I need, when and how often?  The determining factor in the argument between CBD oil vs CBD gummies almost always comes down to these three main factors: cost, convenience and consistency.

What is your budget for health supplements? Do you lead a very busy/active lifestyle, requiring you to take many supplements on-the-go? How often do you need support from health products like CBD? Every person’s relationship with Cannabidiol is like a cloud floating on the horizon – we all perceive it differently, it can mean different things to each of us, and it’s ever-shifting in the winds of change.  How you use CBD is up to you, but some options are a lot more cost-effective and convenient based on your lifestyle.

Here is a breakdown of the cost-convenience-consistency analyses for CBD oil and CBD gummies to help you decide which one is best for you:

CBD Gummies


  • Very affordable for those who need lower doses of CBD (general, daily supplementation)
  • If need for higher doses increases, not as cost-effective as high-concentration oils, capsules or topicals


  • The easiest AND the tastiest!
  • Take them on-the-go, morning noon and night – most convenient product for everyday users
  • Come in a variety of flavors


  • Simple, effective for day-to-day CBD supplementation
  • Not always noticeable effects, but provide excellent underlying support for good health & fitness



  • One of the best bang-for-your-buck products on the market
  • Available in multiple CBD strengths


  • Easy to introduce into daily routine (morning, night, meals, snacks, drinks, etc)
  • Not the easiest to travel with; can cause a mess if not stored properly
  • Stable, long-lasting shelf life


  • Customizable doses (drops/dropper)
  • Very consistent effects correlates with your personal dose (take how much, how little you need at any given time)

As you can see, both CBD oils and CBD gummies have their share of benefits with very few detractors.  There’s no rule to “how you take your CBD” because everyone’s health is unique, their preferences different, and their budgets very variable.  It might make sense for one person to spend the extra dough on the largest possible, strongest CBD oil bottle because they’re maximizing their $/mg of Cannabidiol.  On the flip side of the coin, many online shoppers only commit to buying items on sale, so their product preferences change with the latest deals.  Neither example is more right than the other, so make sure you always choose the product that also checks off a fourth factor for you: comfort.

Comfort is something we often overlook in our rush to take care of business and challenge ourselves each and every day.  The notion of choice, ease-of-use and comfortability are very important to optimizing your health & fitness journey, because having a sense of confidence or familiarity in your regimen is critical to sustaining success.  Each of us has unique health goals which develop from our individual circumstances, so what might work for one person could be the opposite for another.  This is why the element of comfort is very crucial to your success with CBD – you set the terms, CBD simply meets or exceeds your expectations of what you need it to do.  Just because CBD can do so many things for your health does not mean it’s a “cure all” product.

If you’re not comfortable and familiar with the benefits of CBD through trial-and-error, you’re not going to be taking advantage of CBD to its fullest potential.  Cannabidiol’s most prominent benefit is probably versatility, but it can also fill a very specific need, no matter what that might be.  This makes hemp CBD such a unique natural remedy in that it has the capability to be a life-changing treatment, but is also multifaceted enough to cover many bases.  When it comes to CBD oil vs gummies it’s not really an argument of “this or that” – your focus should instead be on “how can I take advantage of each of these natural health products in order to best suit my needs?”.


CBD gummies are one of the hottest Cannabidiol products on the market these days because they’re easy-to-use, convenient, affordable and they just so happen to be the best tasting! Gummies come in pre-measured doses of hemp CBD – such as 20 mg, 25 mg and 30 mg per gummy, on average.  Additionally, CBD gummies come in many different flavors, so you can not only meet your CBD needs depending on your medical need but also satisfy your taste buds at the same time.

CBD oil and other extracts and isolates can also be edible products – answering everybody’s first question: is CBD oil edible? – but they’re also very effective for topical application.  This makes CBD oil a more versatile product than gummies. So, if you’re unsure which kind of product suits you best it’s safe to try CBD oil first and go from there.  Another benefit of trying CBD oil in your early stages of CBD experimentation is that customizing your dose is far easier and more convenient with CBD oil vs gummies.  CBD oils typically range from 1000 – 3000 mg, sometimes as high as 5000 mg! CBD oils typically contain the highest concentrations of Cannabidiol you’ll find on the market, so if you have a serious medical need for CBD (such as with epilepsy, severe arthritis or even cancer) then CBD oil is the way to go.

The absolute best way to get the most out of hemp CBD is to not discriminate between the different kinds of products – try them all! CBD gummies can be just what you need in the morning,  CBD oil in your midday smoothie can help you manage everything the day throws at you, and a soothing CBD topical at night might be just what you need to slip into a restful sleep.  Every hemp CBD product, such as the quality lineup of all-natural products you’ll find at Verlota.com, can enhance your quality of life and help you rethink your health.  With CBD in your corner, there’s no fight you can’t win, no battle with illness or injury you can’t overcome.  So make sure you’ve got all the available CBD options at your disposal and start living your best life with the high-quality, hemp-derived CBD products from Verlota.


Which is better: CBD oil or CBD gummies?

Depending on your specific needs for CBD, both CBD oil and gummies can be of great benefit to your daily health & fitness routine.  CBD oil is definitely one of the most popular and multifaceted products for easing your pain & inflammation, reducing anxiety and sleeping soundly.  CBD gummies are also very effective – and tasty! – but they are only ingestible, whereas CBD oil can be taken under the tongue, added to food or drinks, and even applied topically where you need it most.

If you are taking CBD supplementally for consistent support of good health & optimized fitness then CBD gummies are the sweetest way to get your daily dose of hemp Cannabidiol.  On the flip side, CBD oil can be added to any meal or beverage, your dose can be customized with the ease of a tincture/dropper, and you can avoid having to digest it first by placing it under your tongue for fast sublingual-gland absorption.

Are CBD gummies the same as CBD oil?

CBD gummies and CBD oil are similar in that they aim to deliver the natural healing powers of hemp CBD to your system, albeit through different delivery mechanisms. Gummies are designed to be a flavorful, easy and convenient dose of CBD for those people who are not fond of the hempen taste of some plain CBD oils.  On the other hand, CBD oil is one of the most versatile delivery methods for introducing CBD into your system – it can be ingested under the tongue, added to food & drinks, and applied topically to the skin or hair. 

Both types of products contain measured doses of hemp-derived Cannabidiol, however CBD oil is easier to customize your dose as it comes in an easy-to-use tincture & dropper system – simply take as many drops/droppers as needed. You can take multiple CBD gummies in order to achieve the same higher doses as with CBD oil, but the pre-measured CBD amount in each gummy (20 – 30 mg) may require you to consume large quantities of gummies whereas CBD oil comes in a variety of strengths (1000 – 3000 mg).

Can you take CBD oil and CBD gummies together?

You can definitely take multiple CBD products together as there are little-to-no differences between the CBD inherent within them, and CBD does not counteract with other forms of CBD.  Your body’s ECS (Endocannabinoid System) does not distinguish between different CBD products, the only thing that changes between product types is how quickly or efficiently the hemp Cannabidiol is introduced to and processed by your system.

Are CBD gummies good for anxiety?

If you suffer from anxiety, CBD gummies are a convenient, fast and effective way to calm your nerves and reduce the feelings of stress in your daily life.  Gummies are one of the best ways to introduce the soothing effects of CBD on-the-go – just chew on a gummy or two and you’ll feel more at ease yet focused, calmer but poised to tackle whatever comes your way.  When it comes to satisfying your sweet tooth and finding your inner peace throughout your busy day, nothing is better than a couple CALM CBD Gummies from Verlota.com.

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